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Surprise Her With Custom Design Jewelry

In a world filled with chaos and life’s distractions, it’s often hard to remember the little things. We have our careers that take up much of our time, school activities for our kids, after-hours business meetings and get-togethers with friends. It seems as if our days get filled with so much “stuff” that we neglect the person most important in our life…our romantic partner. Valentine’s Day is over but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a little time to gift this person something romantic…just because. Custom designed jewelry is all the rage these days. What is it, you ask? It is designing a piece of jewelry from an idea in your head and making it come to life.

Design Your Own - Gabriel Mountings

Design Your Own – Gabriel Mountings

Many family-owned jewelers have artisans employed that are trained in custom designed jewelry. And contrary to popular belief, it is not nearly as expensive as it used to be. In the past, custom designed jewelry was painstakingly slow. You had an idea, you gave it to the jeweler, the jeweler drew it on paper and attempted to create the piece you had in mind. Oftentimes, it would take many revisions before the piece was perfect. This created long wait times and could often become very expensive based on how many revisions were needed. Today, that has changed.

Today, computers have made the job of custom designed jewelry much easier. You work with your jewelry artisan to create a 3-dimensional image on a computer. You are able to see the piece as the computer creates it and make changes to the image before the piece is ever created. It allows you to have full knowledge of what the custom design jeweler will be creating and give you full disclosure of what will be created for you. This frees up time…and money. You may still have to wait a few weeks for the piece to be delivered to you, but more often than not, the piece is perfect on the first try.

Does your wife thrive on simplistic or vintage? Is she classy or flashy? Know her tastes and styles and get in to your nearest custom design jeweler and create the piece of her dreams. Nothing says love like an original piece, created by you with love, when she least expects it. “Wow” her with a custom designed jewelry piece and watch her smile light up your world when she opens it.

Keeping Your Jewelry Forever

After both of our children moved out and my husband and I were sure they wouldn’t be moving back home with us – in other words, started careers, got married and had kids of their own – we decided it was time for us to downsize a little bit. We took our time packing everything so we could decide what to keep and what to get rid of. In doing so, I was surprised at just how much old broken jewelry we had accumulated over the years. There were necklaces with broken clasps, watches that stopped working for unexplained reasons, and earrings that had lost their partners.


I’m not sure why we never did anything with these pieces of jewelry at the time. We knew we just couldn’t throw away diamond jewelry, but I guess we didn’t know a trustworthy place where we could either get the jewelry repaired or sell it off at a fair price. My husband did a little research into it, and it turns out, we could take care of both those needs at our local jewelry store.


What to do with Distressed Jewelry?

What to do with Distressed Jewelry?

My husband said the thought never occurred to him because we hadn’t bought any of the jewelry from the local store, but the jeweler said that most of their jewelry repair and watch repair business came from people in the same situation as us: jewelry they had owned for many years, in some cases decades, and basically forgotten about. He told us of watches that had been passed down from father to son and diamond jewelry that had been family heirlooms for generations.


We showed him all of the jewelry that we had and everything that we wanted fixed. He had technicians that had the training and the tools to fix them. A couple of the people even trained at the very factory where our watches had been made. As for the single earrings, nothing could be done to fix them obviously, but the jeweler offered to buy them for us. He weighed them, showed us what gold was selling for that day, and offered us that exact amount. We had enough to pay for all the repairs we needed and buy a housewarming gift for ourselves as well.



Designing The perfect Diamond Gift

My wife’s birthday is March 25th. Probably the best thing about it happening when it does, besides the fact that it gives us an extra reason to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring, is that is gives me exactly three months to make up for what I didn’t give her on Christmas. Usually I do well, and what diamond jewelry she doesn’t get in December, I can always make up for on Valentine’s Day, but her birthday gives me one last chance to give her the perfect gift.


diamond Halo Pendant

diamond Halo Pendant

Make no doubt about it…my wife is always perfectly happy with whatever I give her. If anything, it’s me who spends the next few days pestering her, asking her how happy she was, and if there was something else that would have made her happier. Half the time, I think she just makes something up so I’ll stop being a pain, but she’s smart enough to know that whatever she says will probably show up in a box at the end of March.


