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Simplify your Summer Style with these Five Jewelry Must-Haves

With summer fast-approaching, it’s a great time to clean out that jewelry box and decide what areas are ready for a little updating with a few new and trendy statement pieces.  But there are also a few essential elements that no jewelry collection should be without, and those pieces will give your summer wardrobe a consistency of style that’s easy to manage, pairs well with practically any occasion and simplifies the task of accessorizing virtually any outfit.  So, while you’re considering which summer jewelry trends to add to your collection, be sure you’ve got these five jewelry must-haves accounted for, as well.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

  1. Diamond Stud Earrings

Simple… elegant… timeless; a pair of diamond stud earrings is THE must-have item for every jewelry collection.  Diamond earrings go with literally everything from work to the tennis court to the beach to the club, and everywhere in between.  Diamond earrings are a staple jewelry accent for secondary ear piercings, and multiple pairs are recommended for those with multiple piercings.  Along with this classic must-have item in your jewelry collection, consider adding some colorful gemstone earrings as well, just to mix things up in an elegant, yet very versatile, style.

  1. Layered Necklaces

An ever-growing jewelry trend, layered necklaces give you the opportunity to express multiple dimensions of your personal style at once.  The more necklaces you have in your jewelry collection, the more versatile your layering options become.  From fun to formal, layered necklaces are a must for every jewelry armoire.

  1. Anklets

Don’t forget the ankle flair.  Especially for summer, ankle jewelry is a must-have to add style and sparkle to those great sandals!

  1. Bracelets

From big and bold to smart and simple, your bracelets are very much a part of the first impression you give.  Classic gold or silver bangles and chains are a must for everyday wear.  And no jewelry collection should be without the quintessential diamond tennis bracelet.

  1. More Bracelets

Another growing trend in jewelry fashion is stacked bangle bracelets.  Much like layered necklaces, stacked bracelets offer the opportunity to mix and match multiple style elements and materials, creating a style statement that is uniquely your own.  The more bangles you have in your collection, the more versatile your options when it’s time to accessorize.

Adding these five jewelry must-haves to your collection will ensure that you have the perfect accessories for every style, every occasion, every day.

Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s not always easy to figure out the perfect Valentine’s gift, especially when you’ve been with your love for a long time. Early on, it was easy. Diamond earrings, charm bracelets, or a dazzling gemstone brooch was guaranteed to please with little effort. Well, now she’s become a bit more difficult to please when it comes to gift giving. Let’s think outside the box – the jewelry box.


Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings

You’ve spent years buying her beautiful jewelry and chances are good that some of the older pieces could use some attention. Most fine jewelers offer professional cleaning and jewelry repair services that can bring new life to old, tired and broken jewelry. While it may not be your normal practice, have a peek into her jewelry box or drawer and see if you can’t revive some of her older pieces that she can no longer wear due to a broken clasp, a missing stone or a kink in a chain. You may just find a hidden treasure that will bring a smile to her face and a memory to her mind.


An alternative Valentine’s Day gift idea also involving her older, broken jewelry is to use the pieces to create an entirely new piece. Custom designed jewelry is more popular today than ever due to the increased use of the internet and design programs at your local jeweler. But, before you decide to take her broken serpentine necklace to be melted down, make sure that she doesn’t already have plans for her old fine jewelry. You need to be slick about it to keep the new piece a secret but if you can’t, it’s better to ruin a surprise than to melt down a piece she intended to fix or that meant the world to her, even broken.


We all know how hard it is to come up with really good Valentine’s Day gift ideas for someone who has everything. Fixing an heirloom watch that hasn’t kept time for decades, or reviving a right hand gemstone ring with a broken prong in the setting might be your answer. One thing to consider when deciding on jewelry repair or custom designed jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift is that these services take time. Make sure to allow enough time to complete the job so that the gift is ready to be the greatest Valentine’s Day gift idea to date.

My Daughter’s First Diamonds

My wife and I clash from time to time on how to raise our daughter. Most of the time I defer to her – having been a little girl herself, I figure she has more experience than I do – but when it comes to clothing, makeup and jewelry, I have a hard time not voicing my opinion. Naturally, I think she will always be too young for such things while my wife has to constantly remind me that she is growing up. We had one such discussion leading up to my daughter’s thirteenth birthday regarding jewelry.


Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

Like most girls, my daughter had her ears pierced when she was young, and has worn a collection of small, safe earrings ever since. She has received a few gifts of jewelry over the years as well. My mother, in particular, seems to be on my wife’s side and has made presents of rings and a gold necklace. Now that she was becoming a teenager, my mother wanted to get her a diamond tennis bracelet. My wife thought it was a great idea but I was not so sure.


