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2013 Prom Trends

Ladies and gentleman, THAT time of the year is upon us. The birds are chirping, the trees are beginning to show green, and slowly the flowers in our gardens are beginning to bloom. What season are we in? If you’re a high school girl or boy, you’ll likely think, ‘Prom Season!’

Saturday afternoons in the floral department at the local grocery or florist shop will become increasingly busy as teenagers dressed in gowns or tuxedos arrive to pick up their date’s corsage or boutonniere. Important accessories to help complete the prom attire package, the flowers on these pieces are often dyed to match the color of the girl’s dress. But how about the rest of HER accessories?

Mom and dad, this is where you come in. Sure, you’ve probably already helped cover the cost of her dress, hair, nails and shoes, but how about accessorizing your daughter with a piece of your own to help her make it a night she will remember?

The Prom Trends of 2013

High Necklines

As a parent, we’re sure you won’t be unhappy to see that necklines worked their way up on the body this year. Eliminating the need for a pendant or necklace of any kind, a dress of this style will be complemented perfectly by a stylish pair of earrings and/or bracelet. Amidon Jewelers has precisely the pieces you’re looking for.

Reminiscent of an infinity symbol, while wearing this Silver Diamond Bangle your little girl will never fail to remember that her mom and dad will always be there for her. Three diamonds accent the top of the bangle, each one representing one of you.

Turquoise has been an extremely popular color in recent years, and this year is no exception. Dads, remind your little girl that even though she’s almost out of high school she’s still “Daddy’s Little Girl” with a pair of Silver Diamond Earrings. These fancy diamonds will coordinate perfectly with her turquoise dress, and the hearts will remind her just how much she means to you.

Short Skirts and Asymmetrical Necklines

Complicating the accessorizing process a little further is this year’s trend of asymmetrical necklines. A fantastic pendant can really make this neckline POP, and the shape encourages the wearer to embellish herself with a great pair of earrings.


Playing off the criss-crossing lines which make up the asymmetrical neckline of her dress, we found this Imaya Silver Diamond Pendant. Diagonal silver stripes are intricately accented by diamonds on the middle stripe, and the see-through effect is exquisite.


Diagonal, silver criss-crossing lines once again make a bold impact in these Silver Diamond earrings. A masterpiece crafted of Sterling Silver, the front is studded with lines of diamonds weighing in at a total weight of a half-carat of. Whether she wears her hair up or down, you can guarantee all eyes will be on her glistening earlobes when she wears these beauties.

Cupid’s Gift Ideas

Depending on the story you refer to, Cupid has various roots, dating back thousands of years. In Greek mythology, Cupid was known as Eros, the son of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. In Roman mythology, Cupid was the son of Venus. Jealous of human Psyche’s beauty, Venus sent Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with a poor man. Taken back by her beauty himself, Cupid accidentally dropped his arrow, shooting himself in the foot and falling in love with her himself.

Today, most of us know Cupid as the little chubby baby who begins occupying our local grocery stores shortly after Christmas. Luckily for the staff of Amidon Jewelers, we know where the REAL Cupid resides. He’s right here, helping our customers purchase the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for our love-struck customers. We can’t guarantee that it wasn’t his help that made you fall in love, but he will help you find the perfect gift now, and all year round.

How could Cupid possibly resist suggesting this bracelet, when it reminds him of hearts and arrows? You’ve won her heart and her hand, so now’s the time to decorate her wrist! White gold, diamonds and rubies are intertwined in this lovely bracelet.



The Garnet is known to be the stone symbolizing love and compassion, and it is also thought to increase passion. Cupid had no hesitation before recommending this Garnet and Diamond ring for your lady!

Are you ready to take the next step (if you haven’t already), and propose to your leading lady? Even Venus will be weeping tears of joy when she hears the news! While he knows you need to find a ring both you and your lady will love, Cupid can’t help but be partial to this stunner. A beautiful creation by True Romance, this beauty reminds Cupid of ancient times with the intricate decoration running up the band.

You may whisper sweet words in your lady’s ears all the time, but Cupid suggests giving her sweets to wear on her ears as well! These 14kt White Gold earrings are adorned with .50ct in diamonds, making them the richest kisses she’ll ever want to eat!