This year, she said that as beautiful as the diamond jewelry was that I bought her, she always imagined having a piece of jewelry designed just for her. Turns out she did enough research on her own to know that custom design jewelry was not only easier to do than ever before, but also more affordable than it had ever been. She gave me enough hints so that when I met with the artisan at the local jewelry store, she and I could come up with a stunning unique diamond pendant that was exactly the style of jewelry that my wife wanted.


It isn’t just pendants than they create, either. The artisan was telling me in the last year she has helped people design diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, even bracelets and necklaces. Technology has made the process of custom design jewelry so efficient that as long as a person has just a few weeks, almost anything they can imagine can be theirs for just about the same price as a traditional piece of diamond jewelry. I’ll find out soon enough if it is the perfect gift, and if it’s not, I’m not worried. Our anniversary is in June.



Buying Bridal Jewelry By The Set

Anyone who has seen my wardrobe knows that I don’t have too much of a fashion sense. I know that you’re supposed to buy and wear things that match; I just don’t seem to do a very good job of that. I also knew that I couldn’t make that mistake when it came to buying my girlfriend her diamond engagement ring. That ring, as special as it may be, is just one of what was going to end up being a three ring set. As such, I wanted to make sure that it would match both of our wedding bands. That was why I went shopping for a set of bridal jewelry.


Bridal Sets at Amidon Jewelers

Bridal Sets at Amidon Jewelers

If you haven’t been shopping for diamond engagement rings in a while – and let’s face it, unless you’re in a serious, committed relationship, why would you be? – you’d be surprised by the wide range of styles that are out there. The traditional diamond solitaire look is still popular, with a variety of different precious metals to choose from, but they only represent a small fraction of the rings that are available. That was why I knew I needed to buy all the rings as a set.


My fiancé doesn’t have elaborate or expensive tastes, but she also isn’t someone who prefers the simple look of a traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring. If she did, if that had been the look she preferred, then it would have been easy to go back at a later date and select two basic wedding bands that would match perfectly fine. What I didn’t want to do was find the perfect diamond engagement ring that would fit her dreams, only to go back to the jewelry store a few months later and not be able to find wedding bands that match.


By buying the bridal set of rings all at once, I was able to make sure the three rings we would be wearing would look complete. Just as importantly, because I purchased all three rings as a set at the same time, I was able to get a special price. I actually managed to save enough that I had money left over to buy my future mother-in-law something nice as well. I told you I was smart.



Shopping For Last Minute Valentine’s Day Fine Jewelry

After all the time I spent shopping for Christmas gifts, I wanted to make sure I took as much time as I could before I started looking for something to get my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. I knew I could procrastinate because I already had a pretty good idea of what I was going to buy her. Of course, the calendar started flipping too fast and the next thing I knew, I only had a few days left to find that special piece of fine jewelry. Turns out, I didn’t have to panic after all.

Sterling Silver and Diamond Heart Bracelet

Sterling Silver and Diamond Heart Bracelet


I told the sales associate the same thing that I’m sure he heard from every other guy who came rushing into the store at the last minute: I wanted to get her something special that wasn’t the typical Valentine’s Day gift. He asked me what kind of jewelry I thought she needed. The problem was, when I pictured her all dressed up for when we went out, I already saw her wearing diamond earrings, gold necklaces and fashion rings. I didn’t want to get her something she already had, but I couldn’t think of anything she didn’t have.


He showed me a selection of diamond tennis bracelets and I realized if it wasn’t for him, I never would have thought of that. I remember when I was younger, they seemed to be much more popular, but I guess times change and so do fads. The bracelets he showed me were all stunning, and they ranged from simple silver chains with a single mounted diamond to thick bands with diamonds studded all around.


What made me most excited about the diamond bracelet I selected for her was that I know it is something she can wear all the time. If she was dressing up for a night out or just wearing casual clothes around the house, it would go with everything. She could even play sports with it. I mean, they don’t call it a tennis bracelet for nothing! I just hope I’m as lucky when it comes to finding the flowers and chocolate as I was picking out the jewelry for her.



