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The Timeless Beauty Of Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Every year designers release new diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and other bridal jewelry. Although they tend to be more conservative when it comes to wedding jewelry than they may be with other lines of fine jewelry in regards to creating work that is trendy instead of timeless, it can still be a difficult choice for someone who is shopping for a ring and hoping that they are not buying a style that will look dated before too long. That is just one of the reasons that diamond solitaire engagement rings continue to be popular to this day.


Amidon Jewelers Solitaire Engagement Rings

Amidon Jewelers Solitaire Engagement Rings


Although many people might think the design came about as a practical nature – by eliminating everything but the basics of a gold or silver band with a single diamond set on top of it – the look was actually inspired by the symbolism of the ring. The diamond ring has been a universally accepted symbol of engagement and marriage for centuries and as such, the ring was created to have a sense of purity about it. Instead of being splashy and flashy, the beauty of the ring is formed in the sublime design. It is beautiful not only because of the diamond and the precious metal, but also because of the love it represents.


That in no way is to say that diamond solitaire engagement rings are simple plain designs. They feature a variety of different shaped diamonds as well as different sizes, and today, the gold and silver bands that have been ubiquitous with these rings for decades are now complemented by such metals as platinum, palladium and titanium. There are styles that come with the traditional setting above the ring as well as new looks that feature channel cuts, where the diamond is set within the band itself, a practical choice for people afraid of damaging the ring through active jobs or lifestyles.


There is no such thing as the one perfect diamond engagement ring for everybody, but the diamond solitaire engagement ring comes about as close as possible. There is a reason these rings continue to be the timeless standard bearer for young brides and grooms around the world to this day. Just as they have for generations, today they are the first choice for many people. As a pure symbol of undying love, it may just be the greatest diamond ring style ever created.


Having Some Clarity When Shopping For Diamond Engagement Rings

There are many factors that go into a jeweler deciding how much each of their diamond engagement rings are going to cost. Some of those are easy for customers to see, such as engagement rings that are completely alike except for the overall size of the diamond, but several others are almost impossible to notice and cannot be seen with the naked eye. One of these determining factors is the clarity of the diamonds being used in the diamond engagement rings.


Amidon Jewelers - Put us to the test

Amidon Jewelers – Put us to the test


The clarity of diamonds is divided into two categories, blemishes and inclusions. Blemishes are any imperfections that are visible on the surface of the diamond and can be naturally occurring grain boundaries and dark spots as well as cuts and nicks from the cutting process. Inclusions are imperfections that happen inside of the diamond – some jewelers prefer the term “internal characteristics” when grading diamonds – and almost always are naturally occurring imperfections.


Depending on where a diamond falls on the scale of clarity affects the value of the diamond engagement rings they are part of. All of the grading is done in a controlled environment of 10 times magnification and dark field illumination. There are six categories ranging from flawless to included, with several sub-categories in between. By using differently graded diamonds while designing engagement rings, this allows jewelers to offer the same style ring at varying prices, thereby helping everyone get the diamond engagement rings of their dreams while staying within their budget.


It is important to remember that all of the clarity grades are determined by looking at the diamonds through 10 times magnification. Any diamonds that have inclusions visible to the naked eye are not used for diamond engagement rings but rather relegated to industrial use. Only one out of every five diamonds is considered to be of a high enough quality to be used in engagement rings and other fine jewelry.


Clarity is one of the four C’s jewelers use as part of the way to determine the value of diamond engagement rings, the other three being cut, color and carat. Understanding the difference in the clarity of the engagement rings can help you make an informed purchase by spending the appropriate amount of money while still having an engagement ring that looks perfectly flawless to the naked eye. Only you and the jeweler will know the difference.


A Look From The Past

Whenever my girlfriends and I would talk about our dream wedding, one thing we never seemed to focus on much was what kind of diamond engagement rings we wanted. A couple girls over the years would have very specific ideas, or if a new style of engagement ring were introduced, it might be something we talk about for a while, but usually it was more about the dress and the location and the reception and the flowers and the honeymoon. Once in a while, we’d even talk about who we wanted to marry.