Cupid’s arrows sometimes take a wild journey to reach their intended victims, but in the, just like romance, the swirls, ups and downs are worth it. This gorgeous Imaya Silver Pendant is accented with diamonds, a feature your lovely won’t possibly miss.




Amidon Jewelers is very fortunate to have Cupid on hand to help you with your everyday jewelry shopping needs. As with any other holiday or special occasion, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff with any questions on your quest to find the perfect gift.

Star Light Star Bright

Star Light, Star Bright

The First Star I See Tonight

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

Have the Wish I Wish Tonight

Wow!  Who would have thought that a simple little rhyme written in the late 19th Century would have taken off all around the world and in popular culture the way it did?  From Pinocchio to Madonna, Star Trek to I Dream of Jeannie, these four lines have meant so much so many.

At Amidon Jewelers, we put our own spin on the rhyme.  We have countless pieces of stellar jewelry which twinkle like stars, if they don’t remind us stars in the first place, and we wish to see them on YOU!  Here are a few we believe you might wish to have in your jewelry collection.

While a black hole may usually have a different meaning, we filled the gap with gorgeous Black Diamonds.  These sparkling earrings feature over 2.00 carats of Black diamonds and .15ct of brilliant white diamonds set in White Gold.


Make your ears sparkle with these Imaya silver earrings featuring diamond accents.  With a center star cut-out, and black accent, these Sterling Silver earrings will add sparkle and interest to any outfit!



Shining like gold stars in a magnificent sunset, this Marco Bicego yellow gold bracelet showcases multicolor gemstones.  With a beautiful prism cuts, the gemstones are seemingly shaped by light, bringing a constellation down to your very own wrist!



Delicate diamond accents shoot across this silver bangle bracelet like a meteor shower shooting across the night sky.  Elegant in its simplicity, this bracelet will compliment jeans and/or evening wear perfectly!



This Sapphire and Diamond ring truly is a star.  Set in White Gold, not only is this ring star-shaped, but it sparkles like one as well!



Wearing these wings, you may be able to fly yourself to the moon!  This sterling silver pendant set features sparkling diamonds on a pair of delicate angel wings.



In this 14kt Gold Vermeil Diamond Pendant, you’ll have tiny constellations floating on your chest!  The three largest “constellations” showcase diamonds at their centers, adding shimmer to an already beautiful pendant.


Who knew the Man on the Moon had eyes made of Diamonds?  This beautiful crescent moon-shaped silver pendant is enhanced by its diamond accents and is a beautifully crafted piece.



At Amidon Jewelers we have a countless number of beautifully crafted jewelry pieces that can add a twinkle to your eye.  Visit our website to browse for the star of your jewelry collection.


Imaya Silver Jewelry: Cool Chic for Hot Summer Nights


Imaya Silver Jewelry


There’s a coolness to silver jewelry that makes it just seem right for summer.


Whether you’re purchasing silver jewelry for yourself or someone special, the Imaya Collection is as rich and beautiful as the legend  behind it.


Named for Imaya, the Water Goddess who  rules over the Kingdom of the Waves. She holds dominion over moonlight’s play upon the ocean at night. According to ancient legend, Imaya’s smile crystallizes in moonlight, and in very rare instances is brought ashore.


Silver has always been a popular choice for jewelry, and some women wear nothing but silver jewelry. Today, fine jewelry designers produce exquisite silver pieces that are popular not only for their comparatively low cost against gold and platinum, but for its brilliant sheen and wide range of jewelry designs available in silver.


Imaya silver jewelry



The Imaya silver jewelry collection is inspired by the beauty of light dancing on water, and in that inspiration these designs are said to be a reflection of the wearer’s inner beauty. Each design caters to the artistic element of silver, each piece generating  its own “wow” factor; each piece can be worn with jeans and a tee, or dressed up for a night out.


Imaya’s exquisite line of silver ring designs are as individual as the girl who wears them.  With so many unique designs to choose from, at these prices you can afford to have them all!


Imaya rings


Imaya silver jewelry adds sparkle and chic to every girl’s wardrobe.