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Custom Design Jewelry: The Four C’s of Diamonds

With the technological advances of today, the popularity of custom design jewelry is higher than ever. What, at one time, took months to accomplish can now be done in a matter of weeks. To custom design jewelry of nearly any style gives today’s fine jewelry consumer the opportunity to express their own personality and taste without costing an arm and a leg. There are a few simple things to be remembered when working with a jeweler to create a unique, one of a kind custom piece, especially if the intention is to use diamonds and precious gemstones.


Custom design your engagement ring

Custom design your engagement ring

While gemstones come with a similar certification, diamonds set the standard for valuation of all precious stones through the use of the four C’s of diamonds. Some may have heard about these C’s but if custom design jewelry is a coming project, knowing at least the basics of diamond certification is wise. The jeweler creating the custom design jewelry should produce the certification of the stone’s worth and its origin. If either of these certifications cannot be produced, move on to a different jeweler. Without the proper certifications, you may end up with custom design jewelry worth far less than you paid.


The four C’s of diamonds are Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Diamonds vary from clear or white to every color imaginable, the most valuable being the traditional clear diamond. Clarity rates the flaws and inclusions within the stone. While most of these inclusions and flaws are not seen by the naked eye, the value of the diamond is directly affected.  Cut is the diamond’s facets and is what produces the prism like sparkle when light passes through the stone.  A diamond can appear cloudy or dull, even have a dark center, if the cut is incorrect or poorly done. The final C is the most commonly known of the C’s, Carat. Simply put, Carat is the weight of the diamond. Keep in mind, that a larger stone my look pretty but due to the inclusions or cut, the value may be less than a smaller more quality diamond. Make sure to go over each of the C’s with a professional jeweler to determine the perfect diamond for the custom design jewelry being created. As stated, gemstones are rated in a similar fashion.


Custom design jewelry can be the perfect way to express one’s personality and style and in today’s highly technological era, custom design jewelry is more affordable than ever.

Custom Design Jewelry: A Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love, is quickly approaching. Make this year something special for the special someone in your life by choosing custom designed jewelry to show your love. It’s far easier than you would think. Just do a few simple things and you’ll be creating the perfect gift for her!


Custom Mountings from Amidon Jewelers

Custom Mountings from Amidon Jewelers

First, you need to decide what type of fine jewelry you would like to create for her. The options are as many as there are stars in the sky. Once you’ve decided on the jewelry, a gemstone ring or a meaningful pendant, for example, you can begin to look for a jeweler.


While you might be tempted to go to the mall, don’t. The chain stores often don’t offer custom design jewelry. Find a local jeweler, who quite likely is or employs an experienced artisan, highly trained to create custom designed jewelry of all kinds. Make sure the jeweler is reputable and can produce any documentation or certification of the stone and precious metal values to insure your investment is worthy.


Once your jeweler is found, before you go visit the store, do a little research on some basics of fine jewelry and custom design. If you are choosing a diamond creation, be sure to learn the 4 C’s of diamonds; Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. These are all very important to the value of loose diamonds and the end custom design. Also, precious metals have different applications and density. For instance, you would set a diamond in silver, a very soft compound. Research the assortment of metals available and right for your custom design.


Next, visit the jeweler. Discuss your design in detail and if possible, a sketch is very helpful to the artisan. One thing to keep in mind is that the jeweler is a trained professional and knows what will and will not work in a custom design. If he or she makes a suggestion for structural integrity, it’s likely a good idea to take it. You don’t want to lose a stone or have your custom design jewelry piece break.


Now you can sit back and wait. Yep, custom design can take time. Be sure to allow the time for its completion well prior to Valentine’s Day, in case of any changes or flaws. Custom design jewelry is more than the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea, it’s the perfect statement of your love.

The Ease And Affordability Of Custom Jewelry Design

The concept of designing a piece of jewelry may seem like something that can only be done by people who have an excess of both time and money. However changes in technology as well as a renaissance of people dedicated to hand crafted arts has helped custom jewelry design become something that everyone can afford.


Amidon Jewelers Custom Settings

Amidon Jewelers Custom Settings


The use and wearing of jewelry may be as old as civilization itself, but it is something that is very modern which has helped revolutionize the industry. Much like they have done for almost every other element of our lives, computers are making custom jewelry design stupendously easier. Using design programs that allow the jewelers to create three dimensional models on the computer means that time and materials do not have to be wasted creating a mock up. In just a few minutes’ time, the jeweler and the client can see exactly what the piece of jewelry will look like. They can determine if it will work structurally and it gives them the opportunity to immediately make any changes on the spot so they can see exactly what they are getting.


Once the technology is done, it is then time for the artisan to take over. Like any other business, the jewelry industry sees itself go through cycles. For many years throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s people associated jewelry stores with the sterile palaces of national chains located inside of malls. At the time it made sense: malls were replacing traditional downtown shopping areas as the place to go for everything, including fine jewelry, and a population that was more on the move than ever before wanted to know they could find the same objects no matter where they were in the country.


Today the pendulum has shifted back and people, instead of looking for conformity are now more interested in self-expression. Combining this with a “return to roots” as people extol the virtues of shopping locally and supporting the businesses of the community have created a demand for professionally trained craftspeople who can help people create custom design jewelry.


The next time there is a need for a piece of fine jewelry, anything from diamond engagement rings to birthday presents, take the time to talk with the jeweler about their custom design possibilities. There is no piece of jewelry more beautiful than the one that is unlike anything else in the world.


Deciding On The Right Diamond Engagement Rings

I’m going to let you in on something that probably isn’t much of a secret: reading a woman’s mind can be a bit tricky. The problem is that sometimes it can be difficult to find out what exactly they’re looking for. Take a night out for dinner, for instance. If you don’t ask too many questions, you’ll end up going to the wrong place and she’ll be unhappy. If you ask too many questions, however, she’ll accuse you of not paying attention. It can be a no-win situation. There is one time when the more questions you ask, the better off you are going to be, and that’s when it comes to shopping for diamond engagement rings.


Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings


Think of it this way: you have probably always dreamed about that one special car…the one you have wanted all your life and hoped that someday you’d be able to drive it. That’s what the diamond engagement ring is like to your girlfriend. She knows exactly what she wants it to look like, the cut of the diamond, the type of precious metal that is used, and even the style of wedding bands that go along with the diamond engagement rings perfectly, both for you and her. This isn’t a situation you want to mess up. Odds are you’re probably already nervous enough. I mean, you probably have a strong idea she’s going to say yes (otherwise you wouldn’t be asking the question) but still, you’re human. Nerves are going to be there. No reason to make them any worse.


Take the time to find out what she’s looking for. The next time you’re strolling downtown, be sure to “accidentally” walk by her favorite jewelry store so you can see the type of diamond engagement rings she is interested in. You don’t have to buy it right then and there while she’s with you, but now you will have an idea for when you go back. The surprise of the proposal should come from the when, where and how you ask the question. The surprise definitely should not be the what. Make sure you select from the diamond engagement rings that she has always wanted to see you, and only you, slip on her finger.