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Add Sparkle to the Holidays with Fine Jewelry Gifts

When you’re shopping for the holidays, you might not think about fine jewelry as an option for more than your special someone. Well, that isn’t necessarily true. Everyone loves jewelry, diamonds, pretty gemstones and the dazzling sparkle that fine jewelry brings to the holidays. You will be surprised by just how affordable fine jewelry can be for the whole family!


LeVian Jewelry

LeVian Jewelry

For the young males in your family, there are many choices of affordable fine jewelry that are sure to bring a smile to the face of the most pubescent crazy kid in your family. Identification bracelets have been popular for decades and can be engraved to express more than just a name. Dog tag necklaces have also gained great popularity over the past few decades, brought forth by our military efforts overseas and made fashionable by our pop stars. There are few teens that wouldn’t appreciate a gold dog tag or ID bracelet as a holiday gift this year.


There is a plethora of affordable fine jewelry to thrill the young women in your family. Everything from children’s rings to diamond earrings can be found with an affordable price tag and the simple beauty to adorn a young lady with class and elegance. Pandora bracelets are a very popular gift choice for women in general but for a young woman in her teens, the gift of a Pandora beaded bracelet can lead to a traditional and highly anticipated gift of additional and meaningful beads given for every gift giving occasion.


Another fine jewelry gift idea for young people in your family that is certain to please is birthstone jewelry. Many fine jewelers carry a large variety of right hand rings inclusive of a range of birthstone styles in addition to bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pins featuring the stones representative of birth months. Be SURE to have the right month for the right person! There is nothing more embarrassing than giving birthstone jewelry to a loved one only to find out you’ve picked the wrong stone. Your jeweler can help you find the right stone, but it’s up to you to know the correct birth date!


Fine jewelry is a wonderful way to add sparkle to the holidays and surprisingly affordable. If you’re diligent in your shopping, you can make the whole family think you must have won the lottery, while only you know the truth.


The Perfect Practical Joke

(The fine diamond jewelry every friend wants)


One of my good friends from college is getting married this fall, and a few of us decided we should buy her an early gift as a way to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. We already saw the beautiful diamond engagement ring she was wearing and imagined her wedding bands would be equally impressive, so we knew we could never compete when it came to choosing a piece of jewelry for her. That was when one of the other girls suggested we don’t compete at all.


Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Bracelet

Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Bracelet

We all became friends through four years of college, and before that, many of us had been friends from high school and before. That meant that by this point, we each knew what all of us liked, from movies to music and food to clothing. That, of course, included what we all wore as diamond jewelry. As my soon-to-be-married friend, we knew she liked bracelets and more importantly, we knew she did not like tennis.


We knew that because her fiancé did like it, and was one of the best on campus. The girl who suggested we find a gift that was truly unique realized a diamond tennis bracelet would be perfect. Our friend was good at a lot of things, but tennis was not one of them. Her fiancé, on the other hand, was pretty spectacular, and it had become a bit of a spectator game to watch the two of them play doubles. If it weren’t for him, they would have lost a lot of matches.


This one friend decided a diamond tennis bracelet would both fit her desire for fine diamond jewelry and also point out that maybe tennis wasn’t her best suit. When we gave it to her during a special campus only bridal shower before we left for the summer, she was so blown away by how beautiful it was that she didn’t even get the joke. It was only a week later, as she was emailing us thank you’s, did she mention the tennis connection. Luckily, we were all already invited to the wedding so she couldn’t uninvited us for our perfect practical joke.


Jewelry and Personality Type

I’ve never been a ring person, although I’ve always really loved medieval gauntlets and also arm warmers and fashion statement gloves. I can’t say I’m against all hand accessories. The truth is, as a guitar player, I hardly ever even get a chance to enjoy a fresh manicure or coat of nail polish, let alone wear rings. My best friend and roommate, however, is a ring fiend. She must have about four or five different hands to display them on her dresser. It is a diverse and impressive collection – something for every occasion.


Le Vian Red Carpet® 14k Strawberry Gold® Ring

Le Vian Red Carpet® 14k Strawberry Gold® Ring

She has so many different kinds of rings housing beautiful polished stones, such as amethyst, citrine and tourmaline, but also some of the classics from the matriarchs of the family – a silver ring housing an exquisitely cut sapphire, our shared birthstone, is the crown jewel of this collection. It was a gift from one of her grandmother’s, given to her as a baby, and saved until she was old enough to appreciate it and wear it, first to family functions, then to school dances, and eventually to prom and graduation. Me, on the other hand? I’m more of an earrings person. I love the simplicity of a well-made stud, and the way that it catches the light. We all have different types of jewelry that we’re attracted to, and it makes sense as a reflection of who we are personality wise and stylistically.


