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Surprise Her With Custom Design Jewelry

In a world filled with chaos and life’s distractions, it’s often hard to remember the little things. We have our careers that take up much of our time, school activities for our kids, after-hours business meetings and get-togethers with friends. It seems as if our days get filled with so much “stuff” that we neglect the person most important in our life…our romantic partner. Valentine’s Day is over but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a little time to gift this person something romantic…just because. Custom designed jewelry is all the rage these days. What is it, you ask? It is designing a piece of jewelry from an idea in your head and making it come to life.

Design Your Own - Gabriel Mountings

Design Your Own – Gabriel Mountings

Many family-owned jewelers have artisans employed that are trained in custom designed jewelry. And contrary to popular belief, it is not nearly as expensive as it used to be. In the past, custom designed jewelry was painstakingly slow. You had an idea, you gave it to the jeweler, the jeweler drew it on paper and attempted to create the piece you had in mind. Oftentimes, it would take many revisions before the piece was perfect. This created long wait times and could often become very expensive based on how many revisions were needed. Today, that has changed.

Today, computers have made the job of custom designed jewelry much easier. You work with your jewelry artisan to create a 3-dimensional image on a computer. You are able to see the piece as the computer creates it and make changes to the image before the piece is ever created. It allows you to have full knowledge of what the custom design jeweler will be creating and give you full disclosure of what will be created for you. This frees up time…and money. You may still have to wait a few weeks for the piece to be delivered to you, but more often than not, the piece is perfect on the first try.

Does your wife thrive on simplistic or vintage? Is she classy or flashy? Know her tastes and styles and get in to your nearest custom design jeweler and create the piece of her dreams. Nothing says love like an original piece, created by you with love, when she least expects it. “Wow” her with a custom designed jewelry piece and watch her smile light up your world when she opens it.

The Timeless Beauty Of Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Every year designers release new diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and other bridal jewelry. Although they tend to be more conservative when it comes to wedding jewelry than they may be with other lines of fine jewelry in regards to creating work that is trendy instead of timeless, it can still be a difficult choice for someone who is shopping for a ring and hoping that they are not buying a style that will look dated before too long. That is just one of the reasons that diamond solitaire engagement rings continue to be popular to this day.


Amidon Jewelers Solitaire Engagement Rings

Amidon Jewelers Solitaire Engagement Rings


Although many people might think the design came about as a practical nature – by eliminating everything but the basics of a gold or silver band with a single diamond set on top of it – the look was actually inspired by the symbolism of the ring. The diamond ring has been a universally accepted symbol of engagement and marriage for centuries and as such, the ring was created to have a sense of purity about it. Instead of being splashy and flashy, the beauty of the ring is formed in the sublime design. It is beautiful not only because of the diamond and the precious metal, but also because of the love it represents.


That in no way is to say that diamond solitaire engagement rings are simple plain designs. They feature a variety of different shaped diamonds as well as different sizes, and today, the gold and silver bands that have been ubiquitous with these rings for decades are now complemented by such metals as platinum, palladium and titanium. There are styles that come with the traditional setting above the ring as well as new looks that feature channel cuts, where the diamond is set within the band itself, a practical choice for people afraid of damaging the ring through active jobs or lifestyles.


There is no such thing as the one perfect diamond engagement ring for everybody, but the diamond solitaire engagement ring comes about as close as possible. There is a reason these rings continue to be the timeless standard bearer for young brides and grooms around the world to this day. Just as they have for generations, today they are the first choice for many people. As a pure symbol of undying love, it may just be the greatest diamond ring style ever created.


A Look From The Past

Whenever my girlfriends and I would talk about our dream wedding, one thing we never seemed to focus on much was what kind of diamond engagement rings we wanted. A couple girls over the years would have very specific ideas, or if a new style of engagement ring were introduced, it might be something we talk about for a while, but usually it was more about the dress and the location and the reception and the flowers and the honeymoon. Once in a while, we’d even talk about who we wanted to marry.


