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Shopping For An Anniversary Jewelry Gift

My wife and I each buy three anniversary gifts for one another. The first two are done for humor. We have found two separate lists of what each year’s gift is supposed to be made out of, or what theme it represents, and we try to find something small and silly that fits into each category. The third present is the one that really counts, however. That is the one that comes from the heart. I knew that this year I wanted to buy her jewelry, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted it to be.


Pearl Set

Pearl Set

My wife loves diamond and silver, so that was what I had been looking at – silver bracelets, diamond earrings, things that I knew would fit into her collection. I just wasn’t finding anything that jumped out at me. The sales associate at the local jewelry store saw me looking through the display cases and asked if there was something in particular I was looking for. I just laughed and said, “Yes, but I don’t know what it is.” I told him the predicament I was in and he said he had just the right solution for me.


When I told him that I had never seen my wife wearing pearls, he said it was because I had never given her any. He said there was a belief, somewhere between a superstition and an old wives tale, where women are not supposed to buy pearls for themselves. The best he could figure out was that it had to do with men who were sailors bringing the pearls back as gifts after having been gone for months at a time. Obviously, that was rarely the case these days, but the practice seemed to stick.


The other aspect that made pearls special, he pointed out, was that they were not the type of jewelry a person would or could wear every day. They are saved for special occasions, and that helps to keep the memory of the gift alive throughout the years. She may confuse one silver necklace with another, or forget exactly when she got a certain pair of diamond earrings, but she will always remember when she got the pearl necklace and who it was that gave it to her.

Shopping For Last Minute Valentine’s Day Fine Jewelry

After all the time I spent shopping for Christmas gifts, I wanted to make sure I took as much time as I could before I started looking for something to get my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. I knew I could procrastinate because I already had a pretty good idea of what I was going to buy her. Of course, the calendar started flipping too fast and the next thing I knew, I only had a few days left to find that special piece of fine jewelry. Turns out, I didn’t have to panic after all.

Sterling Silver and Diamond Heart Bracelet

Sterling Silver and Diamond Heart Bracelet


I told the sales associate the same thing that I’m sure he heard from every other guy who came rushing into the store at the last minute: I wanted to get her something special that wasn’t the typical Valentine’s Day gift. He asked me what kind of jewelry I thought she needed. The problem was, when I pictured her all dressed up for when we went out, I already saw her wearing diamond earrings, gold necklaces and fashion rings. I didn’t want to get her something she already had, but I couldn’t think of anything she didn’t have.


He showed me a selection of diamond tennis bracelets and I realized if it wasn’t for him, I never would have thought of that. I remember when I was younger, they seemed to be much more popular, but I guess times change and so do fads. The bracelets he showed me were all stunning, and they ranged from simple silver chains with a single mounted diamond to thick bands with diamonds studded all around.


What made me most excited about the diamond bracelet I selected for her was that I know it is something she can wear all the time. If she was dressing up for a night out or just wearing casual clothes around the house, it would go with everything. She could even play sports with it. I mean, they don’t call it a tennis bracelet for nothing! I just hope I’m as lucky when it comes to finding the flowers and chocolate as I was picking out the jewelry for her.



Custom Design Jewelry: The Jewelry of The Future

When it comes to jewelry, there are certain categories that people do not necessarily advertise. Of course, you have your silver jewelry that boasts a fair price tag. Then you have your gemstone and pearl jewelry that contains a very broad selection of styles and colors. Next, you have your diamond jewelry for engagements and weddings. Lastly, there is custom design jewelry

Two Tone Amethyst Ring

Two Tone Amethyst Ring


that is as unique as the person who is wearing it. No one is saying that one category is necessarily better than the other. However, some jewelry is certainly more expensive than others. These categories simply differentiate between the various styles of jewelry. Some people will go an entire lifetime without having jewelry from each category and that is perfectly fine.

Custom design jewelry is very specific. Not everyone has the desire to create something from scratch and typically  will purchase jewelry straight out of the display case. There is nothing wrong with that at all. However, if you desire a piece of jewelry that is truly unique, then you will eventually seek out someone who is experienced in custom jewelry design. Not every jeweler is good at this type of work. Some are better than others and some do not do it at all. However, custom designs are becoming more and more popular as time goes on, so it would behoove every jeweler to have a good custom guy on his or her staff. Additionally, the software used to create these custom designs is becoming better and better with each passing year. We live in a technology driven world and it would behoove any business owner to get on board with the latest technological trends and advantages. This will not only make your life easier as a business owner, it will also allow you to grow as a business. Keeping paper records is great, but when computers are so readily available and affordable, there is no sense in doing things the archaic way if you do not have to.