105 Faceted Diamond Solitaire by Phantom 105

105 Faceted Diamond Solitaire by Phantom 105


My boyfriend and I had been going steady for a couple of years when we started to have “the talk.” I knew it was coming soon and that he had mostly been waiting until he felt more secure in his career. That’s one of the things I love about him. He’s very concerned with making sure things are taken care of. I count on him to remember the tickets, to check the doors and to make sure the dog gets fed. There is something almost traditional about him in that regard, and that kept coming back to me when I was thinking about diamond engagement rings.


When he finally brought it up, he was very honest. He said the desire to surprise me with an engagement ring was overpowered by wanting to be sure he bought me one I would like, so he asked if there was a ring that had always meant a lot to me. Like I said, I had barely ever even considered it, but when I opened my mouth, the words “Diamond solitaire engagement rings” just came pouring forth. He smiled, said “Okay,” and we didn’t talk about it again until a month later when we went out to dinner.


Inside the box was the most beautiful solitaire engagement ring I could ever imagine. It was so simple and yet so elegant, so traditional and so perfect, that I knew it was the perfect symbol not only for how much he loved me, but also how much I loved him. Everything about him that makes me want to share the rest of my life with him is captured in my diamond solitaire engagement ring.


Going Back To School Shopping

It seems like every year the “back to school” ads start running earlier and earlier. Shopping for actual supplies can be a pain for my daughter, because she doesn’t want to acknowledge that school is starting soon, but for the clothing part of it, I feel like we spend all summer going to the mall or perusing websites, trying to find her the latest fashion. This year my husband and I decided that fashion would include a diamond necklace.


Phantom 105 Pendant with 105 faceted center diamond

Phantom 105 Pendant with 105 faceted center diamond

We have always been (what we think) fair but firm when it came to issues like wearing makeup and jewelry, the type of clothing she wears, how she styles her hair, you know, all the typical things that lead to arguments between parents and teenaged daughters. We let her pierce her ears when she was younger, but did not give her a pair of diamond earrings until she was thirteen. For us, it was a big step because it gave her a chance to display how responsible she was.


She proved to be even more responsible than we thought. Not only did she not lose the diamond earrings, she took better care of them than I do my own fine diamond jewelry. She found that the jewelry store we bought them from offers jewelry cleaning services, so twice a year, she would have us take her downtown so they could be cleaned and inspected to make sure nothing had happened to them.


Seeing how good she was with her earrings made buying her a diamond necklace a no-brainer. She turned sixteen over the summer, and I could tell she was a little disappointed that we did not give her any diamond jewelry as a gift. That was because my husband and I were waiting. We felt that part of the reason for giving the gift was because she was growing up, and as such, she should have some say in the style of diamond necklace. So last Saturday when we were out shopping, we told her we had one more stop. When we parked in front of the jewelry store, she hugged us both and said we were the greatest parents ever. We’ll see how long that lasts, but she did pick out a beautiful diamond necklace.


Making One Purchase Last A Lifetime

Outside of maybe eventually buying a house, I knew there was nothing I was ever going to purchase once and only once in my life other than a diamond engagement ring. That was pressure enough on me to make sure I picked the right one. I certainly didn’t need the advice from friends, family members and coworkers about the type of engagement rings they liked or thought I should buy, but boy did I get it! I found it kind of amusing actually that people who had never even been married seemed to suddenly become an expert on wedding jewelry.


Phantom 105 Diamond Engagement Ring

Phantom 105 Diamond Engagement Ring

The only expert I was concerned with talking to was the one I knew I’d find at the local jewelry store. I did a little bit of research ahead of time, not only so I’d have an idea of what type of diamond engagement rings I wanted to look at but also that the staff would be able to answer my questions and point out what makes each diamond different. I was thrilled to find out that the staff in question was trained at an accredited gemological institute. Meaning that these weren’t people just doing a job, but committed professionals dedicated to their career.


