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Make This Valentine’s Day Special for Your Kids

When our children were small, Valentine’s Day was simple. We gave chocolates, maybe a stuffed animal or toy and that was it. Now that those children are growing into young adults, Valentine’s Day gift ideas are a bit more difficult to come by. The answer is simple: Teen Jewelry.


Message Jewelry for Teens

Message Jewelry for Teens

In today’s jewelry market, the available variety of teen and children’s jewelry is more vast than ever before. The ongoing popularity of charm bracelets offers a Valentine’s Day gift idea that is sure to please any young lady. Pandora Charm bracelets have taken the world of fine jewelry by storm over the past decade or so, offering bead charms of nearly every interest you can imagine from sea turtles to the Eiffel Tower. Whatever your young lady might be into can be found in a Pandora Charm Bracelet bead. Another benefit to the gift of a charm bracelet is that it is a gift that keeps on giving. You can give different beads and charms as the special young lady in your life grows and her interests change.

Of course, young women always appreciate a new pair of diamond earrings or a birthstone ring, or the time tested and highly popular gift of a heart-shaped gold locket.


Let’s not leave out the young man in your life. As he grows toward manhood, fine jewelry can be a vital part of his image. Especially today, when “bling” is all the rage, most young men will appreciate a designer watch or gold chain necklace. Even a trendy “dog tag” necklace may be a super Valentine’s Day gift idea for your growing boy. Another popular choice for the fellows is a classic ID bracelet or for those with pierced ears, a nice diamond stud or pair of affordable diamond earrings may be the perfect gift.


As we watch our children grow into adults, it becomes increasingly harder to find the right gift to satisfy an often hard-to-please teen. Affordable fine jewelry is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gift ideas for teens and young adults and can create memories that will last a lifetime. So this Valentine’s Day, as your son’s voice squeaks and your daughter can’t get off of the phone, keep in mind that affordable fine jewelry is often the best Valentine’s Day gift idea you could have.

Ring in Spring

For some of us, the last time we saw green leaves on trees feels like a lifetime ago. This winter has brought one snowstorm after another, far more than last winter. While some of us cheer for the upcoming Spring, those who enjoy the snow sports of winter eye the soon departing snow with a lust for continued cold.


The grooves from our snow shovels have etched a permanent place in our memory from repeated clearings of our sidewalks and driveways. We can hear the repeated scraping sound the shovel makes on the asphalt, and feel the breeze of the snow flying through the air.



Despite all the snow, good news is only a matter of a couple weeks away. Spring is quickly approaching, and soon the brown branches of winter will be a distant memory. What better way to bring in spring than with a wide selection of rings?

Traveling through your neighborhood in the weeks ahead, you will begin to notice signs of life springing forth all around you. Buds will be peeking out of the ground and branches like a toddler playing peek-a-boo. This emerald and diamond combination exudes energy much like the first buds of spring will provide when you see them.

One of the first signs of the upcoming Spring is the appearance of Crocus blossoms, often surrounded by snow. Brilliant violet blooms rise up out of the cold, much like this Amethyst rises up off its White Gold setting.


Shortly after we see the Crocus, the Daffodil will make its appearance. Often associated with Easter, Daffodils can be found in yellow and white. Also found in yellow and white is this gorgeous White, Yellow and Rose Gold ring with a center Yellow Diamond. With over a carat of diamonds, this ring will certainly challenge a bed of Daffodils beauty-wise.

Bringing in the remainder of Spring flower-wise is the ever-popular tulip. Available in just about every color of the rainbow, Tulips are a Spring favorite from the front gardens to elegant wedding bouquets and arrangements. This Diamond and Ruby ring would be a perfect way to accessorize Spring and a magnificent Tulip bouquet.


Amidon Jewelers is happy to help you bring in Spring with a ring. Our website is available for your shopping convenience 24/7, and our staff is always happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Star Light Star Bright

Star Light, Star Bright

The First Star I See Tonight

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

Have the Wish I Wish Tonight

Wow!  Who would have thought that a simple little rhyme written in the late 19th Century would have taken off all around the world and in popular culture the way it did?  From Pinocchio to Madonna, Star Trek to I Dream of Jeannie, these four lines have meant so much so many.

At Amidon Jewelers, we put our own spin on the rhyme.  We have countless pieces of stellar jewelry which twinkle like stars, if they don’t remind us stars in the first place, and we wish to see them on YOU!  Here are a few we believe you might wish to have in your jewelry collection.

While a black hole may usually have a different meaning, we filled the gap with gorgeous Black Diamonds.  These sparkling earrings feature over 2.00 carats of Black diamonds and .15ct of brilliant white diamonds set in White Gold.