Custom design jewelry is somewhat a thing of the future. Back in the day, it was very rare you would meet people who had a custom piece of jewelry in their collection. Now, you are seeing it more. It is not a thing solely for wealthy people and it is actually becoming much more affordable than it once was. If you are interested, feel free to inquire more about it online or at your local jewelry store.



Beach Rules

Summer is in full swing! It is time for fun under the sun at the beach and mountains. It is always a good idea to take a few safeguards that can make sure that your beach day is super and full of activities.


DO WEAR SUNTAN LOTION reports that 3.5 new cases of skin disease are identified every year. Keep your family protected when having fun under the sun by taking precautions suggested by the FDA recommendations. Use a waterproof sunblock with a minimum 30 SPF. You should choose products approved by the FDA for effective UVA protection.



This is the perfect time for the fashionistas out there to walk on the runway to present your beautiful fashion sense. Whether picking a last year piece, vintage, classic, or modern one-piece swimsuit, wear it with confidence. For entertaining, try mixing up the top and bottom of other swimsuits.



The sun, sea and sand can cause your hair to go from fashionable to not so fashionable in just couple of minutes. Forget the waving or flat iron and choose an easy style that will not interfere with swimming, playing volleyball or comforting in your cabana. An up-do bun can keep the twists at bay while the impeccable ponytail keeps the hair protected while still being stylish.



Sweating in the warm sun can quickly get to dehydration, which can cause tiredness, a slower metabolism and even lead to heat stroke. Stay safe at the beach and leave the sugary beverages, alcoholic drinks and the caffeinated iced-tea at home. Instead, bring a cooler full of bottled or recyclable bottles of water. Drink at least eight glasses of water through the day.



It is important to keep it simple! Avoid wearing any gemstones that are absorbent and could be spoiled by salt water or chlorine, such as pearls. Take with you sterling silver or 14k gold in the form of a ring, necklace or earrings. Diamond engagement rings are safe to wear at the beach, though take the time to clean the ring in water at the end of the day to wash away any sand particles that may have become stuck between the diamond and the setting.  



Do not forget to wear a hat and sunglasses for even more sun protection. Even if you are wearing sunscreen, a large hat can shade your face from the sun. The American Academy of Ophthalmology explains, “A number of scientific studies indicate that spending long hours in the sun without eye protection can damage your eyes by contributing to cataracts, macular degeneration, and growths on the eye, including cancer.” The organization recommends wearing sunglasses that are 99% and above UV-absorbent.


Another DO NOT: Do not forget to have a lot of fun!


The Pearls of June

June is synonymous with so many pleasant things, like long warm summer days, backyard barbecues and lounging on the beach or at the pool. For those born in June the beautiful and elegant pearl, the birthstone of June, is also at the forefront of their minds.


Different from other gemstones, pearls are not cut or polished; instead they are created underwater in oysters, mussels and clams. As explains, “The scientific explanation for natural pearls is almost as mystifying as folklore.  When an irritant, such as a small parasite or a fish lodges in the flesh of an oyster, mussel, or clam, a protective substance called “nacre” is produced.  Over years, layer upon layer of shimmering nacre coats the intruder, creating a lustrous pearl.  Natural pearls are relatively rare, so a process evolved in which a piece of shell or bead was placed inside a mollusk to stimulate the production of nacre.  This results in a cultured pearl, which accounts for about 90 per cent of the pearl industry.”

Marco Bicego Africa Necklace With Pearls at Amidon Jewelers


The “Queen of Gems,” as the pearl is nicknamed, comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, pink, gray and yellow. Traditionally, only royalty wore pearls, but that is not the case today. “Only those with royal status once wore pearl jewelry, but eventually these gems were seen among all classes of people.  They continue to be viewed as a mark of taste and refinement as well as a symbol of purity, and they are often given to celebrate a marriage or the birth of a child.  Pearls are nature’s perfect gift, suitable for all ages, and elegantly worn with everything from jeans to an evening gown,” according to


Most cultured pearls are found in the coastal waters of Japan and Australia. Though for those divers seeking their own treasures, pearls can also be found in the Persian Gulf and the coasts of Panama, Venezuela and California.