The other thing I did was spend half a personal day and go shopping on a random Tuesday afternoon. I wanted to be sure I had as much time as I wanted to look over all the rings, ask all the questions I had and not feel pressured into buying something or rushed by other customers. The sales associate was supremely patient and earned my respect right off the bat by asking me what my budget was. Knowing that, she showed me several different and distinct styles of engagement rings, none of which were more than I could afford.


She was even smart enough to give me some space when she could tell I had narrowed it down to two different diamond engagement rings. I had told myself that I wouldn’t make a decision on the first day, but she had done such a thorough job of helping me make my decision and leading me to what was the perfect ring, I knew then that I didn’t have to wait.


Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

There’s an old joke that says men should never buy clothes for their wives or girlfriends because they will never buy the right thing. If that’s true for clothing, then I think it’s probably ten times as true when it comes to diamond engagement rings. Not only because most men don’t know the size of the ring they should be buying, but because they don’t really know the first thing about diamond rings at all, or diamonds in general. I know I sure didn’t.

Phantom 105 Diamond Engagement Ring

Phantom 105 Diamond Engagement Ring


I remember looking at a few different websites, seeing all of these diamond engagement rings and wedding bands that had different prices and different names but all looked almost the same to me. That was when I knew I couldn’t treat this like I was just shopping for a new television or computer. This was something highly personal that I realized I had a lot of questions about. And if I didn’t want to look like a fool when I proposed, I would have to go to the experts.


At my local jewelry store, I was surprised to find that the people working there were more than just sales people. Many of them have been trained at professional institutes across the country so they could speak knowledgeably about diamonds. The person I met with was so nice and willing to help me that when I told them of my experience online, she had me pick out three rings from the case that looked similar to me but all had different prices.


She pulled them out and started to explain to me the different levels of grading they have when it comes to the color, clarity and cut of the diamond. These grades determine how much a diamond is worth. Some of the differences are so slight that unless you are trained to look for them or have the right tools, you may never be able to notice them.


She probably spent a half an hour with me, and at no point did she pressure me to make a purchase. She knew how important the decision was for me and she wanted to be sure I made the right decision. That’s why I felt confident going back the next week and finding the perfect diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend.

Warm Up The Winter With Diamond Earrings

One of the most challenging parts of winter is that all of the fun stuff happens early. Winter isn’t even a week old when Christmas rolls around. New Year’s Eve follows just a week later and then – BANG – that’s it. Unless you’re a sports fan or a fanatic about Presidential birthdays, there really isn’t anything to help get you through a long cold winter. That is the perfect reason to surprise her with a gift of diamond earrings.


Phantom 105, 1CTTW Diamond Stud Earrings

Phantom 105, 1CTTW Diamond Stud Earrings

The most romantic reason to buy anyone a gift, especially a gift for that special someone in your life, has nothing to do with what the calendar says. Certainly, there are expectations to fulfill on birthdays and Christmas that are the perfect occasion for gold jewelry and diamond necklaces, but it is the unexpected gift that means the most. The pure surprise of an unexpected gift is a reward unto itself, and when she asks you why, you get to give her the best two word answer ever: “Just because.”


Just because: you love her and want her to have something special. Just because: you know how much she has always wanted a pair of diamond earrings. Just because: it’s been a long cold winter and you want to see her smile. Just because: she wore that new dress last week when you went out to dinner and you knew that a brand new pair of earrings would complete the outfit perfectly. Just because: you want to tell her thank you for sharing her life with you.


Diamond stud earrings are one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry out there. They are wildly versatile, going great with everything from jeans and a sweatshirt to that little black dress. They are, in fact, probably one of the few ideas, jewelry or otherwise, that a person could feel comfortable buying for their loved one without having to worry if it will be something they like or will go with what they already own. Love and passion are emotions of impulse and creativity. They are filled with surprise and wonder. Show her how deep your love is by surprising her this weekend with a beautiful new pair of diamond earrings.