Valentine’s Day Diamond Jewelry For Him

My fiancé likes to joke with me about shopping for Valentine’s Day. He says that it’s impossible for him to surprise me with anything because I already know that it’s going to be candy, flowers and some kind of diamond jewelry. Compared to me – and women everywhere, for that matter – I think he and most men have it easy. It’s easy to find romantic gifts for women, but I don’t think there’s anything too romantic about power tools, and if I try to give him flowers, I know he’ll forget to take care of him. That’s why I’m going to surprise him with some diamond jewelry of his own.

1/2CTTW Men's Diamond Wedding Band

1/2CTTW Men’s Diamond Wedding Band


I’m lucky that he is conscious enough about what he wears and how he dresses that he is always looking for new ways to accessorize. Men’s jewelry has become more popular over the last several years, and I was actually surprised to see how many different styles of jewelry there was to choose from. Most people think men’s jewelry begins with fashion watches and ends with wedding bands, but there are complete lines of diamond rings, bracelets and necklaces to choose from, as well as more traditional items like cuff links and tie tacks.


I knew that as adventurous as he might be when it comes to fashion, he wouldn’t want anything too flashy. The last thing I wanted to do was make him think I was dressing him to look like Mr. T. I wanted to make sure that it would be something he would like to wear and that would also be a reminder of me. When I went to my local jewelry store and was talking to the woman working there, she directed me to their collection of men’s jewelry made from aircraft steel.


Far from being generic jewelry that could be worn by either gender, these pieces have a very masculine look and feel to them. Plus, I knew the uniqueness of it would really appeal to him. I can’t wait to see the look in his eyes when he opens the gift and sees the necklace I bought him, and I really can’t wait to tell him how easy it was to shop for him.



Create The Perfect Look With Custom Design Jewelry

Shopping for jewelry can be an intimidating adventure, even if you think you know exactly what you are looking for. It is a major purchase, certainly one of the more important things you will ever buy in your life (especially if it isn’t just a gift but an engagement ring or an anniversary present) and so you find yourself being a bit more exacting with what you want than you would be at the grocery store deciding what kind of potato chips you want for your poker game. The solution to this problem? Get exactly what you are looking for with a custom jewelry design.


Thanks to advances in almost every aspect of jewelry production, from access to the raw materials to computer aided design, the opportunity to create a unique piece of jewelry has never been easier or more affordable. Tools have been created that turn the process of custom jewelry design from something that used to take months into something that can be completed in just a matter of weeks. It doesn’t matter what kind of jewelry you are looking for. Anything from a simple bracelet with a unique pattern to a necklace and pendant combination featuring several looks, your custom jewelry design is limited only by your imagination.


Of course, all of these advances would mean nothing if there weren’t skilled craftspeople and artisans trained to create these works of art with a passion for doing so. In the last fifteen years the number of people around the world apprenticing with master designers and taking classes with some of the most esteemed companies has increased ten times! Furthermore, once they start learning. they never stop, so they are constantly up to date on the latest techniques, have the most advanced tools, and are familiar with the newest metals and gemstones that are being featured. If you want to make sure that you leave your favorite jeweler with the style that you know is exactly what you want, talk to them about their custom design jewelry services. Part of the reason people love fine jewelry so much is because it makes them feel special. Just imagine how special you will feel with a piece of jewelry designed and created just for you.


Colored Diamonds Sparkle With The Look Of Autumn

There are all sorts of debates that people will have for the rest of time. Which flavor of cola, what type of breakfast meat and who do you watch for late night are all situations where we just have to agree to disagree. When it comes to jewelry and gem stones, however, the consensus is that there is nothing as beautiful as a perfectly cut, crystal clear diamond, right? Wrong…especially this time of year. The perfect solution to your gift giving dilemma when it comes to the cool, crisp months of autumn is to find fashion jewelry that features stunning colored diamonds. If this is the first time you’ve heard about them, you are not alone.

Champagne and White Diamond Ring

Champagne and White Diamond Ring


Thanks to engagement rings and other styles of bridal jewelry and wedding jewelry, traditional diamonds make up such a huge percentage of the marketplace that many people don’t even know about colored diamonds. Unfortunately, in some of the cases that they do discover them, the diamonds they are being introduced to have been artificially manipulated with color added to them. The truth is that colored diamonds occur naturally and can have the same clarity that traditional diamonds have. This allows for designers and craftspeople to create styles of jewelry, ranging from necklaces and pendants to earrings and bracelets, that present bold new looks that you may never have considered before.


