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Bridesmaids’ Gifts; a Little Bling for your Best Gal Pals

Spring is here, and that means…wedding season!  If you happen to be among the lucky ladies planning to marry your Prince Charming this spring or summer, first of all, congratulations!  And secondly, you’ve got work to do.  Planning a wedding is consuming stuff, so let us help you get one big item checked off your miles-long to-do list with this season’s hottest bridesmaids’ gifts.

Nina Nguyen - Gifts for Bridesmaids

Nina Nguyen – Gifts for Bridesmaids

Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are always fun, and this year they’re one of spring’s hottest trends in jewelry.  A chunky bangle bracelet makes a bold statement, while layering multiple bangles crafted of different elements allows for a completely custom look that you can personalize for your bridesmaids, while leaving them with a fun and stylish memento from your big day.

Charms and Pendants

Your bridesmaids are your best girlfriends; you’ve got stories, you’ve got history, you know one another’s secrets and passions…why not honor your special friendship with a charm commemorating a shared experience or a particular love?  If your bridesmaids already have charm bracelets, add a special charm to the collection.  If not, this is a great opportunity for all of you to start a new tradition.  An added bonus to giving your bridesmaids charm bracelets is that you’ll always have a go-to gift for future occasions with new charms.

Charms and pendants are also an excellent opportunity to personalize your bridesmaids’ gifts.  Custom engraving is available on a wide variety of charms, pendants and bracelets, and this is a great way to add a personal sentiment to bridesmaids’ gifts.

Colored Gemstones

Your best gal pals are a colorful bunch!  And so adding a pop of color to their wedding day attire with a gift of fancy colored gemstones seems quite appropriate, doesn’t it?  Not to mention a stylish option, as colorful gemstones happen to be another of this spring’s hottest jewelry trends.  Semi-precious colored gemstones are a very budget friendly alternative to diamond jewelry in most cases, while still providing ample bling for your bridesmaids.

Now, take a deep breath – that’s one more item to check off of your wedding planning to-do list.  Granted, the list is still probably pretty long, but that’s what you’ve got those girlfriends for, right?  The secret to successful wedding planning is plenty of help and support.  So gather up your besties, get that list checked off, and thank them with a gift of jewelry.

Anniversary Bands: Kick Start Her Heart…Again

After years of marriage, it can become a bit difficult to keep the spark alive. While the love you share is still very strong, how can you show the woman who has raised your children and supported you through years of career changes that she is still just as special to you as the day you bent on one knee and proposed? Fine jewelry is always a good bet but for this anniversary…make the day even more special with a diamond anniversary band.


There are literally hundreds of anniversary band styles to choose from. While you might be able to find the perfect band to complement her wedding set, it is a good idea to consult your local professional jeweler to insure the anniversary band will fit correctly with her existing engagement ring and wedding band. Your jeweler will be able to suggest the appropriate band styles for you.


A Jaffe Diamond Anniversary Rings

A Jaffe Diamond Anniversary Rings

Eternity anniversary bands are a very popular style today.  Set with diamonds around the entire band, eternity bands symbolize the many years together and the many years yet to come.  Depending on your budget, eternity anniversary bands are available with a single row of diamonds, two rows and even a dazzling triple row of diamonds, any of which are sure to take her breath away.


In addition to eternity bands, most fine jewelers carry a broad assortment of anniversary and wedding bands that are beautiful stand-alone rings. While many choose to wear their anniversary band on their left ring finger alongside a wedding set, others are proud to display the commemorative ring on their right hand. Most of the bands you will find at your local jeweler are certain to maintain their brilliance on either hand.


While diamond anniversary bands are certainly the most popular of this type of ring, the options available vary from simple to highly ornate. It is wise to consider the taste and style of your spouse in addition to the style of her wedding set. Also consider the anniversary itself. A monumental anniversary such as a 25th or 50th may warrant a ring worthy of the occasion. Fine jewelry is always a great gift idea but when it comes to marking the milestones of a lifetime together, a breathtaking diamond anniversary band could well be the gift that shows just how much she has meant to you for all of those years.

Diamond Engagement Rings for a Lifetime

Each and every day, beautiful, loving couples all around the globe become engaged. It is a joyous time in the lives of the young lovers and begins a new phase of life together. Beginning that life as one is the biggest step most people take and it is wise to go into it with your eyes wide open. Often young men will make the mistake of thinking the diamond engagement ring has to put him deeply in debt to be good enough for the woman he loves. That is generally not necessary. If you can follow a few simple suggestions, buying the perfect diamond engagement ring can be easy and virtually painless.


