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Custom Design Jewelry: The Jewelry of The Future

When it comes to jewelry, there are certain categories that people do not necessarily advertise. Of course, you have your silver jewelry that boasts a fair price tag. Then you have your gemstone and pearl jewelry that contains a very broad selection of styles and colors. Next, you have your diamond jewelry for engagements and weddings. Lastly, there is custom design jewelry

Two Tone Amethyst Ring

Two Tone Amethyst Ring


that is as unique as the person who is wearing it. No one is saying that one category is necessarily better than the other. However, some jewelry is certainly more expensive than others. These categories simply differentiate between the various styles of jewelry. Some people will go an entire lifetime without having jewelry from each category and that is perfectly fine.

Custom design jewelry is very specific. Not everyone has the desire to create something from scratch and typically  will purchase jewelry straight out of the display case. There is nothing wrong with that at all. However, if you desire a piece of jewelry that is truly unique, then you will eventually seek out someone who is experienced in custom jewelry design. Not every jeweler is good at this type of work. Some are better than others and some do not do it at all. However, custom designs are becoming more and more popular as time goes on, so it would behoove every jeweler to have a good custom guy on his or her staff. Additionally, the software used to create these custom designs is becoming better and better with each passing year. We live in a technology driven world and it would behoove any business owner to get on board with the latest technological trends and advantages. This will not only make your life easier as a business owner, it will also allow you to grow as a business. Keeping paper records is great, but when computers are so readily available and affordable, there is no sense in doing things the archaic way if you do not have to.

Custom design jewelry is somewhat a thing of the future. Back in the day, it was very rare you would meet people who had a custom piece of jewelry in their collection. Now, you are seeing it more. It is not a thing solely for wealthy people and it is actually becoming much more affordable than it once was. If you are interested, feel free to inquire more about it online or at your local jewelry store.



Shine And Sparkle With Gemstone Jewelry

It kind of surprised me that when people are looking to treat themselves to a new piece of jewelry, they seem limited to looking at only gold or silver items. Don’t get me wrong. These are, of course, two of the most beautiful and popular precious metals out there, and there is a certain versatility that comes with choosing a simpler piece of jewelry, but there is so much more that is out there. As beautiful as a gold bracelet or silver necklace may be, don’t you think it might look better with a ruby or an emerald? Gemstone jewelry isn’t just for birthstones anymore.


Sterling Silver and Amethyst Ring

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Ring



If you buy something that you plan on wearing every day, it is going to quickly lose any special meaning for you. If that wasn’t the case, you’d have five of exact same outfits to go to work in and one outfit that you wore for your nights on the town. Jewelry is designed to not only accent your clothing, but to make you feel special when you put it on, and gemstone jewelry is the perfect solution to help rescue you from a boring outfit. Maybe you have a beautiful blue dress that you know you look stunning in. A gold necklace might look great with it, but that same necklace featuring rubies would make it look even better. That suit you always wear, complete with the same tie, to start your workweek with, is going to look even more impressive with a sapphire or garnet tie tack.


Finding the right piece of gemstone jewelry is going to be even easier than you think. Take the time to visit your favorite jeweler and they will work with you to not only select the style of jewelry that you are most comfortable wearing, but also in choosing the right color of stone that works best for you. Whether it’s choosing something that matches your eyes perfectly or partners up with the tone of your skin, they will help you make the right choice. Gemstone jewelry is not for everyday use, but it is going to make every day you wear it feel like the best day of your life.



Amethysts with Amidon Jewelers are Amazing

Were you an eager beaver to finish your taxes early so you’d know what you’ll have for your tax return? Know someone who has a February birthday and that little government bonus check is now burning a hole in your pocket before you even get it? Well, go ahead and show some restraint, you’re just browsing the internet after all, it’s not like we’re here to tempt you.


February babies are something to be envied, not only do they have a better than average chance to be significantly smarter in school they have one of the most covetous gemstones of them all, the Amethyst.


The Greeks believed that amethyst could relieve the symptoms of drunkenness and the amethyst became associated with the rituals surrounding Dionysus. In fact, the name ‘amethyst’ is derived from the Greek word, ‘a-methustos’ to mean ‘not intoxicated.’


Amethyst’s true hue is purple, but it can sometimes is labeled green-amethyst when green quartz of gem-quality is sold.


Speaking of green, you know who really pulls off the color in a dastardly and refined fashion? February birthday boy, Tom Hiddleston- aka Loki from the blockbuster movies, Thor and Avengers.


Tom Hiddleston was boarding at Eton College by the age of 13 and went on to earn a double first in Classics at Cambridge and graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in 2005. Despite having initially tested for the role of Thor he was cast as Loki by the director, Kenneth Branagh. Most fans would agree this is a delicious role to see this refined English gentleman portray.



Happy upcoming birthday to Mr. Hiddleston, but let’s get back on track with the color purple so you can find that perfect gift for someone special.


The amethyst is so beautiful that Amidon is lucky to have this simple, white gold, oval amethyst set of earrings, pendant and ring. No additional stones to clutter the beauty or pilfer your pocketbook. Just unadulterated plush, velvety purple.



Now, why should ladies have all the fun with their birthstones? Amidon carries a 5 mm titanium flat, tapered ring with brushed metal finish and a single groove that has an amethyst tension set cross.


This is a unique, custom design ring; you’ll need to allow for 12-15 business days for the order to be complete, so don’t delay, get your guy’s ring sized if you don’t know it already and put in your order as soon as possible.

That wasn’t so bad, now was it? We just showed you two teeny, tiny examples of what you can do with that tax refund. Don’t let us pressure you into exploring the rest of our site  for more great gift giving ideas for say, Valentine’s day?