Make your ears sparkle with these Imaya silver earrings featuring diamond accents.  With a center star cut-out, and black accent, these Sterling Silver earrings will add sparkle and interest to any outfit!



Shining like gold stars in a magnificent sunset, this Marco Bicego yellow gold bracelet showcases multicolor gemstones.  With a beautiful prism cuts, the gemstones are seemingly shaped by light, bringing a constellation down to your very own wrist!



Delicate diamond accents shoot across this silver bangle bracelet like a meteor shower shooting across the night sky.  Elegant in its simplicity, this bracelet will compliment jeans and/or evening wear perfectly!



This Sapphire and Diamond ring truly is a star.  Set in White Gold, not only is this ring star-shaped, but it sparkles like one as well!



Wearing these wings, you may be able to fly yourself to the moon!  This sterling silver pendant set features sparkling diamonds on a pair of delicate angel wings.



In this 14kt Gold Vermeil Diamond Pendant, you’ll have tiny constellations floating on your chest!  The three largest “constellations” showcase diamonds at their centers, adding shimmer to an already beautiful pendant.


Who knew the Man on the Moon had eyes made of Diamonds?  This beautiful crescent moon-shaped silver pendant is enhanced by its diamond accents and is a beautifully crafted piece.



At Amidon Jewelers we have a countless number of beautifully crafted jewelry pieces that can add a twinkle to your eye.  Visit our website to browse for the star of your jewelry collection.


12 Days of a Bejeweled Christmas

On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
A partridge in a Pear Tree…

Well, no partridges here, but how about a Men’s ring made with tree bark? (not a pear tree, but still a tree)

8mm Black Zirconium Ring with Raised Center Brush/TREE Bark Finish


On the Second day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Two Turtle Doves…

This sterling silver diamond dove is pretty close!


On the Third day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Three French Hens…

Something tells us she would rather have this A. Jaffe 18kt White Gold Engagement Ring with French Pave Setting rather than hens…and you probably only need to buy one, not three.


On the Fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Four Colly Birds…

A Colly bird is a black bird, which we don’t have here at Amidon, but we do have black diamonds.

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

Yup, we got that!!
One Ladies Champagne And White Diamond Ring Set In 14k Rose Gold

14 Karat White Gold Ring With Prong Set Round Blue Diamonds

See more here!

On the Sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Six Geese-a-Laying…

Nothing even close, but we do carry beautiful sterling silver bracelets, such as this heart clasped bangle with diamond accent.

On the Seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Seven Swans-a-Swimming…

No, no swans. But swans remind us of weddings, and our wide array of bridal jewelry makes it easy to find the piece that’s just right for you. Like this 5/8 ctw stunning engagement ring.

On the Eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

Eight Maids-a-Milking…

Pearls are milky-white.


On the Ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Nine Ladies Dancing…

What makes a lady dance? Diamonds!
1ctw Diamond Earrings

On the Tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Ten Lords-a-Leaping

Men’s jewelry, we got it!
Titanium Bracelet

Boxed set


On the Eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Eleven Pipers Piping…

This yellow gold Marco Bicego Jaipur Ring With Amethyst will make her forget all about pipers and piping!

On the Twelfth day of Christmas my true love smiled with glee,
as she said Yes!, when I asked her to marry me.

Maevona 18kw Bluebell Semi-Mount Solitaire Engagement Ring


Happy Holidays!!!

Charmed, I’m Sure

Charm and romance have long been partners, all thanks to Prince Charming, of course. Though the prince of romance did have a point; why simply be kind to your beloved when you can take an extra step and be ever so charming.


That’s why charm bracelets always seem to come back in style, time after time.


After all, nothing is more personalized then the charm bracelet – a token for each special moment in her life. A wedding. The birth of a child. Graduation. The holidays. A dance recital. A birthday. A glamorous moment. Every moment captured with a jeweled token, right on her wrist.


Make any woman in your life – wife, girlfriend, daughter, niece or your mom – feel like a princess every day with a gift that was created especially for her.


Oh and, modern day fairy tales also include necklaces and earrings, customized as well.



Here at Amidon Jewelers we offer beads, jewels and charms from designers Pandora and Chamilia. Choose from silver, gold, Murano glass, Sarovski crystals and gemstones.



The Pandora charm bracelet is as unique as the woman who wears it. The charming keepsake beads and jewels are designed in their on in-house studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Innovative integrity and originality are at the heart of every Pandora jewel.

New designs are introduced by Pandora four times a year, allowing you to continually add to your beloved’s charm bracelet, for years to come.


Chamilia’s charms are as unique as their philosophy, ‘design is different here.’

