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Simplify your Summer Style with these Five Jewelry Must-Haves

With summer fast-approaching, it’s a great time to clean out that jewelry box and decide what areas are ready for a little updating with a few new and trendy statement pieces.  But there are also a few essential elements that no jewelry collection should be without, and those pieces will give your summer wardrobe a consistency of style that’s easy to manage, pairs well with practically any occasion and simplifies the task of accessorizing virtually any outfit.  So, while you’re considering which summer jewelry trends to add to your collection, be sure you’ve got these five jewelry must-haves accounted for, as well.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

  1. Diamond Stud Earrings

Simple… elegant… timeless; a pair of diamond stud earrings is THE must-have item for every jewelry collection.  Diamond earrings go with literally everything from work to the tennis court to the beach to the club, and everywhere in between.  Diamond earrings are a staple jewelry accent for secondary ear piercings, and multiple pairs are recommended for those with multiple piercings.  Along with this classic must-have item in your jewelry collection, consider adding some colorful gemstone earrings as well, just to mix things up in an elegant, yet very versatile, style.

  1. Layered Necklaces

An ever-growing jewelry trend, layered necklaces give you the opportunity to express multiple dimensions of your personal style at once.  The more necklaces you have in your jewelry collection, the more versatile your layering options become.  From fun to formal, layered necklaces are a must for every jewelry armoire.

  1. Anklets

Don’t forget the ankle flair.  Especially for summer, ankle jewelry is a must-have to add style and sparkle to those great sandals!

  1. Bracelets

From big and bold to smart and simple, your bracelets are very much a part of the first impression you give.  Classic gold or silver bangles and chains are a must for everyday wear.  And no jewelry collection should be without the quintessential diamond tennis bracelet.

  1. More Bracelets

Another growing trend in jewelry fashion is stacked bangle bracelets.  Much like layered necklaces, stacked bracelets offer the opportunity to mix and match multiple style elements and materials, creating a style statement that is uniquely your own.  The more bangles you have in your collection, the more versatile your options when it’s time to accessorize.

Adding these five jewelry must-haves to your collection will ensure that you have the perfect accessories for every style, every occasion, every day.

Show Mom She’s More Precious than a Diamond this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th.  Are you prepared to show Mom just how important she is? It’s difficult to put a “value” on what our mothers mean to us all, but the value of a diamond is universally recognizable.  Why not show Mom she’s even more precious than the most universally valued of Mother Nature’s creations this Mother’s Day, with the gift of diamond jewelry?

Diamond Pendant For Mom!

Diamond Pendant For Mom!

Traditional Mother’s Day jewelry can take many forms, with the classic Mother’s ring or pendant topping the list of most desirable gemstone jewelry.  But diamonds can make a mom feel pretty special, too, especially when they come in the form of a well-thought-out and heartfelt Mother’s Day gift.  Moms are renowned for their “it’s the thought that counts” philosophy.  While that’s wonderful in the days of our youth, bringing home handmade cards and macaroni portraits, now that you’re an adult, she may (rightfully) expect a little more consideration.

A pendant, earrings, or diamond tennis bracelet all make great Mother’s Day gifts.  It’s a great idea to collaborate with siblings, if possible, to expand the budget and get Mom a truly impressive piece of diamond jewelry.

If your mom’s not really the diamond type (Really?) – or if she already has plenty of diamond jewelry (Too many diamonds?  No such thing…) – then you might want to consider alternative gemstone jewelry.  Spring is upon us, after all, and bright, sparkling pastel gemstones such as amethyst, citrine and blue topaz compliment the season, as well as spring wardrobes, nicely.

So, how do you choose a piece of fine jewelry for Mother’s Day that’s sure to “wow” her?  If you’re unfamiliar with diamond and gemstone jewelry, it’s true it can be a little intimidating, but never fear.  It’s just jewelry shopping – not rocket science.  Though, naturally, you want to know that you’re getting the most value for your money (Mom taught you to be a responsible consumer, after all.)

The first step is to choose a reputable jewelry store, whether that be a local shop or online.  It’s simple enough to evaluate a jewelry website and research customer reviews, and know that you’re dealing with a trustworthy retailer.

The next step is to step back and think about your mom.  What’s her favorite color?  What’s her style?  Which piece of diamond or gemstone jewelry is the one that’s really going to make her face light up?  Regardless, she’s going to be delighted – it’s the thought that counts, after all – but you’ll know you’ve outdone the macaroni artwork when she continually wears her new diamond or gemstone jewelry.  We still recommend the handmade Mother’s Day card.

Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s not always easy to figure out the perfect Valentine’s gift, especially when you’ve been with your love for a long time. Early on, it was easy. Diamond earrings, charm bracelets, or a dazzling gemstone brooch was guaranteed to please with little effort. Well, now she’s become a bit more difficult to please when it comes to gift giving. Let’s think outside the box – the jewelry box.


Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings

You’ve spent years buying her beautiful jewelry and chances are good that some of the older pieces could use some attention. Most fine jewelers offer professional cleaning and jewelry repair services that can bring new life to old, tired and broken jewelry. While it may not be your normal practice, have a peek into her jewelry box or drawer and see if you can’t revive some of her older pieces that she can no longer wear due to a broken clasp, a missing stone or a kink in a chain. You may just find a hidden treasure that will bring a smile to her face and a memory to her mind.


An alternative Valentine’s Day gift idea also involving her older, broken jewelry is to use the pieces to create an entirely new piece. Custom designed jewelry is more popular today than ever due to the increased use of the internet and design programs at your local jeweler. But, before you decide to take her broken serpentine necklace to be melted down, make sure that she doesn’t already have plans for her old fine jewelry. You need to be slick about it to keep the new piece a secret but if you can’t, it’s better to ruin a surprise than to melt down a piece she intended to fix or that meant the world to her, even broken.


We all know how hard it is to come up with really good Valentine’s Day gift ideas for someone who has everything. Fixing an heirloom watch that hasn’t kept time for decades, or reviving a right hand gemstone ring with a broken prong in the setting might be your answer. One thing to consider when deciding on jewelry repair or custom designed jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift is that these services take time. Make sure to allow enough time to complete the job so that the gift is ready to be the greatest Valentine’s Day gift idea to date.

Heirloom Jewelry Value Far More Than Monetary

When your mother handed you the most valued jewelry piece in her collection, her mother’s gold heart-shaped locket, tears flowed from your eyes. For decades, your mother has told you the story of the day she was given the locket, and how only weeks later, your grandmother passed on and your mother has cherished the piece since. You clutch it close to your heart, looking deeply into the eyes of your aging mother as she tells you to take great care of the family heirloom. You tell her there is nothing you will care for more. In the back of your mind, your thoughts turn to your own daughter, and a future gift.


Heirloom Quality Jewelry at Amidon Jewelers

Heirloom Quality Jewelry at Amidon Jewelers

While you have a tradition started by generations before you, anyone can turn a valued piece of fine jewelry into an heirloom piece. Certainly, we’ve all heard about antique pocket watches passed on from generation to generation, and many families continue to use engagement rings and wedding bands worn by an ancestor, but any valuable, fine jewelry can become an emotionally valuable and cherished heirloom.


Wedding sets are a very popular choice for many people hoping to create a generational heirloom. Women’s diamond engagement rings and wedding bands right alongside men’s wedding bands can easily be passed along to increase the meaning of an engagement and wedding. Passing an engagement ring to a daughter or son when the time comes is a long standing tradition in many families around the world. In fact, many brides and grooms claim that, as they exchanged rings, they felt the presence of the long passed relatives who had worn the wedding rings for a lifetime.


Valuable timepieces, pocket and wrist watches, have long been traditional heirloom pieces. While pocket watches have lessened in popularity in the past few decades and wrist watches have become more of a fashion statement than a functional timepiece, the value of antique and family heirloom watches continues to increase. Many jewelers offer maintenance and watch repair services to keep that family heirloom ticking for years to come.


Brooches and pins are more popular jewelry items often passed from generation to generation. Through history, many high end jewelers and artisans created such pieces with heirloom hopes in mind. In today’s market, you can find the same type of unique and valuable brooches and pins that will serve well to begin your own tradition.

The History of Ornamental Jewelry

There are dozens of occasions that we mark with gifts of fine jewelry, although sometimes we don’t think of these things as being connected with the idea of rituals. Some of them make a lot of sense – engagement rings commemorating the commitment to get married, and wedding bands to symbolize the cementing of that bond. Others might be a little less common – taking a teenager to get their ears pierced when they turn thirteen, for example, which was a tradition in my own family. Sometimes, these fine jewelry pieces are specific – pendants to mark the passing of loved ones are a common one. Other times, it’s more about having the piece itself. Consider the upscale ornamental crown pieces used in British coronation rituals. There have been dozens of crowns historically, some only used once or twice. What was important was that there was a crown, not so much whose crown it was.