Gabriel and Co Diamond Engagement Rings

Gabriel and Co Diamond Engagement Rings

It’s likely that most lovestruck young men have a very limited knowledge of jewelry. It’s important to learn just a few basics about diamonds and diamond engagement rings to insure the purchase is of the value paid.


First, and most importantly, knowing the fashion style of the bride-to-be will help define the style of diamond engagement ring that will best suit her personal flair. There are hundreds of styles to choose from and to the uneducated consumer, it can be overwhelming. While jewelers are trained to help ease the tension of buying diamond engagement rings, they are void of the ability to match the bride’s personal style. Once a groom has determined the style of engagement ring that will best complement his lover’s fashion, then it’s always a good idea to know something about diamonds themselves.


There are four C’s that define the value of a diamond. The first is Color. Diamonds vary from the most valuable white or clear to every color of the rainbow.  Tradition in wedding jewelry is white or clear diamonds but if the betrothed woman has colorful tastes, colored diamonds might do nicely. The next C of diamonds is Clarity. This refers to the flaws and inclusions within the diamond. Most of the time these flaws are not visible to the human eye but directly affect the value of the stone. Cut is the most commonly misunderstood C. It is NOT the shape of the diamond but the cut of the facets or angles of the stone. This is what gives the diamond its sparkle. The fourth C is the most commonly understood. It is the weight of the stone. All of the C’s directly affect the value of the stone and should be documented by the jeweler. If there is no certification on the diamond engagement ring, move on.

Surprise Her With Custom Design Jewelry

In a world filled with chaos and life’s distractions, it’s often hard to remember the little things. We have our careers that take up much of our time, school activities for our kids, after-hours business meetings and get-togethers with friends. It seems as if our days get filled with so much “stuff” that we neglect the person most important in our life…our romantic partner. Valentine’s Day is over but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a little time to gift this person something romantic…just because. Custom designed jewelry is all the rage these days. What is it, you ask? It is designing a piece of jewelry from an idea in your head and making it come to life.

Design Your Own - Gabriel Mountings

Design Your Own – Gabriel Mountings

Many family-owned jewelers have artisans employed that are trained in custom designed jewelry. And contrary to popular belief, it is not nearly as expensive as it used to be. In the past, custom designed jewelry was painstakingly slow. You had an idea, you gave it to the jeweler, the jeweler drew it on paper and attempted to create the piece you had in mind. Oftentimes, it would take many revisions before the piece was perfect. This created long wait times and could often become very expensive based on how many revisions were needed. Today, that has changed.

Today, computers have made the job of custom designed jewelry much easier. You work with your jewelry artisan to create a 3-dimensional image on a computer. You are able to see the piece as the computer creates it and make changes to the image before the piece is ever created. It allows you to have full knowledge of what the custom design jeweler will be creating and give you full disclosure of what will be created for you. This frees up time…and money. You may still have to wait a few weeks for the piece to be delivered to you, but more often than not, the piece is perfect on the first try.

Does your wife thrive on simplistic or vintage? Is she classy or flashy? Know her tastes and styles and get in to your nearest custom design jeweler and create the piece of her dreams. Nothing says love like an original piece, created by you with love, when she least expects it. “Wow” her with a custom designed jewelry piece and watch her smile light up your world when she opens it.

Diamond Engagement Rings: The Ultimate in Romance

You’ve dated for a while. Even when you’re not with her, your thoughts are of her. You know in your heart of hearts that she is the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, have a family and make a good life together. The proposal will be simple but finding the right diamond engagement ring is a challenge. She is very creative, funny and one of the most unique women you have ever known. The ring needs to reflect her style while showing just how you feel about her at the same time. You know finding the perfect diamond engagement ring won’t be easy.


Gabriel and Co. Diamond Engagement Rings

Gabriel and Co. Diamond Engagement Rings

First things first, you don’t want a ring that is just like the engagement ring that everyone else wears so it is wise to steer clear of cookie cutter jewelry stores like those you find in every shopping mall across the country. A family owned and operated jewelry store is far more likely to have the creative designs of diamond engagement rings that will more appropriately fit her style. Not to mention, many smaller, non-chain jewelry stores are capable of creating a design specifically for you through custom design jewelry.


Believe it or not, custom designed diamond engagements rings are far more affordable than you might think. The technology used by modern jewelers today make the creation of unique and one-of-a-kind rings an option worth considering. If you choose to create a special ring just for her, there are few limitations to the style and look you can create. Diamond engagements rings designed following classic styles can still be quite unique by using a variety of precious metals or mixing in some colored diamonds to match her own individuality.