105 Faceted Diamond Solitaire by Phantom 105

105 Faceted Diamond Solitaire by Phantom 105


My boyfriend and I had been going steady for a couple of years when we started to have “the talk.” I knew it was coming soon and that he had mostly been waiting until he felt more secure in his career. That’s one of the things I love about him. He’s very concerned with making sure things are taken care of. I count on him to remember the tickets, to check the doors and to make sure the dog gets fed. There is something almost traditional about him in that regard, and that kept coming back to me when I was thinking about diamond engagement rings.


When he finally brought it up, he was very honest. He said the desire to surprise me with an engagement ring was overpowered by wanting to be sure he bought me one I would like, so he asked if there was a ring that had always meant a lot to me. Like I said, I had barely ever even considered it, but when I opened my mouth, the words “Diamond solitaire engagement rings” just came pouring forth. He smiled, said “Okay,” and we didn’t talk about it again until a month later when we went out to dinner.


Inside the box was the most beautiful solitaire engagement ring I could ever imagine. It was so simple and yet so elegant, so traditional and so perfect, that I knew it was the perfect symbol not only for how much he loved me, but also how much I loved him. Everything about him that makes me want to share the rest of my life with him is captured in my diamond solitaire engagement ring.


Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

There’s an old joke that says men should never buy clothes for their wives or girlfriends because they will never buy the right thing. If that’s true for clothing, then I think it’s probably ten times as true when it comes to diamond engagement rings. Not only because most men don’t know the size of the ring they should be buying, but because they don’t really know the first thing about diamond rings at all, or diamonds in general. I know I sure didn’t.

Phantom 105 Diamond Engagement Ring

Phantom 105 Diamond Engagement Ring


I remember looking at a few different websites, seeing all of these diamond engagement rings and wedding bands that had different prices and different names but all looked almost the same to me. That was when I knew I couldn’t treat this like I was just shopping for a new television or computer. This was something highly personal that I realized I had a lot of questions about. And if I didn’t want to look like a fool when I proposed, I would have to go to the experts.


At my local jewelry store, I was surprised to find that the people working there were more than just sales people. Many of them have been trained at professional institutes across the country so they could speak knowledgeably about diamonds. The person I met with was so nice and willing to help me that when I told them of my experience online, she had me pick out three rings from the case that looked similar to me but all had different prices.


She pulled them out and started to explain to me the different levels of grading they have when it comes to the color, clarity and cut of the diamond. These grades determine how much a diamond is worth. Some of the differences are so slight that unless you are trained to look for them or have the right tools, you may never be able to notice them.


She probably spent a half an hour with me, and at no point did she pressure me to make a purchase. She knew how important the decision was for me and she wanted to be sure I made the right decision. That’s why I felt confident going back the next week and finding the perfect diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend.

The Classic Look Of A Diamond Solitaire

I love my girlfriend very much – that’s why I’m going to propose to her – but shopping for gifts for her can be maddening. She has exceptionally simple tastes and claims that everything, even if it something simple like a scarf, is too much. Granted, once the protesting is over, she wears it and enjoys it, and I’m smart enough not to push it by getting her something garish or ostentatious, but I was starting to get worried about when it came to looking for diamond engagement rings.


Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire

Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire

A lot of what I was seeing seemed to fall into the “bigger is better” category. They were certainly beautiful rings, and I was surprised by the complexity of designs and different precious metals that were being used, but I knew that none of these would be the right ring for her. It’s one thing to buy a scarf that maybe has too bold a pattern; it’s quite another to propose with a ring that she is never going to be comfortable wearing.


I was talking with my mom about something that was totally unrelated when I caught myself looking at her diamond engagement ring repeatedly. I guess I never really paid attention to it growing up, but now that I could see it, I knew that was the style of the ring that would be perfect. As soon as we were done talking, I raced down to the jewelry store.


I described the ring to the gentleman behind the counter and he took me to a display case full of diamond solitaire engagement rings. Looking at the selection, I could tell that my mother’s had been a square cut diamond on a gold band, but here there were a dozen different cuts of diamond and half as many different precious metals to choose from. Thinking about what other fine jewelry my girlfriend likes to wear, I found the perfect princess cut mounted on sterling silver.