Begin your own story at Amidon Jewelers

Begin your own story at Amidon Jewelers


Many cultures have very specific rules regarding jewelry and coming of age rituals and have employed these traditions for decades. In the San Carlos Apache Native American culture, there is a religious coming of age ceremony that draws on ancient mythology and involves the wearing of a ritual crown and other ceremonial jewelry that are worn only for the occasion itself. The tradition of jewelry and ritual is not limited to any one type of transitional celebration, and certainly is not just for the living. Consider the way that Egyptians would decorate their dead, creating entire elaborate fine jewelry pieces and ornate masks to mark the occasion, for just one example of how jewelry has been used throughout history to honor the living and the dead.

Many of us unconsciously mark exciting events in our lives with gifts. Mother’s Day is an occasion to buy fine jewelry and flowers, and that tends to hold true for birthdays as well, especially big markers like 30, 40, etc. There is certainly no doubt that fine jewelry has always occupied a very magical and special place in human history, and continues to thrive in that space between ritual tradition and spontaneity even in the modern age. The history is as rich as it is long, with incredible diverse variations as well as striking similarities in cultures all across the world. It seems that human beings have always recognized the power of ornamental fine jewelry pieces, and that is something that has not changed.


The 4 C’s of Diamonds: How Do They Work?

The world of diamond grading is a fascinating place. Appraisal professionals are trusted to put a price tag on some of the most valuable natural resources available in the modern era, and that is certainly nothing to scoff at. The process is intricate and detail oriented, and professionals use high powered microscopes as a way of zooming in close in an attempt to identify any flaws or imperfections in the diamond. Examining the piece from a variety of different angles is another way that visible imperfections are identified. A visible scratch will have more of an impact on the overall worth of a piece than one that is only visible at an extreme close up, for obvious reasons.

Amidon Jewelers Trusted Diamond Education and Appraisals

Amidon Jewelers Trusted Diamond Education and Appraisals


Diamonds are graded according to something called “The 4 C’s”. These are four separate factors that contribute to the overall worth of a single diamond. Loose diamonds, in general, are easier to grade and often have more authentic appraisals given the appraiser can really examine the gem from all angles. Regardless of whether or not it is set into a fine jewelry piece or not, they are measured according to the same standards. The color, clarity, cut and carat weight are all used as a way to determine the final value of the diamond.

Some of these are more obvious than others. Colored diamonds are often artificially heat treated in order to achieve the desired color, and naturally pink diamonds, for example, are incredibly rare and very expensive. Carat weight generally refers to size, although a large diamond with noticeable imperfections will not achieve as high of a value as a more perfect, smaller gem quality diamond. The cut refers to the shape and number of facets the diamond has, and clarity refers to the perfection. If there is noticeable discoloration, scratches, or fogginess upon either close microscopic inspection or a more general visual inspection, the value suffers.

Diamonds are unique. There are no other gemstones that can convey the same sense of class, glamour and grace. No matter the piece they are set into – stud earrings, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. – they bring something indescribable to your overall aesthetic. Understanding more about how these irreplaceable natural gems are shaped and assessed for quality and price adjustment is just one of the ways that you can use to further explore your love of diamonds. They are part of a fascinating and world changing industry.



Skipping What The Calendar Says

(How diamond anniversary bands supersede everything)


My wife and I have been married for seventeen years. Now, I’m sure that is the plastic anniversary, or maybe diamond, or possibly major appliance one. In other words, there is most likely a calendar out there that says this year I owe my wife a present made of anything from shooting marbles to stainless steel. I could easily combine those two into a marble that never tarnishes, but I decided to find something even better. I arranged to have diamond anniversary bands as our gift.


Diamond A.Jaffe Anniversary Ring

Diamond A.Jaffe Anniversary Ring

Seventeen might seem like an odd year to make such a celebratory purchase, and if it were any other couple, I would agree. The thing is, we met when we were that age, even though we didn’t date for another six years. Dating and the engagement took four more years out of our lives, so our seventeenth anniversary would really seem like nothing special…perfect for an out of the blue anniversary gift.


The good thing about choosing anniversary bands is that they do a fantastic job doubling as wedding bands. I went and looked at hundreds of rings that I found myself wishing I had been able to afford back in the day. Thankfully, now I could and I found the perfect design that would not only fit the diamond engagement ring I had first given her, it would also make the perfect companion to the original wedding bands we had exchanged.


She caught me off guard by getting us a vacation back to our original honeymoon spot. This time the trip was for a week at a four star hotel and not three days at a hostel, but she made the purchase because she knew what seventeen met. Which made it that more special when we were out to dinner and I gave her the gift. Those diamond anniversary rings were two of the best things I ever bought in my life. I don’t care what “year” anniversary if was, gift-wise, and judging by my wife’s reaction, neither does she.