I found that my family, in contrast, never really passed rings along. We seemed to be more of a necklace family. My brothers have always worn corded necklaces that host Celtic crosses, and my mother and grandmother love necklaces. One commonality is that I too received a birthstone piece, just in a different format; a small but bright sapphire dangling from a precious, thin silver chain. I hardly have an occasion formal enough to wear it. I’m also still kind of a young punk at heart, and I wear a lot of absolutely gaudy statement pieces. I have a necklace that features nothing except a huge silver pair of lips, for example, and I like it that way for daily outfits and ensembles. But there’s a difference, I think, between wearable pieces like that and real jewelry – it’s something that can hardly be explained, but it’s deep in the craftsmanship, the style, and the formality of it.

Coloring Your World With Diamonds

Our daughter’s sweet sixteen was coming up and my wife and I were stressing over what would be the signature gift. Along with typical birthday gifts, we wanted to find something special that she could keep forever and remind her of this day. We knew we wanted it to be some piece of fine jewelry, but that was the problem: how to find a piece of jewelry that was truly unique?

Blue Diamond Pendant

Blue Diamond Pendant


My wife came home one night from work very excited, but waited until after the kids went to bed to tell me what she had found. She stopped at the local jewelry store on her way home from work, just seeing if there was any inspiration among all of the diamond jewelry. We had discussed that something like a diamond pendant or maybe a diamond bracelet would be a good option, but we were having trouble finding one that we thought captured our daughter’s personality the best. While she was looking, one of the helpful sales associates approached her and struck up a conversation. When my wife told the young lady what our dilemma was, she brought my wife down to a display case we had somehow missed in our previous visits.


This case was filled with all sorts of colored diamond jewelry. Not only was there a full selection of diamond earrings, necklaces and bracelets, but all of the diamonds had color in them. Before my wife could even begin to get skeptical, the woman explained that all of the coloring happened naturally while the diamonds were forming. My wife said that when you looked closely, you could see that even all of the pink diamonds – the color she knew would be best – were slightly different from each other.


We went back that weekend and sure enough, I could see the slight variation from diamond to diamond, but within each diamond, the color was almost flawless. We settled on a beautiful pink colored diamond pendant. At the party, my daughter was blown away and almost in tears when she thanked us. That night, as we were all going to bed, she came into our room and thanked us again. And she was already wearing the pendant.

Bargain Shopping For The Perfect Christmas Gifts

The holiday season is the perfect time for you to splurge on gifts for those people in your life you care most about. It may seem a bit difficult to choose gifts for each and every single person on your list this year, but as long as you spend the time to do a little shopping and brainstorming, you will find something that is just right for each of them. Finding some sales should be very easy, especially if you get an early start on your shopping! There will be many Christmas jewelry specials going on in jewelry stores all over your town. The best time to begin your shopping is right after Thanksgiving. Black Friday has turned into an absolute madhouse that starts on Thanksgiving Day instead of Friday. This is a heated debate topic among retail stores and their employees. No one wants to work on Thanksgiving Day because they should be spending time with their loved ones instead. However, now this is the biggest day ever for retail stores all over the United States. These huge chains can find employees to work since people are anxious to save up money for the holidays.


Le Vian Earrings At Amidon Jewelry

Le Vian Earrings At Amidon Jewelry

Probably the most important gift you will buy every year is the one for your significant other. This could be the perfect opportunity to get her that very special gift you have been thinking about for quite some time. If you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, then you will certainly be able to find some great deals on engagement rings and maybe even custom design jewelry. It all depends on your gal’s personal taste. If you do not have any idea what kind of ring she would like, you can always enlist the help of one of her close friends. They should have a good idea about what kind of jewelry she likes. The engagement ring is very important because she will wear it for the rest of her life. However, if you are not able to afford the ring she has always dreamt of wearing, you can always buy it later down the road as an anniversary gift or another special occasion. As long as you treat her with love and respect, she will be happy with whatever jewelry you buy her.


If you are not ready to take the plunge and get her a wonderful piece of jewelry then you can always get her a nice necklace or bracelet or earrings.