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The Holiday Season Means Time to Go Shopping For Diamond Jewelry

If you are the kind of person who waits until the absolute last minute to do your Christmas, birthday or Valentine’s Day shopping, then you should find a jeweler and get to know them! No matter how long you wait to make the purchase, the local jewelry store will always have a great selection of diamond jewelry to buy that special person in your life. From diamond earrings to stunning bracelets, you will find something she will love and adore for the rest of her life. Just about every girl on earth would love to see a tiny little box wrapped up under the Christmas tree containing a stunning new piece of jewelry to add to her collection. If she would not enjoy that, then you have a special breed of woman on your hands!

The Perfect Gift, Martini Diamond Solitaire Earrings

The Perfect Gift, Martini Diamond Solitaire Earrings


Diamond jewelry has always been very sentimental, romantic and special. There is just no better way to show your love for another person than by giving them a gorgeous pair of earrings, bracelet or even a ring. In modern society, it is very common for a man to give a woman a diamond ring when he asks for her hand in marriage. Couples typically exchange diamond wedding bands on their wedding day, as well. Marriage is the pinnacle of romance, love and commitment, so it says a lot that diamonds are involved in this process.

In case you are not planning on getting married in the near future or you are not even close to dropping down on one knee and proposing, it does not mean you cannot splurge this Christmas. Everyone has a mother, some have sisters, and these ladies would certainly love a piece of jewelry that means so much to them. Some women wait their entire lives to receive a piece of diamond jewelry, while other women never receive any at all. The most meaningful jewelry is always from someone you love and care about, no matter what. In this crazy world in which we live, sometimes that means family only for some people. Family is very important and should be because they are your support network throughout your life. If you cannot rely on the people you have known for your entire life, then who can you rely on? The moral of the story is, there is always someone to buy diamond jewelry for.



Receive Cash For Gold Right in Time For The Holidays

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, you may decide you could use some extra money to buy that special Christmas gift for the love of your life. You may think the best bet to make some extra money would be a yard sale or to sell something of substantial value in your home, but think again! The best and safest bet is your local cash for gold store that is right around the corner from your house. Here, you will be able to sell your gold and walk out of the store with cash money in your pocket.

Get Today's Gold Price at Amidon Jewelers

Get Today’s Gold Price at Amidon Jewelers


Now, when you have decided you definitely want to get rid of your broken or unwanted gold jewelry, you need to do a little research before actually taking the gold to the cash for gold store. This is to protect yourself from shady business dealings and also so you can make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

First, you will need to know what kind of gold you have. If you are dealing with a necklace then it will likely tell you the gold on the clasp of the jewelry. However, if you are dealing with a ring or something else, it may not be as clearly labeled. Do not rely on your cash for gold store to tell you which kind of gold it is. Take the item to a local jewelry store and ask them to tell you instead. Having an unbiased third party tell you the kind of gold will not affect the sale of your gold whatsoever, so they will more than likely be very honest about what type of gold you possess.

After you know what kind of gold you have, you will need to weigh it. Keep in mind, when weighing, buying and selling gold, the Troy Ounce can be used, which differs greatly from a regular ounce or grams. You need to know how your cash for gold store is going to weight your gold before offering you a dollar amount. This is to make sure you receive the highest amount for your gold.

Lastly, find a cash for gold store that has a great reputation. Heaven forbid you do not get the money you need in time for Christmas because you did not read online reviews about this store. They are right at your fingertips, so there are no excuses at all.

Make Sure to Get Your Engagement Ring Cleaned This Holiday Season

With the changing of the leaves and many upcoming holidays, many festive events and family gatherings tend to occur. This is a time to put your best foot forward as you travel around visiting friends and family members and meeting new people at these events. Putting your best foot forward means making sure every single detail on your person is perfectly in place – including your diamond jewelry. This is the perfect time for you to get your engagement ring and wedding ring cleaned. You may think your diamond engagement ring looks perfectly fine, but that is because you do not remember how much it is capable of sparkling when it is freshly cleaned and polished!

Amidon Jewelers Fancy Diamond Engagement Ring

Amidon Jewelers Fancy Diamond Engagement Ring

Having your rings cleaned is a must. Most jewelers offer this service free of charge when you purchase such an expensive item from them. Your engagement ring can certainly be classified as an expensive purchase. Besides your wedding ring, it is probably the most important piece of jewelry you will ever own. It is worn on your left ring finger to tell the entire world you are engaged or happily married. Since it probably has at least one diamond in the setting, you would be wise to have it cleaned before that holiday Christmas party or other such special event.

If you are recently engaged or married, then your friends and family will certainly want to see your new engagement ring or wedding band! The holiday season is the perfect excuse to get your ring cleaned because you will be showing it off so much. Having your ring cleaned only takes a few minutes, but it will last a while depending on how much you actually wear the ring. The more you wear your engagement ring, the more “crud” it will accumulate, making it appear duller than it should.

If you receive any jewelry for Christmas or Hanukkah, you will certainly want to get the rest of your jewelry cleaned because it will not look as shiny next to the new item. As you are out running your holiday errands, make it a point to swing into your local jewelry store to have your engagement ring cleaned. You may even find a lovely Christmas gift for your husband or fiance there! What man would not like a brand new, shiny watch as a gift? Hopefully, it will be on sale, which would further justify the purchase and allow you to mark one more person off from your shopping list.



Happy Thanksgiving from Amidon. PS: Black Friday Deals!


Time to think about Christmas shopping. These ruby beauties will not disappoint!




We Americans are traditional people. And two of our favorite national traditions are coming up in just a few days. Here are a few things we love about Thanksgiving and Black Friday.




Okay, most people’s first reaction to Thanksgiving is to think of stuffing themselves silly. True enough, there’s usually turkey (or Tofurky these days), cranberries, rolls, stuffing, green bean casserole and pie, pie, delicious pie. Apple. Pumpkin. Sweet potato.


But wait—there’s more to this tradition. Put the “thanks” back in Thanksgiving by remembering gratitude. Here at Amidon, we send out a big thanks to all our customers and loyal blog readers. And also our husbands, wives, children, grandkids, siblings, aunts, uncles, dogs, cats and goldfish. And our dearest friends. All of you are family to us.


And we’re grateful for television! Which brings us glorious Thanksgiving football games all day long. And we’re grateful for the couch that complements the TV.



Who could resist a watch this pink on Christmas morning?

Black Friday


The term “Black Friday” dates back to the 1960s. In this case, “black” refers to “in the black,” or making a profit. Because that’s what the whole economy needs come Christmas. But even before the term Black Friday, the Christmas shopping season unofficially began after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Ever since 1924.


In recent years, Black Friday madness has grown as retailers offer ever-deeper discounts. This accounts for part of the reason shoppers hit the malls in droves the day after Thanksgiving. But we think there’s another reason, too. As much as we love to lay on the couch watching football and gobbling huge turkey drumsticks, a full day of that gets a little stale. We realize there’s more to life. Like shopping!


So put down the pumpkin pie and come see us. Or better yet, bring it along and share. We have tons of amazing Black Friday deals for you. Here are just a few:


  • ¼ carat blue diamond studs from $199
  • sterling and diamond peace sign pendant for $159
  • black diamond heart-shaped ring or pendant for $149
  • blue diamond in white gold ring for $399


And, with a purchase of $999, you’ll get a free Chromebook or iPad Mini. Spend $1,999 and you’ll get a free PS4 or XBOX ONE! Check our Black Friday deals page for more info.