The ‘it’ brand for customized jewelry, Chamilia offers handcrafted beads of 12k gold, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, Italian Murano glass and colored stones. Bracelets, bangles and necklaces are available. In fact, over 600 beads are available from the Chamilia line. And a unique partnership with Disney means, yup you guessed it, all of Prince Charming’s favorite friends and memories can be remembered forever in a magical keepsake bracelet.


Founded in 2002 by Killian Rieder and Jeff Julkowski on the premise of putting jewelry design into the hands of the customer. Killian, a former designer with fashion icon Polo, wanted this brand to be personalized to allow women to change and customize it to fit the mood, moment or occasion, like a chameleon that changes in its environment.


Stop by our stores in person or call us to design your charm bracelet over the phone. Pick up or shipping options are available.


Prince Charming has nothing on you!


Boho-chic Bridal Jewelry Speaks to Her Spirit

boho chic bride

There is something so romantic about a boho bride, a light and airy beauty that combines the elegant style of the  Great Gatsby with a late 1960’s flower child ease. Today’s jewelry artisans are happily incorporating the boho influence in their modern wedding jewelry, beginning with the engagement ring.Marco Biego diamond rings


Earthy styles and precious metals, hand crafted to free-spirit perfection. Some boho brides are choosing gemstones over diamonds for their engagement Amethyst and silver wedding and engagement ringsand wedding rings, or combining diamonds with a birthstone or a favorite gemstone.


The look is an understated Bohemian chic that transcends time, and varied enough to give every boho bride the ability to make it her own.


Hand crafted necklaces and bracelets utilizing the earth’s precious metals in some remarkably hand crafted jewelry in silver and gold woven into lace, sculpteGurhan stacking engagement ringsd into wildflowers, and pieced together with gemstones and other elements found in nature to create tomorrow’s vintage pieces.


Lois Hill silver cross pendants

In the meantime, boho brides can wear their wedding jewelry every day after the ceremony.


Bohemian brides are finding artisan jewelry made of a variety of  metals and gemstones colors, which makes choosing her wedding day jewelry even more fun.


Color and texture are the heart of boho chic wedding jewelry. It’s up to the bride to devise her own look, which can complement a wedding theme or

Sara Blaine bracelet

encompass a range of beautiful colors – blues and browns, yellows, pinks, and oranges. Against white gold, yellow gold, pink gold or silver settings, your boho-chic wedding jewelry will capture more than just a style – it will capture your spirit.


sARA bLAINE BRACELETJewelry sculpted into florals are hot and perfect for the boho bridal look. Bridal jewelry artisans are combining gemstones and metals for some of the most exquisite jewelry on the planet. Each piece makes a bold statement, whether its soft and muted or bold with Marco Biego Necklacevivid gemstones. Some brides choose a necklace to become their “bold statement” piece, and accessorize with other pieces. Depending on the look she is going for – chic simplicity or all-out gypsy, the boho bride doesn’t have to fear replicating any other bride’s look, since it’s all about self expression here.


Sara Blaine amethyst pendantBy combining multiple metals and gemstones into one piece, jewelers are also exclaiming that nature has many elements to offer that are just as precious as diamonds.  Sometimes all it takes is the right pop of color, or a special stand-out cuff bracelet or pendant to bring the bride to her own “ah-ha” moment, when she knows she’s achieved the look she had in mind.

Nothing is more expressive than than the perfect bridal jewelry.





Imaya Silver Jewelry: Cool Chic for Hot Summer Nights


Imaya Silver Jewelry


There’s a coolness to silver jewelry that makes it just seem right for summer.


Whether you’re purchasing silver jewelry for yourself or someone special, the Imaya Collection is as rich and beautiful as the legend  behind it.


Named for Imaya, the Water Goddess who  rules over the Kingdom of the Waves. She holds dominion over moonlight’s play upon the ocean at night. According to ancient legend, Imaya’s smile crystallizes in moonlight, and in very rare instances is brought ashore.


Silver has always been a popular choice for jewelry, and some women wear nothing but silver jewelry. Today, fine jewelry designers produce exquisite silver pieces that are popular not only for their comparatively low cost against gold and platinum, but for its brilliant sheen and wide range of jewelry designs available in silver.


Imaya silver jewelry



The Imaya silver jewelry collection is inspired by the beauty of light dancing on water, and in that inspiration these designs are said to be a reflection of the wearer’s inner beauty. Each design caters to the artistic element of silver, each piece generating  its own “wow” factor; each piece can be worn with jeans and a tee, or dressed up for a night out.


Imaya’s exquisite line of silver ring designs are as individual as the girl who wears them.  With so many unique designs to choose from, at these prices you can afford to have them all!


Imaya rings


Imaya silver jewelry adds sparkle and chic to every girl’s wardrobe.