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Hidden Treasure: Cash for Gold

We all have old and broken jewelry that we never intend to fix or wear again. There it sits, cluttering up your jewelry drawer or jewelry box, appearing to be worthless. Here is a nice surprise! Old and broken gold jewelry is like cash in your pocket! It is common practice today to get cash for gold jewelry.


Gold has always been the standard by which money is based and despite fluctuations in its value, gold has been consistently the top valued precious metal in the world for thousands of years.  Just because a gold serpentine chain that you wore in the 80’s is kinked and missing the clasp doesn’t mean it has no value. Getting cash for gold jewelry will show you just how valuable it can be.


Sell Your Gold for Cash Today

Sell Your Gold for Cash Today

There are a variety of stores and brokers who give cash for gold, including jewelry stores, pawn shops and some precious metal brokers. While gold brokers may offer top dollar for the highly valuable metal, many have no interest in giving cash for gold on jewelry whereas pawn shops and jewelry stores are likely to have high interest. Shopping around for the highest bidder can offer you the ability to increase the amount of cash for gold you might receive.


Pawn shops will typically buy broken and out of fashion jewelry and fix it up for resale. Some highly damaged pieces, such as that kinked serpentine necklace, may not sell to many pawn shops for the simple fact that it cannot be easily repaired. Pawn shops are all about turnaround so many won’t want to invest in costly repairs for little return. If you choose to use a pawn shop for your transaction, if at all possible, don’t take the first offer. Get several estimates from different pawn shops so you can find the best place to make the most cash for gold.


Jewelry stores are the ideal place to get the most cash for gold. While mall jewelry stores are not in the market for your broken jewelry, family owned or home town jewelers will love to take it off of your hands. Generally, a jeweler will purchase your tired old jewelry and melt it down to create a fresh new piece that will sell for top dollar. It’s a win-win! You get cash for gold on jewelry you will never wear again and the jeweler can make a penny or two, also!

Holiday Budget Too Tight? Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash!

The holiday season can be really tough for those of us without a visible disposable income. Gift buying can truly break the bank. It’s not easy to buy gifts for all of our loved ones but still keep up with the bills and everyday financial obligations. One way to come up with a little spending cash is to sell your gold jewelry for cash.


Cash for Gold!

Cash for Gold!

Many jewelers today offer top dollar for old, broken or rarely worn gold jewelry. Simply go through your jewelry box or drawer and find all of the old jewelry that you will never again wear and take it to your local jeweler to get cash for your old gold jewelry. While it seems that most of your broken jewelry is worthless to you, to a jeweler, the gold is as valuable as ever and can easily be melted down and turned into a new and exciting jewelry design. That broad serpentine necklace you wore in the 80’s has still got value and the numerous broken pieces that have been gathering dust for years can put a little cash in your pocket.


Often, for a quick dollar, folks will head over to the local pawn broker to sell things that they no longer use, but jewelry is a bit of a different animal. While pawn brokers will buy jewelry in good repair, they often do NOT purchase broken or out-of-style pieces of gold jewelry for cash. Most pawn shops are in the business of turning things quickly, and want to sell items right away to make their money back. Gold jewelry that needs work is generally not an interest for pawn brokers. Keep that in mind while trying to get cash for gold jewelry.


In order to supplement your gift buying budget, selling gold jewelry for cash is a viable and often lucrative option. Understand, though, that selling grandma’s old gold brooch to a jewelry store very likely means you will never see that piece again. Be sure to choose the gold jewelry that has no sentimental value, broken or not. Selling gold jewelry for cash is, more often than not, a final sale. As mentioned, most jewelers will melt down the old, broken and out-of-style gold jewelry to create new, trendy and beautiful gold jewelry to sell.

Keeping Your Jewelry Forever

After both of our children moved out and my husband and I were sure they wouldn’t be moving back home with us – in other words, started careers, got married and had kids of their own – we decided it was time for us to downsize a little bit. We took our time packing everything so we could decide what to keep and what to get rid of. In doing so, I was surprised at just how much old broken jewelry we had accumulated over the years. There were necklaces with broken clasps, watches that stopped working for unexplained reasons, and earrings that had lost their partners.


I’m not sure why we never did anything with these pieces of jewelry at the time. We knew we just couldn’t throw away diamond jewelry, but I guess we didn’t know a trustworthy place where we could either get the jewelry repaired or sell it off at a fair price. My husband did a little research into it, and it turns out, we could take care of both those needs at our local jewelry store.


What to do with Distressed Jewelry?

What to do with Distressed Jewelry?

My husband said the thought never occurred to him because we hadn’t bought any of the jewelry from the local store, but the jeweler said that most of their jewelry repair and watch repair business came from people in the same situation as us: jewelry they had owned for many years, in some cases decades, and basically forgotten about. He told us of watches that had been passed down from father to son and diamond jewelry that had been family heirlooms for generations.


We showed him all of the jewelry that we had and everything that we wanted fixed. He had technicians that had the training and the tools to fix them. A couple of the people even trained at the very factory where our watches had been made. As for the single earrings, nothing could be done to fix them obviously, but the jeweler offered to buy them for us. He weighed them, showed us what gold was selling for that day, and offered us that exact amount. We had enough to pay for all the repairs we needed and buy a housewarming gift for ourselves as well.



