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Commemorate Life’s Big Milestones with Personalized Graduation Gifts

Whether its high school, college or grad school, graduation is a big milestone for every person who achieves it, and an event worthy of grand celebration.  The graduate is sure to receive many gifts meant to send them on to the next phase of life with confidence and an arsenal of tools for success.  Why not make your gift stand out by adding a personal touch?  Custom engraving is a great way to personalize graduation gifts, offering the graduate a commemorative memento of this momentous occasion, as well as a reminder of your own enduring love and support to be treasured for many years to come.

Custom Engraved Jewelry and Gifts

Custom Engraved Jewelry and Gifts

Engraved Jewelry

Engraved jewelry is a classic graduation gift, and one that can be truly personalized in a variety of ways. Everything from rings to bracelets to pendants can be engraved with a personal message to the graduate.  You might choose to simply have the date of graduation engraved to serve as a wearable reminder of this achievement, but you can also get more personal with words of encouragement engraved into a piece of jewelry, or a sentimental statement.  A monogram engraved into a brand name watch is a great college graduation gift, sending the graduate into the professional world with style and sentimental support.

Picture Frames and More

Engraved picture frames and plaques are also great ways to commemorate the graduate’s achievements.  It’s true, these gifts aren’t wearable like engraved jewelry, but they will make a nice addition to home décor as your graduate embarks upon this new phase of life.  An engraved picture frame with a sentimental photo and personalized with an inspiring message is a gift that will be cherished by the graduate each time they see it.  Of course, you might decide to commemorate this event with humor, too.  Because this is a truly personalized graduation gift, the options are virtually limitless and will truly reflect the unique nature of your relationship.

Don’t Forget the Younger Graduates!

Younger graduates deserve recognition and appreciation of their accomplishments, too!  Kindergarten graduation, grade school, middle school…each of these milestones provides an opportunity to acknowledge how proud you are of your little graduate, and engraved jewelry is a great option, as they will build a collection over time and multiple accomplishments.  A charm bracelet, with a custom engraved charm commemorating each phase is a perfect choice for younger graduates, as they’ll have multiple milestones honored in a single, evolving piece of custom jewelry.

Engraving: That Extra Special Thoughtful Touch

Amidon offers many, many styles and fonts for your engraving needs.


Imagine this scene: It’s your 30th wedding anniversary. In keeping with tradition, you’ve bought your wife a beautiful pearl ring. You hand her the perfectly wrapped little gift box at breakfast, just as she’s sipping her first cup of coffee. Her face lights up when she lifts the lid and sees the lustrous pearl. But as she’s about to slip it on her finger, she notices tiny letters inside the band: “Here’s to 30 more wonderful years.”


What is even more romantic and meaningful that picking out a piece of jewelry for a loved one? Having him or her notice the personal message that you had engraved on that ring or bracelet. Amidon offers both hand and machine engraving on jewelry, plaques, bowls, picture frames and just about anything else you might want engraved. We machine engrave on steel, sterling silver gold, platinum, titanium and most other metals.


Make your engagement even more special with a message inside the ring.


An engraved message personalizes a gift. It also shows you planned ahead for something special, rather than just running to the jeweler and grabbing an item during your lunch hour. The idea of you deliberating over the perfect message will melt the heart of your loved one.


Messages inside rings are the most popular engravings, especially for anniversaries and engagements. Opt for something simple, such as your initials and a date, or the more individual, like a secret nickname or a Bible verse that holds special meaning.


Steel, diamonds and a special message for your guy.


But engraving isn’t just for lovers. Many schools and colleges need engraving services for trophies. Companies need plaques engraved to honor retirees and others who’ve contributed to the workplace. Picture frames and watches are other mementoes a company might want engraved.


Engraving can also be extremely practical. Do you suffer from a medical condition? An engraved medical bracelet will let first responders know of your condition or allergies should you suddenly need medical help.


At Amidon, we keep engraving very reasonable. We charge .20 per letter for machine engraving with a ten dollar minimum. Hand engraving starts at $40 for your first 20 letters. For gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime, this small expense is well worth it.