You can find a wide variety of pearl rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets at Amidon Jewelers.


Marco Bicego Jaipur Ring With Mother Of Pearl


Marco Bicego Jaipur Bracelet with Mother Of Pearl


Gem of the Court

Every spring, between late May and early June, 128 men and women professional tennis players gather in Paris for the second Grand Slam of the year, the French Open. Held at Roland Garros, the all clay court tennis center named after the French aviator, the French Open is often considered one of the most physically demanding tennis tournaments on the pro circuit.


The evolution of the French Open is as fascinating as the tournament itself. As the official site for the French Open says,


The stadium that stages one of the world’s four major tennis tournaments was built in 1928, but the French men’s singles championship goes back much further than that. Originally reserved for members of French clubs, it was first held on the courts of Stade Français club in Paris in 1891. The women’s singles were added six years later, it was not until 1925 that the French Tennis Federation decided to open the event to the best foreign players. Thus, the French Internationals were born, and staged alternately at Stade Français and Racing Club de France until the Roland-Garros stadium came into being in 1928.


The year of 1927 was a milestone for French tennis, the year the celebrated French Musketeers (Jacques “Toto” Brugnon, Jean Borotra, Henri Cochet and René Lacoste) pulled off one of the biggest shocks in 20th century sport. The famous foursome upset all the odds by winning the Davis Cup on American soil, and in doing so set up a rematch in 1928, in Paris. Obviously, such a major sporting occasion required a stadium worthy of its stature, and so it was that the Stade Français handed over three hectares of land near Porte d’Auteuil to the French Tennis Federation. The only condition to the offer of land was that the new stadium should bear the name of one of Stade Français’ most renowned former members, Roland-Garros, who had died some ten years earlier. Roland-Garros was an aviation pioneer who, on 23 September 1913, had become the first man to fly a plane over the Mediterranean. The 1928 French Internationals were the first event to be held in the new stadium, just before the Musketeers took centre-stage to beat the Americans in their long-awaited rematch.


These days tennis is synonymous with fashion; from French player Suzanne Lenglen to Andre Agassi, the Williams sisters and Maria Sharapova, tennis stars have shown that you can look as good as you play. Even if you can’t slide and slice on clay like the pros, you can still capture their style with several pieces of carefully chosen jewelry.


Maria Sharapova is known for her dazzling diamond earrings, something she wears at each Grand Slam.


Dazzle like a pro at Amidon Jewelers.



Ever since former tennis pro Chris Evert wore a single stranded diamond bracelet during a match at the 1987 US Open, which happened to accidentally break open and went flying across the court, the bracelet has been dubbed the tennis bracelet.



Amidon’s silver and diamond bracelet.

Tennis pro Ryan Sweeting spared no expense when asking Kaley Cuoco to marry him.


Halo engagement rings at Amidon Jewelers.

Get Your Own ‘Look’ Of The Oscars

Wow! The celebs looked fabulous at this year’s Academy Awards and their jewelry certainly helped round out their looks. We’re going to feature some of the most amazing looks and show you how Amidon Jewelers can help you acquire the same look, for significantly less, in most cases.


First up, Charlize Theron. This woman never misses a beat when it comes to looking well-coiffed and stunning. Her loaner, Harry Winston diamond drop necklace is reported to be worth $15 Million.

Dainty, simple and affordable at only $79, this triple-ended freshwater drop pearl necklace set in sterling silver will garner the similar fashion awe, but without the debit to your pocket-book.


Another statement was made by Anna Kendrick, with her diamond cocktail ring and bright red clutch.


Another affordable option from Amidon Jewelers is this sterling silver, antique fashioned diamond ring for only $129 with .05 total carat weight in diamonds.


Jessica Biel, whose birthday is in March, donned her birthstone in beautiful emerald-cut aquamarine drop earrings designed by Tiffany & Co. worth $45,000.


Amidon Jewelers has some splendid diamond earrings in white gold for a mere $1,199.00.

Penelope Cruz was another stunner walking down the red carpet with a lovely up-do with chandelier drop earrings to make a beautiful, uncluttered statement of elegance.