When the proposal came, we were sitting in our favorite park of the local park, overlooking the lake. She said yes, I slipped the ring on her finger, she took a long look at it and then looked at me smiling, and said “Perfect.”

Designing Diamond Engagement Rings For Forever

Even though I had followed a slightly more practical path through college and into the business world, I have always had a bit of an artistic side. Growing up, I was always drawing and painting, and even took an occasional class after college in sculpture or design just as a hobby. It’s a good thing I did because that was where I met the woman who just recently became my wife. Knowing that she was as artistic as me, I knew I had to do something special when it came to finding the right diamond engagement rings.


Maevona Noss Pave Engagement Ring

Maevona Noss Pave Engagement Ring

I started window shopping and looking online long before I was going to make the proposal to give me enough time to find the perfect ring. In my searches, I came across something I had never considered: having a custom design engagement ring. I guess I just didn’t realize that custom made jewelry was something that could be done easily and affordably. It sounds like to me something only royalty and Hollywood stars could afford.


I visited my local jewelry store and found out that they had several artisans who worked on creating all types of handmade jewelry. When they explained the process of using computer aided design and 3-D models, I could understand how they had made it affordable. In fact, I realized that I could create not just a diamond engagement ring, but also matching wedding bands for the amount I had already budgeted. They also told me that making custom jewelry only took a matter of weeks, and that had me hooked.


Since I had the extra time built in to my search, I started asking my girlfriend casual questions about what her perfect diamond engagement ring would look like. Naturally, she knew what I was fishing for, but she always laughed, saying I’d never be able to find a ring exactly as she described. She was right, I wouldn’t find one, but I could make one. When she had finally given me all of her details, I took those notes to the jeweler. Within a few weeks, I had her exact ring. The look on her face when she opened that box was priceless, knowing that she is going to have the perfect diamond engagement ring for the rest of her life.

Creating A Lifetime Of Memories

My wife is very talented artistically, and always has been. She loves to paint and draw, and many of our friends love it when the holidays come around because they know that, more often than not, the gifts we give are going to be something that my wife has created. Knowing this about her, I knew that she probably could design a better diamond engagement ring than any I could find in the store. That was why when I proposed to her, I did everything just like you are supposed to…except one. The box I had her open was almost completely empty. Instead of a ring, it was an appointment at our local jewelry store.


Gabriel and Co Semi Mountings

Gabriel and Co Semi Mountings

There we met with one of the talented craftspeople who was going to help us design the ring of my wife’s dreams. I had already spoken with him earlier so he would know the budget that I had to work with. Using the latest in computer assisted design software, he showed us the different looks we could come up with, including the various precious metals that were available and the many different cuts of diamonds.


Just as much as he knew about designing rings, he was equally knowledgeable when it came to loose diamonds. He explained to us the four C’s – cut, color, clarity and carat – and how each diamond was graded in relation to these four categories. With what he taught us, we were able to find the exact look that my wife wanted and still stay within our budget.


I know that every woman supposedly dreams of that moment when they open the box, or the boyfriend pulls it from his pocket, and they see their diamond engagement ring for the first time. I feel a little bad for not allowing my wife to have that moment, but I also knew that because of how creative she was, the moment of seeing the very ring she designed would be that much more powerful and meaningful to her. As beautiful as many of the diamond engagement rings are that I saw at the jewelry store, I knew the one my wife could design would be the most beautiful one of them all.

Looking To Find The Right Diamond Engagement Rings

I discovered the best thing about shopping for diamond engagement rings is that there is no deadline. My girlfriend and I have been together for two years now, and for the last several months, we both have known that we’re going to get married. I know I can’t wait forever to ask her, nor do I want to, but I want to make sure that every part of the proposal is perfect, and that includes making sure I have the right engagement ring.

Maevona Diamond Engagement Rings

Maevona Diamond Engagement Rings


Even if I wasn’t in the market for such a purchase, I still would have been spending a lot of time in jewelry stores, thanks to both Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I’m very happy that exchanging gifts is not a tradition associated with St. Patrick’s Day or I might not ever be able to find the right ring. Looking for her holiday gifts, I had in mind what I was looking for: diamond earrings for December 25th and a gold necklace for February 14th, and I’m happy with what I got, but both times I knew I had to make a decision. It’s not like I could change the days the holidays were on.