The Perfect Practical Joke

(The fine diamond jewelry every friend wants)


One of my good friends from college is getting married this fall, and a few of us decided we should buy her an early gift as a way to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. We already saw the beautiful diamond engagement ring she was wearing and imagined her wedding bands would be equally impressive, so we knew we could never compete when it came to choosing a piece of jewelry for her. That was when one of the other girls suggested we don’t compete at all.


Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Bracelet

Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Bracelet

We all became friends through four years of college, and before that, many of us had been friends from high school and before. That meant that by this point, we each knew what all of us liked, from movies to music and food to clothing. That, of course, included what we all wore as diamond jewelry. As my soon-to-be-married friend, we knew she liked bracelets and more importantly, we knew she did not like tennis.


We knew that because her fiancé did like it, and was one of the best on campus. The girl who suggested we find a gift that was truly unique realized a diamond tennis bracelet would be perfect. Our friend was good at a lot of things, but tennis was not one of them. Her fiancé, on the other hand, was pretty spectacular, and it had become a bit of a spectator game to watch the two of them play doubles. If it weren’t for him, they would have lost a lot of matches.


This one friend decided a diamond tennis bracelet would both fit her desire for fine diamond jewelry and also point out that maybe tennis wasn’t her best suit. When we gave it to her during a special campus only bridal shower before we left for the summer, she was so blown away by how beautiful it was that she didn’t even get the joke. It was only a week later, as she was emailing us thank you’s, did she mention the tennis connection. Luckily, we were all already invited to the wedding so she couldn’t uninvited us for our perfect practical joke.


My Daughter’s First Diamonds

My wife and I clash from time to time on how to raise our daughter. Most of the time I defer to her – having been a little girl herself, I figure she has more experience than I do – but when it comes to clothing, makeup and jewelry, I have a hard time not voicing my opinion. Naturally, I think she will always be too young for such things while my wife has to constantly remind me that she is growing up. We had one such discussion leading up to my daughter’s thirteenth birthday regarding jewelry.


Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

Like most girls, my daughter had her ears pierced when she was young, and has worn a collection of small, safe earrings ever since. She has received a few gifts of jewelry over the years as well. My mother, in particular, seems to be on my wife’s side and has made presents of rings and a gold necklace. Now that she was becoming a teenager, my mother wanted to get her a diamond tennis bracelet. My wife thought it was a great idea but I was not so sure.


Yes, part of me thought that meant she was growing up too fast, but another part of me was practical. My daughter is pretty active both in sports and activities, and I didn’t want her to risk losing the bracelet or having it damaged. I know she would take care of it, but accidents happen and teenagers can be forgetful. I knew that it could be insured, and that if it were damaged, our jeweler could repair it, but I wanted to avoid that necessity.


That was when I convinced two of the four most important women in my life (I have another daughter who is 8) that instead of a bracelet, what if she were to get a pair of diamond earrings as a gift? She is used to wearing earrings, she wouldn’t have to take them off when she played sports, and the chance of her leaving them somewhere were pretty remote. They agreed and the three of us went to the store to find the perfect pair. It’s tough to watch my little girl growing up, but I know she is going to love her first diamonds.

Coloring Your World With Diamonds

Our daughter’s sweet sixteen was coming up and my wife and I were stressing over what would be the signature gift. Along with typical birthday gifts, we wanted to find something special that she could keep forever and remind her of this day. We knew we wanted it to be some piece of fine jewelry, but that was the problem: how to find a piece of jewelry that was truly unique?

Blue Diamond Pendant

Blue Diamond Pendant


My wife came home one night from work very excited, but waited until after the kids went to bed to tell me what she had found. She stopped at the local jewelry store on her way home from work, just seeing if there was any inspiration among all of the diamond jewelry. We had discussed that something like a diamond pendant or maybe a diamond bracelet would be a good option, but we were having trouble finding one that we thought captured our daughter’s personality the best. While she was looking, one of the helpful sales associates approached her and struck up a conversation. When my wife told the young lady what our dilemma was, she brought my wife down to a display case we had somehow missed in our previous visits.


This case was filled with all sorts of colored diamond jewelry. Not only was there a full selection of diamond earrings, necklaces and bracelets, but all of the diamonds had color in them. Before my wife could even begin to get skeptical, the woman explained that all of the coloring happened naturally while the diamonds were forming. My wife said that when you looked closely, you could see that even all of the pink diamonds – the color she knew would be best – were slightly different from each other.


We went back that weekend and sure enough, I could see the slight variation from diamond to diamond, but within each diamond, the color was almost flawless. We settled on a beautiful pink colored diamond pendant. At the party, my daughter was blown away and almost in tears when she thanked us. That night, as we were all going to bed, she came into our room and thanked us again. And she was already wearing the pendant.