These triple-drop, freshwater pearl earrings are pretty with a simplistic and timeless look that will really set off any neckline, especially when wearing an up-do hairstyle.


Viola Davis walked down the red carpet in an amazing green gown wearing a crystal, contemporary, cuff for her fashion statement that evening.


Sara Blaine is an emerging artist who eleven years ago started her own business of luxury designer jewelry. She is a pro at selecting semi-precious gems and designing creations that are handcrafted by Bali artisans. Stop in and see what designs Amidon Jewelers has available, here are some examples of her collections.


Anne Hathaway’s dress may be debatable on whether it ranked in the category of ‘stunning’ as it looks like someone got a little carried away with their ‘As-Seen-On-TV’ BeDazzler gun, but one thing is for sure, her diamond bracelets are classics; Neil Lane, 100 total carat weight, diamond and platinum baubles for a cool $1Mill.


Amidon Jewelers offers many of their bracelets in yellow, white and two-tone gold, you just need to call us to check availability. For example, there is this stunning in-line tennis bracelet for a pithy, by comparison to Anne’s wrist decor, $4,700.


Check out all of our elite designers here or stop by Amidon Jewelers here and see how we can help you turn your jewelry box into a treasure chest of goodies that will turn all your outfits into finished masterpieces. One of our TAX-FREE New Hampshire’s premier jewelers. 


While the majority of the United States is under siege by Mother Nature’s Polar Vortex, and Alaskans are snickering in their downy parkas, the Southern hemisphere of the globe is enjoying the sunshine of summer. What is a classic summer-time sport? How about tennis. The Australian Open is gearing up, qualifying started this week, and will begin Monday, January 13th.


Fun Facts #1 & #2: The term “love” in tennis is said to come from the French word “l’oeuf” meaning “egg” because a zero is egg-shaped. The scoring system (fifteen, thirty, forty, game) is believed to have been derived from the position of the hands on a clock face. The third point was originally called “forty-five.”


So let’s talk about the ever classical diamond tennis bracelet. The diamond tennis bracelet is a staple that many women have pined for over the years as it can spice up nearly any outfit for any occasion it is a safe go-to piece to have in your jewelry collection.


Originally the diamond tennis bracelet was just a diamond bracelet, with a solo line of diamonds and was referred to as a diamond eternity bracelet. However, the jewelry piece got its name from Chris Evert, a former world No.1 tennis player, who was wearing a diamond bracelet while playing in the US Open in 1987 which broke causing the match to be interrupted so that she could recover her jewelry. That incident gave it a new name as well as generated a lot of interest. The light weight flexibility of the tennis bracelet meant it could be a comfortable piece of jewelry worn during some sporting events and many ladies adopted the style. Serena Williams is an example of being fashionable while also being highly competitive.



Amidon Jewelers has a wide variety of diamond bracelets that are sure to add that level of sophistication to your wardrobe, just as it has been doing for over the past two decades. Here are just a few examples carried by Amidon Jewelers.



All bracelets with Amidon Jewelers are available in white gold, yellow gold and two-tone. Check out the selection at our link above and call for availability.


On another topic of tennis, two big pro-stars in the game took some major leaps forward in their relationship. First, Ryan Sweeting tied the not with flame Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory and 8 Simple Rules, at a fire and ice themed New Year Eve’s wedding. The groom’s cake featured a tennis ball and Kaley’s beloved pitbulls.



Obviously Cuoco and Sweeting have a sense a humor and hammed it up for their friends and family.



Fun Fact #3: Kaley is the God-sister to twin doubles teammates, Bob and Mike Bryan. Presumably when Ryan and Kaley have children tennis lessons will deffinitely be in their future.


Meanwhile as the New Year began pro-golfer Rory McIlroy proposed to girlfriend, pro-tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki who was all a-tweeter and couldn’t wait to post the news of her engagement.


“…I said YES!!!”



Wozniacki’s engagement ring is believed to be a behemoth sized 3.5 cushion cut diamond. Caroline recently had to take some time off for a shoulder injury, but should be putting in a great effort as she’s ranked #10 at the Australian Open.


Amidon has a very diverse selection of engagement rings. If you like the look of the halo ring which has been making the rounds for the past year you can find what you need with the flexibility of the semi-mount ring. Semi-mounts come preset with the side stones, but the center stone is sold separately so you can find one that fits your budget.