Besides all of the attention given to wedding jewelry, another reason why these naturally occurring colored diamonds are far less well known than their crystal cousins is because, as you might imagine, they are also far rarer. Just like it takes very precise conditions to create diamonds in general, the situation for a diamond to have a brilliant yellow or a smoldering orange color to it is far more complex. Basically, the result of a gigantic environmental lottery, some colors are so rare that only a few carats-worth of them have been found. That is the perfect reason to make colored diamonds your next purchase this fall. With everybody traveling across the country to see the beauty of the changing leaves, imagine if you had those same colors hanging on a necklace or wrapped around your wrist.


Deciding On The Right Diamond Engagement Rings

I’m going to let you in on something that probably isn’t much of a secret: reading a woman’s mind can be a bit tricky. The problem is that sometimes it can be difficult to find out what exactly they’re looking for. Take a night out for dinner, for instance. If you don’t ask too many questions, you’ll end up going to the wrong place and she’ll be unhappy. If you ask too many questions, however, she’ll accuse you of not paying attention. It can be a no-win situation. There is one time when the more questions you ask, the better off you are going to be, and that’s when it comes to shopping for diamond engagement rings.


Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings


Think of it this way: you have probably always dreamed about that one special car…the one you have wanted all your life and hoped that someday you’d be able to drive it. That’s what the diamond engagement ring is like to your girlfriend. She knows exactly what she wants it to look like, the cut of the diamond, the type of precious metal that is used, and even the style of wedding bands that go along with the diamond engagement rings perfectly, both for you and her. This isn’t a situation you want to mess up. Odds are you’re probably already nervous enough. I mean, you probably have a strong idea she’s going to say yes (otherwise you wouldn’t be asking the question) but still, you’re human. Nerves are going to be there. No reason to make them any worse.


Take the time to find out what she’s looking for. The next time you’re strolling downtown, be sure to “accidentally” walk by her favorite jewelry store so you can see the type of diamond engagement rings she is interested in. You don’t have to buy it right then and there while she’s with you, but now you will have an idea for when you go back. The surprise of the proposal should come from the when, where and how you ask the question. The surprise definitely should not be the what. Make sure you select from the diamond engagement rings that she has always wanted to see you, and only you, slip on her finger.


Shopping For Diamond Engagement Rings Made Easy

I don’t know what it is about me. They say that everybody has a gift, but I just never knew that mine would be shopping form diamond engagement rings. Keep in mind that I have only had to buy one for myself. It worked, she said yes, we’re still married to this day. I have also, however, had to take my best friend, my college roommate, my cousin, my wife’s sister, a co-worker, and two people who were practically complete strangers all shopping for diamond engagement rings. Since I might not ever meet you, I figured I would at least tell you what I think my secret is so your shopping experience can be as pleasant as possible.

A. Jaffe Engagement Ring

18kt A. Jaffe Engagement Ring


Everybody knows that shopping for wedding jewelry is unlike shopping for anything else, and that includes any type of diamond jewelry as well. The trick is not to let it panic you. Instead let it free you. When it comes to style, design and price, you know what you are looking for, but you don’t know how you’re going to get there. That’s all right. I look at shopping for diamond engagement rings like I do going to the aquarium: I have an idea about what I might see, but I simply try to let my mind be open to all of the surprises I am going to discover. Once you see all of the amazing possibilities, then you can start to form an idea of what diamond engagement rings are going to be the type that you are looking for. The trick really is to enjoy the experience instead of dreading it.


It may well be easier said than done, and I will admit I’m probably a little more relaxed helping other people shop for their diamond engagement rings than I was for my own, but it can be done. Another secret that I share with people is to remember that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Many people dread things they have to do over and over again. This is one shot and your down, so relax and enjoy it. In fact, you’ll be surprised how many jewelers go out of their way, with snacks, recliners, televisions, even cocktails, to make diamond engagement ring shopping as pleasant as possible.