Yes, part of me thought that meant she was growing up too fast, but another part of me was practical. My daughter is pretty active both in sports and activities, and I didn’t want her to risk losing the bracelet or having it damaged. I know she would take care of it, but accidents happen and teenagers can be forgetful. I knew that it could be insured, and that if it were damaged, our jeweler could repair it, but I wanted to avoid that necessity.


That was when I convinced two of the four most important women in my life (I have another daughter who is 8) that instead of a bracelet, what if she were to get a pair of diamond earrings as a gift? She is used to wearing earrings, she wouldn’t have to take them off when she played sports, and the chance of her leaving them somewhere were pretty remote. They agreed and the three of us went to the store to find the perfect pair. It’s tough to watch my little girl growing up, but I know she is going to love her first diamonds.

Warm Up The Winter With Diamond Earrings

One of the most challenging parts of winter is that all of the fun stuff happens early. Winter isn’t even a week old when Christmas rolls around. New Year’s Eve follows just a week later and then – BANG – that’s it. Unless you’re a sports fan or a fanatic about Presidential birthdays, there really isn’t anything to help get you through a long cold winter. That is the perfect reason to surprise her with a gift of diamond earrings.


Phantom 105, 1CTTW Diamond Stud Earrings

Phantom 105, 1CTTW Diamond Stud Earrings

The most romantic reason to buy anyone a gift, especially a gift for that special someone in your life, has nothing to do with what the calendar says. Certainly, there are expectations to fulfill on birthdays and Christmas that are the perfect occasion for gold jewelry and diamond necklaces, but it is the unexpected gift that means the most. The pure surprise of an unexpected gift is a reward unto itself, and when she asks you why, you get to give her the best two word answer ever: “Just because.”


Just because: you love her and want her to have something special. Just because: you know how much she has always wanted a pair of diamond earrings. Just because: it’s been a long cold winter and you want to see her smile. Just because: she wore that new dress last week when you went out to dinner and you knew that a brand new pair of earrings would complete the outfit perfectly. Just because: you want to tell her thank you for sharing her life with you.


Diamond stud earrings are one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry out there. They are wildly versatile, going great with everything from jeans and a sweatshirt to that little black dress. They are, in fact, probably one of the few ideas, jewelry or otherwise, that a person could feel comfortable buying for their loved one without having to worry if it will be something they like or will go with what they already own. Love and passion are emotions of impulse and creativity. They are filled with surprise and wonder. Show her how deep your love is by surprising her this weekend with a beautiful new pair of diamond earrings.



The Holiday Season Means Time to Go Shopping For Diamond Jewelry

If you are the kind of person who waits until the absolute last minute to do your Christmas, birthday or Valentine’s Day shopping, then you should find a jeweler and get to know them! No matter how long you wait to make the purchase, the local jewelry store will always have a great selection of diamond jewelry to buy that special person in your life. From diamond earrings to stunning bracelets, you will find something she will love and adore for the rest of her life. Just about every girl on earth would love to see a tiny little box wrapped up under the Christmas tree containing a stunning new piece of jewelry to add to her collection. If she would not enjoy that, then you have a special breed of woman on your hands!

The Perfect Gift, Martini Diamond Solitaire Earrings

The Perfect Gift, Martini Diamond Solitaire Earrings


Diamond jewelry has always been very sentimental, romantic and special. There is just no better way to show your love for another person than by giving them a gorgeous pair of earrings, bracelet or even a ring. In modern society, it is very common for a man to give a woman a diamond ring when he asks for her hand in marriage. Couples typically exchange diamond wedding bands on their wedding day, as well. Marriage is the pinnacle of romance, love and commitment, so it says a lot that diamonds are involved in this process.

In case you are not planning on getting married in the near future or you are not even close to dropping down on one knee and proposing, it does not mean you cannot splurge this Christmas. Everyone has a mother, some have sisters, and these ladies would certainly love a piece of jewelry that means so much to them. Some women wait their entire lives to receive a piece of diamond jewelry, while other women never receive any at all. The most meaningful jewelry is always from someone you love and care about, no matter what. In this crazy world in which we live, sometimes that means family only for some people. Family is very important and should be because they are your support network throughout your life. If you cannot rely on the people you have known for your entire life, then who can you rely on? The moral of the story is, there is always someone to buy diamond jewelry for.