It’s very trendy these days to use colored diamonds as a focal point of your diamond engagement ring featuring her favorite color. Chocolate or black diamonds are a very popular stone used in custom designed engagement rings with a scattering of clear or white diamonds giving that extra little sparkle. You can choose nearly any color of the spectrum for your diamond engagement ring and accent the colored diamonds with the precious metal of your choice. Custom designed diamond engagement rings offer a plethora of options to create the ideal ring that is sure to take her breath away as you go to your knee and open your heart to her.

The 4 “C”s of Diamond Value

How are diamonds graded? What exactly makes up the final price you pay at the fine jewelry store? Well, it all comes down to a simple and easy to remember formula – the 4 “C”s of Diamonds. These carry over in some ways to the grading of other gemstones – even pearls – but when we talk about diamonds in relationship to the 4 “C”s, we are talking about a very specific way of exploring production and perfection quality.

4 C's of Diamonds

4 C’s of Diamonds


Color refers to the hue of the diamond. Chemically perfect diamonds are without hue and translucent, creating the stunning and glamorous shimmer we associate with these stunning natural miracles. However, colored diamonds – while many are synthetically heat treated to produce outlandish and brilliantly unnatural shades of reds and blues – can be even more valuable than diamonds without hue, depending on the type. Pale pink diamonds are extremely rare and highly valued, for example, because their natural impurities are so rare.

Cut refers to the facets of the diamond itself and the shape that it takes, which is all determined by the way in which it is cut and how many planes are carved into the stone. When diamonds are set into specific band settings, they have to be cut in a way that allows them to stay still and safe. Loose diamonds can be inspected more adequately in relationship to cut because all angles are easily visible.

Carat weight refers to the mass of the diamond, or, to put it simply, the amount of diamond you are dealing with. The more diamond, the better, although size and weight is not a hard and fast rule when it comes to value. A very impure diamond with visible surface scratching with certainly be worth less than a smaller and chemically perfect piece.

Lastly, we need to talk about clarity. When we are talking about clarity in reference to diamonds, what we are referring to is the surface scratching, cloudiness, and overall impurities found on the diamond itself. The more visible these impurities are, the more that those impurities will have an effect on the overall value on the diamond. Some impurities can only be seen under extreme magnification, and won’t weigh as heavily. Some are highly visible and detract from the value significantly. It all depends on the diamond.

The 4 “C”s of diamonds is important to understand for anyone who loves precious gemstones and wants to know more about them.


The Timeless Beauty Of Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Every year designers release new diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and other bridal jewelry. Although they tend to be more conservative when it comes to wedding jewelry than they may be with other lines of fine jewelry in regards to creating work that is trendy instead of timeless, it can still be a difficult choice for someone who is shopping for a ring and hoping that they are not buying a style that will look dated before too long. That is just one of the reasons that diamond solitaire engagement rings continue to be popular to this day.


Amidon Jewelers Solitaire Engagement Rings

Amidon Jewelers Solitaire Engagement Rings


Although many people might think the design came about as a practical nature – by eliminating everything but the basics of a gold or silver band with a single diamond set on top of it – the look was actually inspired by the symbolism of the ring. The diamond ring has been a universally accepted symbol of engagement and marriage for centuries and as such, the ring was created to have a sense of purity about it. Instead of being splashy and flashy, the beauty of the ring is formed in the sublime design. It is beautiful not only because of the diamond and the precious metal, but also because of the love it represents.


That in no way is to say that diamond solitaire engagement rings are simple plain designs. They feature a variety of different shaped diamonds as well as different sizes, and today, the gold and silver bands that have been ubiquitous with these rings for decades are now complemented by such metals as platinum, palladium and titanium. There are styles that come with the traditional setting above the ring as well as new looks that feature channel cuts, where the diamond is set within the band itself, a practical choice for people afraid of damaging the ring through active jobs or lifestyles.


There is no such thing as the one perfect diamond engagement ring for everybody, but the diamond solitaire engagement ring comes about as close as possible. There is a reason these rings continue to be the timeless standard bearer for young brides and grooms around the world to this day. Just as they have for generations, today they are the first choice for many people. As a pure symbol of undying love, it may just be the greatest diamond ring style ever created.