Choosing the engagement ring has given me the freedom to take my time. I’ve certainly been looking every time I’ve gone into the jewelry stores, getting a sense for what is out there. The good news is that I’ve gotten to know the people working there and they understand the type of ring my girlfriend wants and the budget that I’m working with. They help me see different options that I have that will work best with me, and have even pointed out the possibility of having a custom designed ring.


I’m putting together the rest of the plans in my mind about how to make the proposal something special she will always remember. So far it involves a country inn and a hot air balloon. Of course, all of those moments will be fleeting, here and then gone. The diamond engagement ring, on the other hand, will be with us forever, and I want to make sure it is the ring she has always dreamed about.



Take The Stress Out Of Shopping For Diamond Engagement Rings

The number one reason why people have such a hard time shopping for diamond engagement rings – besides the little voice in their head that tells them she might still say no – is because they feel they don’t know enough about jewelry to make the right decision. Exclusive of wedding jewelry and homes, most people expect to buy a few of everything throughout their life, including such big ticket items as cars and home electronics, so they build up confidence and knowledge through repetition. For some guys, the first time they ever walk into a jewelry store is when they are looking for diamond engagement rings.


A. Jaffe Diamond Engagement Ring

A. Jaffe Diamond Engagement Ring

What makes this situation even more challenging for people marrying now than it was for their parents and grandparents is the fact that they do more of their shopping online. These days, everything can be bought online, from groceries to automobiles, so people have become attuned to a “one size fits all” mentality that allows them to compare quantifiable data. They choose a model that has what they want, they find the best price, they click on it, and it’s done.


Diamond engagement rings don’t work that way. Yes, there are different criteria, including the cut of the diamond, the color and the clarity, as well as the carat count, which has an industry standard. Every diamond that becomes part of an engagement ring is classified and comparable, but you don’t need to hold a big screen television in your hands to determine if it’s the right one for you. You need to see it in person.


This sounds like it should make an already tense experience that much more stressful, but there’s a hidden ace up the sleeve of the jewelry store, and that is the person behind the counter. Diamonds are these people’s lives. They can show you all of the different options that fit her desires and your budget. They can explain how diamonds are graded, they can answer any questions that you have and best of all, they give you that experience of holding that ring and imagining how it will look on her finger. You knew enough to choose the right woman, trust them to help you choose the right diamond engagement ring.

Saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” With Diamond Engagement Rings

Out of the 365 days in a year, the most romantic day by far is always February 14th. Likewise, with all of the countless actions and words that a person can do, nothing says “I love you” more than wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone in marriage. Therefore, it stands to reason that the most special gift you can buy your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day would be a diamond engagement ring.


It’s actually easier to shop for diamond engagement rings than any other potential gift of gold jewelry if you think about it. That may sound counter-intuitive, but odds are if someone is thinking about buying an engagement ring, it’s because they have a pretty solid idea that the answer is going to be yes. Not only have they probably been talking about what it would be like to be married and the type of wedding they have been envisioning, another topic of conversation most likely was the kind of ring she has always wanted. Compare that with walking into a jewelry store and the only thing you know is that you want to buy her…something. Where do you even begin?

1 CTW Diamond Solitaire

1 CTW Diamond Solitaire


That being said, picking the right ring takes a little more than pointing at the display case and saying, “I’ll take that one.” There is a lot to consider, most of which fall into the four categories of cut, color, clarity and carat. It’s ok if you don’t have a firm grasp on what all of that means, because the person behind the counter will know for you. Most importantly, all four C’s are industry standards. Just like there are certain technical details when you are buying a new computer or television that are universal, the way that diamonds are graded in these categories are standardized, so if she has said that her lifelong dream is a two carat pear shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring, the sales associate will be able to show you a variety of different options that fulfill her desire.


There is one other practical reason to making Valentine’s Day the day you hand her a diamond engagement ring and ask her to marry you: when she asks you, in the future, if you remember the proposal, you’ll at least get the date right.