For example, this semi-mount just in from designer Gabriel & Co. a white gold, hand crafted, made-to-order Victorian style engagement ring, has round brilliant diamonds with color H or better and clarity of SI2.



We can’t wait to help you find the jewelry piece that will set you up for having a great 2014. So come on New Hampshire, top by and see us today at one of our three locations; Hanover, NH; West Lebanon, NH; or Claremont, NH.

8 Great Things About Fall

Wear the colors of fall with golden citrine earrings from Amidon.



Fall has officially fallen. Instead of missing the warm days of summer, it’s time to look ahead and anticipate the chillier pleasures of fall. So let’s turn our attention to the fun and the colors of turning leaves. Hey, they look kind of like rubies, citrine and topaz!


Time to get cozy.

Shake out your sweaters, find your favorite gloves, drape a soft scarf around your neck. Boot weather is here! If you have a fireplace in your house, stock up on wood.


The raking workout.

Who needs the gym when your yard is full of leaves? Get out your rake and feel your shoulders getting stronger. Plus you get that wholesome rosy glow on your cheeks from exercising in the cool air.


Apples! Pears!

It’s harvest time. Celebrate with fresh apples, pear sauce, or a mug of hot cider. Don’t forget the cinnamon and cloves.


Smells of autumn.

The crisp air and turning leaves bring along that special fall smell. It’s a mixture of leaves, rain and wood smoke. Breathe it in.


As the leaves turn red, wear this sparkling red garnet ring from Amidon.



Family times.

As we enter fall, the holiday season draws near. Think about the fun things you can do to celebrate with your special people, be they family or friends.


Goodwill towards humankind.

Maybe this is the year you’ll volunteer to serve a Thanksgiving meal to the needy, or organize a gift drive for a battered women’s shelter. Everybody can find somebody less fortunate to help. Sharing your love just makes your love grow bigger.



Whether you celebrate Halloween or harvest festival, it’s a time of year for games, treats and costumes. Explore your alter ego. Bob for apples. Play games at a harvest festival. Get lost in a corn maze.


Celebrate fall colors with rubies.



Letting Go.

As the leaves fall from the trees, maybe you can let go of a few things, too. Do you have too much stuff in your house? Donate useful goods to your favorite charity. Do you have negative patterns in your life that no longer serve you? Animosity or resentments towards people? Let that fall away, too, so you can lighten your heart and let more love and happiness in.




Memorial Day 2013

All over our country, Memorial Day has begun to be marked as the start of summer.  Rather than using waiting for the official start date of June 21, corporations mark the beginning of end of summer hours using the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays.  While many know the essence of Memorial Day, the roots of this very patriotic holiday are commonly unknown.  With a short lesson from Amidon Jewelers, however, you’ll be able to teach those you are with a thing or two on this great day.

In 1968, just after the end of the Civil War, General John Logan, the head of the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of Union veterans, established Decoration Day.  Logan declared Decoration Day as a day to mark the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers.  That same year, the celebration was initiated at Arlington National Cemetery.  General and Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant, along with various other Washington officials led the ceremony in which members of the Grand Army of the Republic made their way through the cemetery strewing flowers on Union and Confederate Graves.

In 1966, Waterloo, NY was named the official birthplace of Memorial Day, however it wasn’t until 1971 before Memorial Day became a national holiday.  This was when Memorial Day was declared to be the last Monday of May.  Present day Memorial Day celebrations at Arlington National Cemetery draw crowds of 5,000 people, the same number as the original Decoration Day, however rather than flowers, today each grave is marked by an American flag.  No matter how or when they died, each and every soldier in Arlington is memorialized on this day.

In December 2000, the U.S. Congress passed and President Bill Clinton signed into law “The National Moment of Remembrance Act.” This law created the White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance.  The commission’s charter is to “encourage the people of the United States to give something back to their country, which provides them so much freedom and opportunity.”  It also encourages all Americans to pause for a moment of silence at precisely 3pm local time.

Amidon Jewelers wishes a safe and happy holiday weekend to you and your loved ones, no matter how you wish to celebrate.  We hope, however, that our brief history lesson will encourage you and your acquaintances to pause at 3pm local time and remember those who made this holiday possible.  May the live veterans in your life be thanked and the dead never be forgotten.