Diamond Earrings Are The Ultimate Accessory

A game that a lot of people like to play is a variation on “The Desert Island” motif: if you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one (fill in the blank) you would bring with you? Obviously this is a game of fantasy, because if I was stranded on a desert island I would me more worried about how to survive the island, if not escape, than I would be what music I would be listening to or what one food I had to eat. That being said, if I were stranded on a desert island and I could only have one piece of jewelry with me, what would it be? That’s easy. The same type of jewelry I would want no matter where I am: diamond earrings.

Diamond Earrings

To understand the practicality behind my choice, instead of thinking about a desert island, imagine you have to pack quickly for a weekend get-away. Your husband or boyfriend comes home and surprises you, telling you that you’re leaving in thirty minutes. Other than yes or no to a bathing suit, he doesn’t give you any other clues what to bring. This means you need to either pack every piece of fine jewelry you have, or pick the one diamond accessory that you know will work no matter where you wind up.


I like all types of diamond jewelry, because no matter what the occasion, there is a diamond bracelet or diamond necklace that matches it perfectly. It could be a fancy Friday night on the town or a casual Sunday morning brunch, a long day at the office or an afternoon running errands, and there is undoubtedly some piece of fine diamond jewelry in my collection that will fit. However, if I had to get rid of all of it and just keep one item, the perfect item for everything, from my little black dress to my favorite jeans and T-shirt, is a simple but elegant pair of stud diamond earrings. I’ve discovered that they go so well with everything that I will put them on first thing in the morning, just in case I don’t have time to accessorize later. That way I know, if nothing else, my ears will always look great.



2013 Prom Trends

Ladies and gentleman, THAT time of the year is upon us. The birds are chirping, the trees are beginning to show green, and slowly the flowers in our gardens are beginning to bloom. What season are we in? If you’re a high school girl or boy, you’ll likely think, ‘Prom Season!’

Saturday afternoons in the floral department at the local grocery or florist shop will become increasingly busy as teenagers dressed in gowns or tuxedos arrive to pick up their date’s corsage or boutonniere. Important accessories to help complete the prom attire package, the flowers on these pieces are often dyed to match the color of the girl’s dress. But how about the rest of HER accessories?

Mom and dad, this is where you come in. Sure, you’ve probably already helped cover the cost of her dress, hair, nails and shoes, but how about accessorizing your daughter with a piece of your own to help her make it a night she will remember?

The Prom Trends of 2013

High Necklines

As a parent, we’re sure you won’t be unhappy to see that necklines worked their way up on the body this year. Eliminating the need for a pendant or necklace of any kind, a dress of this style will be complemented perfectly by a stylish pair of earrings and/or bracelet. Amidon Jewelers has precisely the pieces you’re looking for.

Reminiscent of an infinity symbol, while wearing this Silver Diamond Bangle your little girl will never fail to remember that her mom and dad will always be there for her. Three diamonds accent the top of the bangle, each one representing one of you.

Turquoise has been an extremely popular color in recent years, and this year is no exception. Dads, remind your little girl that even though she’s almost out of high school she’s still “Daddy’s Little Girl” with a pair of Silver Diamond Earrings. These fancy diamonds will coordinate perfectly with her turquoise dress, and the hearts will remind her just how much she means to you.

Short Skirts and Asymmetrical Necklines

Complicating the accessorizing process a little further is this year’s trend of asymmetrical necklines. A fantastic pendant can really make this neckline POP, and the shape encourages the wearer to embellish herself with a great pair of earrings.


Playing off the criss-crossing lines which make up the asymmetrical neckline of her dress, we found this Imaya Silver Diamond Pendant. Diagonal silver stripes are intricately accented by diamonds on the middle stripe, and the see-through effect is exquisite.


Diagonal, silver criss-crossing lines once again make a bold impact in these Silver Diamond earrings. A masterpiece crafted of Sterling Silver, the front is studded with lines of diamonds weighing in at a total weight of a half-carat of. Whether she wears her hair up or down, you can guarantee all eyes will be on her glistening earlobes when she wears these beauties.

Colored Diamonds

A rainbow of color at Amidon Jewelers

Spring is here and with it all the rich and vibrant colors.  Amidon is stocking up on colors too.  We have many colored diamonds set in earrings, rings and more.  Do you know what makes a diamond have all those radiant colors?
blue red green yellow brown diamonds
Click here for colored diamond Jewelry!

12 Days of a Bejeweled Christmas

On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
A partridge in a Pear Tree…

Well, no partridges here, but how about a Men’s ring made with tree bark? (not a pear tree, but still a tree)

8mm Black Zirconium Ring with Raised Center Brush/TREE Bark Finish


On the Second day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Two Turtle Doves…

This sterling silver diamond dove is pretty close!


On the Third day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Three French Hens…

Something tells us she would rather have this A. Jaffe 18kt White Gold Engagement Ring with French Pave Setting rather than hens…and you probably only need to buy one, not three.


