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Having Some Clarity When Shopping For Diamond Engagement Rings

There are many factors that go into a jeweler deciding how much each of their diamond engagement rings are going to cost. Some of those are easy for customers to see, such as engagement rings that are completely alike except for the overall size of the diamond, but several others are almost impossible to notice and cannot be seen with the naked eye. One of these determining factors is the clarity of the diamonds being used in the diamond engagement rings.


Amidon Jewelers - Put us to the test

Amidon Jewelers – Put us to the test


The clarity of diamonds is divided into two categories, blemishes and inclusions. Blemishes are any imperfections that are visible on the surface of the diamond and can be naturally occurring grain boundaries and dark spots as well as cuts and nicks from the cutting process. Inclusions are imperfections that happen inside of the diamond – some jewelers prefer the term “internal characteristics” when grading diamonds – and almost always are naturally occurring imperfections.


Depending on where a diamond falls on the scale of clarity affects the value of the diamond engagement rings they are part of. All of the grading is done in a controlled environment of 10 times magnification and dark field illumination. There are six categories ranging from flawless to included, with several sub-categories in between. By using differently graded diamonds while designing engagement rings, this allows jewelers to offer the same style ring at varying prices, thereby helping everyone get the diamond engagement rings of their dreams while staying within their budget.


It is important to remember that all of the clarity grades are determined by looking at the diamonds through 10 times magnification. Any diamonds that have inclusions visible to the naked eye are not used for diamond engagement rings but rather relegated to industrial use. Only one out of every five diamonds is considered to be of a high enough quality to be used in engagement rings and other fine jewelry.


Clarity is one of the four C’s jewelers use as part of the way to determine the value of diamond engagement rings, the other three being cut, color and carat. Understanding the difference in the clarity of the engagement rings can help you make an informed purchase by spending the appropriate amount of money while still having an engagement ring that looks perfectly flawless to the naked eye. Only you and the jeweler will know the difference.


The Perfect Practical Joke

(The fine diamond jewelry every friend wants)


One of my good friends from college is getting married this fall, and a few of us decided we should buy her an early gift as a way to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. We already saw the beautiful diamond engagement ring she was wearing and imagined her wedding bands would be equally impressive, so we knew we could never compete when it came to choosing a piece of jewelry for her. That was when one of the other girls suggested we don’t compete at all.


Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Bracelet

Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Bracelet

We all became friends through four years of college, and before that, many of us had been friends from high school and before. That meant that by this point, we each knew what all of us liked, from movies to music and food to clothing. That, of course, included what we all wore as diamond jewelry. As my soon-to-be-married friend, we knew she liked bracelets and more importantly, we knew she did not like tennis.


We knew that because her fiancé did like it, and was one of the best on campus. The girl who suggested we find a gift that was truly unique realized a diamond tennis bracelet would be perfect. Our friend was good at a lot of things, but tennis was not one of them. Her fiancé, on the other hand, was pretty spectacular, and it had become a bit of a spectator game to watch the two of them play doubles. If it weren’t for him, they would have lost a lot of matches.


This one friend decided a diamond tennis bracelet would both fit her desire for fine diamond jewelry and also point out that maybe tennis wasn’t her best suit. When we gave it to her during a special campus only bridal shower before we left for the summer, she was so blown away by how beautiful it was that she didn’t even get the joke. It was only a week later, as she was emailing us thank you’s, did she mention the tennis connection. Luckily, we were all already invited to the wedding so she couldn’t uninvited us for our perfect practical joke.


Colored Diamonds Sparkle With The Look Of Autumn

There are all sorts of debates that people will have for the rest of time. Which flavor of cola, what type of breakfast meat and who do you watch for late night are all situations where we just have to agree to disagree. When it comes to jewelry and gem stones, however, the consensus is that there is nothing as beautiful as a perfectly cut, crystal clear diamond, right? Wrong…especially this time of year. The perfect solution to your gift giving dilemma when it comes to the cool, crisp months of autumn is to find fashion jewelry that features stunning colored diamonds. If this is the first time you’ve heard about them, you are not alone.

Champagne and White Diamond Ring

Champagne and White Diamond Ring


Thanks to engagement rings and other styles of bridal jewelry and wedding jewelry, traditional diamonds make up such a huge percentage of the marketplace that many people don’t even know about colored diamonds. Unfortunately, in some of the cases that they do discover them, the diamonds they are being introduced to have been artificially manipulated with color added to them. The truth is that colored diamonds occur naturally and can have the same clarity that traditional diamonds have. This allows for designers and craftspeople to create styles of jewelry, ranging from necklaces and pendants to earrings and bracelets, that present bold new looks that you may never have considered before.


Besides all of the attention given to wedding jewelry, another reason why these naturally occurring colored diamonds are far less well known than their crystal cousins is because, as you might imagine, they are also far rarer. Just like it takes very precise conditions to create diamonds in general, the situation for a diamond to have a brilliant yellow or a smoldering orange color to it is far more complex. Basically, the result of a gigantic environmental lottery, some colors are so rare that only a few carats-worth of them have been found. That is the perfect reason to make colored diamonds your next purchase this fall. With everybody traveling across the country to see the beauty of the changing leaves, imagine if you had those same colors hanging on a necklace or wrapped around your wrist.


Treated Color Diamonds: Beautiful and Affordable Diamond Jewelry With an Attitude


Loveables diamond rings              lovables black diamond ring


Guess what? Small diamonds are in demand these days, particularly small, treated color diamonds. Smaller diamonds (under .5 carat) are often not graded and therefore less expensive, so treated color diamonds often make an affordable option for gifts, or for yourself. In a tight economy, having an affordable option for trendy diamond jewelry is always welcome.


Treated color diamonds are natural diamonds that undergo a color change through high pressure heat treatment (HPHT), electron  acceleration, irradiation, coating, or similar processes to achieve a  desired color. The result is a permanent color change in the diamond, .  which is then set in some pretty spectacular jewelry.


yellow diamond ring lovablesWhen a diamond undergoes a color treatment, the result is color stable forever. You can find some beautiful pieces of treated diamond jewelry, including these fantastic Lovables color diamond ring, just $249 at Amidon Jewelers.


Amidon’s treated color diamond Lovables make a perfect gift for a special lady. Buy one in the color of her birthstone, and she may want to buy more down the road.  Treat yourself toa Loveable or two (or more) and stack them, or wear them individually and color coordinate to your daily outfits.  At this price, anyone can indulge infun and colorful diamond rings without breaking the bank.


Each treated diamond is as beautiful as the fancy color diamonds found in nature, but much less expensive since the latter are very rare (and becoming rarer), which keeps their price tags high. Treated color diamonds can be found in a wide selection of hues like pink, green, gold, yellow, orange, green, black, blue and red.


Also called “enhanced” diamonds, treated diamonds are one way to enjoy some exquisite color diamond jewelry at a price you can afford. There’aquamarine diamond ring lovabless no reason why a treated color diamond ring can’t be presented as an engagement or anniversary ring, if it means giving your girl a ring she’ll love that fits your budget.


By the way, you can also choose a traditional white diamond Loveable ring for classic elegance.