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Manager is WONDERFUL

Wendy Daignault
I have been a customer for quite a few years and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.
Your manager is WONDERFUL

Preferred Jeweler

Thank you for making my buying experience a memorable one. I was certainly charmed by your beautiful location and delighted by the finest products I was able to see. Finding the Wedding Band was not easy task, but you made it possible. Knowing that Amidon Jewelers was a Preferred Jeweler gave me the confidence that I needed for this unforgettable occasion.
Hanover, New Hampshire

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Amidon!

Mari Jo Allen I will celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary tomorrow. For my 10th anniversary my husband bought me a new ring. Steve worked with me to incorporate that ring with my wedding band. Amidon made a remarkable piece. I have people grab my hand and comment on my ring all the time! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Amidon!

Lisa Martin

I would like to thank Amidon & Steve for helping my now amazing fiance for putting together a simply perfect ring. I could not be more happy!



Theresa: I have an awesome ring that Amidon and I designed, and they made. I wear it everyday and love it. I get tons of compliments on it.


Crystal: We’ve bought all of our jewelry and watches from Amidon. So glad I can do something that means so much to me, with people I trust!


Kristen: For Steve of course! Really, Amidon has far superior customer service to some of those ‘other’ jewelry stores. They also have top-notch quality products, very reasonable pricing, and are an all-around pleasure to do business with. I won’t go anywhere else!


Josh: quality!


SEANSean: I shop at Amidon because I called them one night a little before closing asking if they could make a ring for me. Every other jeweler I called said sorry can’t do that. I arrived at the Lebanon store about 5 min before closing and stayed about half hour after closing. I showed Steve the stone i wanted set and to my surprise he brought me around the counter to view my stone under the microscope and from then on i was hooked on diamonds and jewelry and gemology. About a week later i received a beautiful ring. The customer service has been excellent always friendly never pushy. I’ve bought much more since then and will never go anywhere else. I love Amidon Jewelers. Recently they just made me a custom 1 1/2 ct engagement ring which my fiancé loved. She gets alot of compliments on it. Thank you Steve and everyone at Amidon Jewelers.


Michelle: There are many reasons [to go to Amidon], customer service, quality, value, etc. Local is always better than big box stores!