On the Fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Four Colly Birds…

A Colly bird is a black bird, which we don’t have here at Amidon, but we do have black diamonds.

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

Yup, we got that!!
One Ladies Champagne And White Diamond Ring Set In 14k Rose Gold

14 Karat White Gold Ring With Prong Set Round Blue Diamonds

See more here!

On the Sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Six Geese-a-Laying…

Nothing even close, but we do carry beautiful sterling silver bracelets, such as this heart clasped bangle with diamond accent.

On the Seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Seven Swans-a-Swimming…

No, no swans. But swans remind us of weddings, and our wide array of bridal jewelry makes it easy to find the piece that’s just right for you. Like this 5/8 ctw stunning engagement ring.

On the Eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

Eight Maids-a-Milking…

Pearls are milky-white.


On the Ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Nine Ladies Dancing…

What makes a lady dance? Diamonds!
1ctw Diamond Earrings

On the Tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Ten Lords-a-Leaping

Men’s jewelry, we got it!
Titanium Bracelet

Boxed set


On the Eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Eleven Pipers Piping…

This yellow gold Marco Bicego Jaipur Ring With Amethyst will make her forget all about pipers and piping!

On the Twelfth day of Christmas my true love smiled with glee,
as she said Yes!, when I asked her to marry me.

Maevona 18kw Bluebell Semi-Mount Solitaire Engagement Ring


Happy Holidays!!!

Diamond Solitaire Earrings: Round Brilliant, Black Diamond, and Princess Cut

Diamond stud earrings have always been a staple in the jewelry collections of fashionable women. The timeless white diamond dollop on the earlobe always feels right.

Kim Kardashian wears classic diamond stud earrings

round brilliand diamond stud earrings


Naturally, we continue to show our respect for the classic, timeless round brilliant solitaire diamond studs that carry us from morning to late night with simple elegance.  Every girl should have at least one pair of white diamond studs on hand for any occasion, right?


Of course.


Still, f you haven’t already ventured from this classic but safe stud,  it might be time to expand your horizons and mix it up a little – add a variation or two to your diamond stud collection.


The charm of diamond stud earrings is not lost on the black diamond solitaire. On the contrary, black diamond solitaire studs are a wonderful alternative to the white diamonds.


Maybe a little more dangerous, or maybe just what you need to complete an outfit. Like their white diamond siblings, black diamond solitaire studs are a must have for every girl if she doesn’t already have a pair.

Justin Beiner wears black diamond stud earring


There’s another person who wears a black diamond well, and he isn’t always asking to borrow yours when you aren’t looking. Consider a pair of black diamondBlack diamond stud earrings earrings for your man’s next birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift. It’s not always this obvious, but in the case of black diamond stud earrings, what’s feminine sexy on you can be manly sexy on him. Few items in our communal wardrobes fit this bill – let’s face it, you can probably count the number of “shares” you and your guy have when it comes time to dress to impress.


Your black diamond studs may be in his ears more often than yours, so once you tire of hiding them, go buy him a pair of his own. Do a little research on diamond quality, and what to look for in a pair of diamond studs. Mainly, as in all things, size matters. Small diamonds may disappear on his manly ear lobes.  Give some thought to his tastes to determine just how big those diamonds should be.


Claire Danes wears princess cut diamond studsAnother diamond stud earring that ventures from the classic round solitaire is the priprincess cut diamond studd earringsncess cut diamond stud, which serves up a whole different flavor of elegance. The princess cut diamond stud earring is  a popular favorite in diamond engagement rings – in fact it is the second most sought after center stone, the round brilliant  being its top competitor.  While most square cut diamonds just don’t have the sparkle of a round brilliant, the princess cut diamond was designed specifically to get the most brilliance possible out of a square cut.


Princess cut diamond studs can be low key elegant, or high visual drama, depending on their size and the girl wearing them. They give the illusion of being bigger than their actual carat size, so the princess cut is perfect for the girl who loves to bling it with class.


Earrings have always been considered among the most charming and thoughtful pieces of diamond jewelry one can give or receive as a gift, but most women aren’t waiting for someone else to buy them any longer – more and more women today buy themselves diamond jewelry as a reward, a spirit booster, or simply to expand their jewelry wardrobe. A pair of classic diamond stud earrings is a quick heart melter, ego booster, and all-around joy to wear.


Even as the popularity of colored diamonds rises, it’s nice to be outfitted with the classics. A pair of round diamond solitaire studs, black diamond solitaire studs, or princess cut diamond studs are all you really need to keep all eyes on you – and to feel like a million bucks in the process.