Get Her a Gift She Will Never Forget This Christmas

Gold jewelry used to be very popular back in the 80s and 90s, but then it lost its appeal to many people. Now, it is making a comeback and you can find gold jewelry everywhere you go! There are cash for gold stores where you can sell or recycle old gold jewelry and pick up some new items while you are there. These stores are not just pawn shops. They are legitimate jewelry stores that provide this service for their customers who are interested in trading in their old gold jewelry for new items, receive cash for their old gold jewelry or just want to look into buying a new piece of gold jewelry for their collection or someone else’s. Everyone loves have jewelry they are proud to show off to their friends and other people they encounter in this journey through life. If you are at a loss as to what exactly to purchase for that special lady in your life, then maybe your next shop should be the jewelry store down the road who also will give you cash for gold.


We Want Your Gold!

We Want Your Gold!

You may be surprised at how much gold jewelry you have taking up space in your jewelry box. By simply going through your collection and figuring out what you are willing to part with, you may be able to make enough money selling it to buy something else you thought you could not afford. Your girlfriend or wife will really enjoy getting an extra special gift from you this holiday season. Women just swoon when given any kind of jewelry, but we all know they especially have a weak spot for diamonds! With so many Christmas specials going on this year, you can certainly find something that will make her fall even more in love with you. If for some reason she finds out you got the item on sale, then she will certainly love you just a little bit more for saving some money in the process. This Christmas, get a head start on your shopping by visiting your local jewelry store and finding that perfect gift for the love of your life. Always remember: happy wife, happy life.

Receive Cash For Gold Right in Time For The Holidays

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, you may decide you could use some extra money to buy that special Christmas gift for the love of your life. You may think the best bet to make some extra money would be a yard sale or to sell something of substantial value in your home, but think again! The best and safest bet is your local cash for gold store that is right around the corner from your house. Here, you will be able to sell your gold and walk out of the store with cash money in your pocket.

Get Today's Gold Price at Amidon Jewelers

Get Today’s Gold Price at Amidon Jewelers


Now, when you have decided you definitely want to get rid of your broken or unwanted gold jewelry, you need to do a little research before actually taking the gold to the cash for gold store. This is to protect yourself from shady business dealings and also so you can make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

First, you will need to know what kind of gold you have. If you are dealing with a necklace then it will likely tell you the gold on the clasp of the jewelry. However, if you are dealing with a ring or something else, it may not be as clearly labeled. Do not rely on your cash for gold store to tell you which kind of gold it is. Take the item to a local jewelry store and ask them to tell you instead. Having an unbiased third party tell you the kind of gold will not affect the sale of your gold whatsoever, so they will more than likely be very honest about what type of gold you possess.

After you know what kind of gold you have, you will need to weigh it. Keep in mind, when weighing, buying and selling gold, the Troy Ounce can be used, which differs greatly from a regular ounce or grams. You need to know how your cash for gold store is going to weight your gold before offering you a dollar amount. This is to make sure you receive the highest amount for your gold.

Lastly, find a cash for gold store that has a great reputation. Heaven forbid you do not get the money you need in time for Christmas because you did not read online reviews about this store. They are right at your fingertips, so there are no excuses at all.

How to Sell Your Old, Unwanted Gold For a Fair Price

                          old gold


You have seen them a million times, those “cash for gold” commercials in which you are instructed to drop your unwanted gold jewelry into a brown envelope, mail it in and receive cash back –  and by the looks of the happy people in the commercial, it will be lots of cash!


Have you ever wondered if the old jewelry collecting dust in the back of your dresser could fetch any worthwhile cash? The necklace that has been sitting with a broken clasp since high school, or the no-longer appreciated gifts of an ex-boyfriend?


If you’re  on the fence regarding the legitimacy of selling your old or unwanted gold jewelry for cash (or store credit at Amidon Jewelers), let us help you sort fact from fiction in order to decide if selling your jewelry for cash is for you.


When you first decide to sell your gold for cash, do your homework. Before you sell, make sure your jewelry isn’t worth more in its current condition that it would be worth melted down. Antique jewelry, for instance, is usually not something you want to sell for scrap pricing.


Begin by calculating your jewelry’s worth. Make note of any stamped karat mark, and weigh the piece on a good kitchen scale. Gold is traditionally weighed in penny-weights or troy ounces; calculate the weights and the current gold prices to get an estimate of what your gold may be worth. You can also check against the gold pricing chart at Amidon gold.


The price of gold fluctuates constantly, and no two buyers are going to quote you the same price. Beware of mall chain jewelry stores, pawn shops, and other locations that claim to offer the best prices for scrap gold, when in reality they’re notorious for short-changing on scrap gold buyouts. If you believe you have a good idea of the scrap value of your gold, you’re already ahead of the game; hold out for at least 50 percent of the meltdown value.


You can sell broken, mismatched, even damaged jewelry, and some stores like Amidon Jewelers pay cash or offer store credit for old scrap gold.  All types of jewelry can be considered, but  some of the most common pieces people offer to sell for meltdown value include:


– Bent or broken jewelry

– Cuff Links

– Gold Earrings

– Estate and Bridal

– Gold Rings

– Tangled or Broken Chains

– Gold Necklaces

– Dental Gold

– Gold Coins

– Gold Earrings

– Gold Watches


We all have moments when cash is tight and we begin scanning our belongings for sell-able items. With so many advertisements out there promising top cash for your unused gold jewelry, you only have yourself to protect you from the sharks.


Do your homework. Avoid gold buyers with a history of undercutting customers. Find a solid jeweler like Amidon, who will explain the estimate process as they perform it, answer all your questions, and offer you fair market value or store credit for your scrap gold jewelry.