Marking A Milestone

My wife and I will be celebrating our 27th anniversary this year. That may not seem like an important year – and if you consult one of those “which gift is for which year” anniversary charts you’d get the same impression – but for us, it’s pretty meaningful. We were 27 the year we met and got married, so this year marks the point in our lives where we have known each other longer than we haven’t. I wanted to celebrate that by finding the perfect gifts, and I settled on diamond anniversary bands.


Diamond Anniversary Ring

Diamond Anniversary Ring


As you can imagine, a couple that meets and marries within a year probably doesn’t have a whole lot to spend on the wedding. We certainly did not have much of a budget when it came to bridal jewelry, and the bulk of what we did have went towards shopping for diamond engagement rings. My wife actually seemed a little more concerned with it than I was. She felt bad she was getting this beautiful engagement ring, but the wedding bands we were going to exchange were rather plain. I pointed out she wasn’t marrying somebody known for his flash anyway, but the truth is, as much as I would have liked something like diamond wedding bands, it was more important to save the money for our new life together.


Of course, the other fly in the ointment back then was that diamond wedding bands were both pretty rare and rather expensive. Even if we found a pair that we really liked, there was no way we could have afforded them on the money we were making then. Flash forward 27 years, however, and it is a much different world. Now there are hundreds of diamond anniversary bands, all with different shapes, styles and sizes, not to mention a host of different precious metals to choose from. Just as importantly, my income has increased a fair amount as well.



A Look From The Past

Whenever my girlfriends and I would talk about our dream wedding, one thing we never seemed to focus on much was what kind of diamond engagement rings we wanted. A couple girls over the years would have very specific ideas, or if a new style of engagement ring were introduced, it might be something we talk about for a while, but usually it was more about the dress and the location and the reception and the flowers and the honeymoon. Once in a while, we’d even talk about who we wanted to marry.


105 Faceted Diamond Solitaire by Phantom 105

105 Faceted Diamond Solitaire by Phantom 105


My boyfriend and I had been going steady for a couple of years when we started to have “the talk.” I knew it was coming soon and that he had mostly been waiting until he felt more secure in his career. That’s one of the things I love about him. He’s very concerned with making sure things are taken care of. I count on him to remember the tickets, to check the doors and to make sure the dog gets fed. There is something almost traditional about him in that regard, and that kept coming back to me when I was thinking about diamond engagement rings.


When he finally brought it up, he was very honest. He said the desire to surprise me with an engagement ring was overpowered by wanting to be sure he bought me one I would like, so he asked if there was a ring that had always meant a lot to me. Like I said, I had barely ever even considered it, but when I opened my mouth, the words “Diamond solitaire engagement rings” just came pouring forth. He smiled, said “Okay,” and we didn’t talk about it again until a month later when we went out to dinner.


Inside the box was the most beautiful solitaire engagement ring I could ever imagine. It was so simple and yet so elegant, so traditional and so perfect, that I knew it was the perfect symbol not only for how much he loved me, but also how much I loved him. Everything about him that makes me want to share the rest of my life with him is captured in my diamond solitaire engagement ring.


Shopping For A Bridal Shower

(Finding Fun Bridal Gifts To Help A Friend Smile.)


It’s kind of funny that for as much as people dream about getting married, when the time actually comes, they stress out like they’re applying for a mortgage and trying to earn their driver’s license at the same time. My cousin is getting married this August and after the bridal shower she had, full of uptight relatives and a barely breathing bride, I knew I had to do something to help her relax in the middle of it all. Fortunately, we live in the same town, so when I found a weekend in June we had off together, I told her not to make plans. Then I called every fun friend I knew.


Whimsical Diamond Arrow Pendant

Whimsical Diamond Arrow Pendant

The good thing is that even though the two of us aren’t super close, we spent enough time as kids so when there was a gap between parties – and that’s kind of what it was – we still had fun talking about her wedding, the diamond engagement rings her fiancé had looked at and the wedding bands they were settling on. In between old heart to hearts, my friends and I took her out to one fun night spot after another, the only rule being her phone was off limits (I had told her fiancé before that she would be home late, but not to worry).


The night ended at an all-night diner, the six of us having breakfast and coffee and being very thankful we didn’t have to work in the morning. That was when I gave her what I think was the favorite bridal gift of all. It was a simple pendant, just a gold chain and a dolphin, but I remembered from when we were kids and she talked about how beautiful they were. I told her when she opened it that I didn’t expect her to wear it all the time, but rather let it be a reminder about all of the fun parts of who she was in the middle of the stress.


She laughed and put it on immediately, saying she was probably going to need that reminder every day between now and the wedding.