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Simplify your Summer Style with these Five Jewelry Must-Haves

With summer fast-approaching, it’s a great time to clean out that jewelry box and decide what areas are ready for a little updating with a few new and trendy statement pieces.  But there are also a few essential elements that no jewelry collection should be without, and those pieces will give your summer wardrobe a consistency of style that’s easy to manage, pairs well with practically any occasion and simplifies the task of accessorizing virtually any outfit.  So, while you’re considering which summer jewelry trends to add to your collection, be sure you’ve got these five jewelry must-haves accounted for, as well.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

  1. Diamond Stud Earrings

Simple… elegant… timeless; a pair of diamond stud earrings is THE must-have item for every jewelry collection.  Diamond earrings go with literally everything from work to the tennis court to the beach to the club, and everywhere in between.  Diamond earrings are a staple jewelry accent for secondary ear piercings, and multiple pairs are recommended for those with multiple piercings.  Along with this classic must-have item in your jewelry collection, consider adding some colorful gemstone earrings as well, just to mix things up in an elegant, yet very versatile, style.

  1. Layered Necklaces

An ever-growing jewelry trend, layered necklaces give you the opportunity to express multiple dimensions of your personal style at once.  The more necklaces you have in your jewelry collection, the more versatile your layering options become.  From fun to formal, layered necklaces are a must for every jewelry armoire.

  1. Anklets

Don’t forget the ankle flair.  Especially for summer, ankle jewelry is a must-have to add style and sparkle to those great sandals!

  1. Bracelets

From big and bold to smart and simple, your bracelets are very much a part of the first impression you give.  Classic gold or silver bangles and chains are a must for everyday wear.  And no jewelry collection should be without the quintessential diamond tennis bracelet.

  1. More Bracelets

Another growing trend in jewelry fashion is stacked bangle bracelets.  Much like layered necklaces, stacked bracelets offer the opportunity to mix and match multiple style elements and materials, creating a style statement that is uniquely your own.  The more bangles you have in your collection, the more versatile your options when it’s time to accessorize.

Adding these five jewelry must-haves to your collection will ensure that you have the perfect accessories for every style, every occasion, every day.

Fine Jewelry: Special Meaning Without Lifelong Commitment

While certain pieces of fine jewelry are symbolic of ultimate love, a diamond engagement ring for instance, other jewelry is only as symbolic as you make it. If you’ve just started dating someone and wish to impress her with fine jewelry for Valentine’s Day, you need not worry that it might mean more to her than it does you as long as you are careful about the type of jewelry you give. Fine jewelry shows just how special she is to you but that engagement ring or any ring is likely off the table for now.


Past, Present, Future Diamond Ring

Past, Present, Future Diamond Ring

Every woman on the planet cannot have enough earrings. Affordable diamond earrings will not only please her very much but she will know that she is someone special to you without going overboard by thinking she needs to start shopping for a wedding gown. Gemstone earrings might be another alternative that will thrill her. A very popular gemstone choice is to go with birthstones. By doing so you are showing her that you’ve paid attention and know when her birthday is.


Bracelets are another Valentine’s gift idea that is very special but non-committal. The variety of diamond and gemstone bracelets available at most fine jewelry stores is sure to have many that she would love. Gold or silver bangle bracelets have been popular gifts for decades. Stackable and versatile, she will appreciate the thought you’ve put into an accessory so useful.


If you’re a little further along in the relationship and would like to show her a little bit more love, nothing beats a heart-shaped pendant accented with diamonds to show that she means the world to you. When you visit your local jeweler, you’ll find that they often have a huge array of affordable pendants to choose from that will show your love for her without indicating that the next step in the relationship is down the aisle.


Valentine’s Day offers an opportunity to show her just how much she means to you at this point of your relationship. While love may be a part of it, if you’re not ready to commit to a lifetime with her, be sure to stay away from diamond rings entirely. Even right hand rings have the never ending circle that, more often than not, symbolizes your commitment to her. It’s best to choose other types of jewelry until you’re ready to slip a diamond engagement ring on her finger.

Add Sparkle to the Holidays with Fine Jewelry Gifts

When you’re shopping for the holidays, you might not think about fine jewelry as an option for more than your special someone. Well, that isn’t necessarily true. Everyone loves jewelry, diamonds, pretty gemstones and the dazzling sparkle that fine jewelry brings to the holidays. You will be surprised by just how affordable fine jewelry can be for the whole family!


LeVian Jewelry

LeVian Jewelry

For the young males in your family, there are many choices of affordable fine jewelry that are sure to bring a smile to the face of the most pubescent crazy kid in your family. Identification bracelets have been popular for decades and can be engraved to express more than just a name. Dog tag necklaces have also gained great popularity over the past few decades, brought forth by our military efforts overseas and made fashionable by our pop stars. There are few teens that wouldn’t appreciate a gold dog tag or ID bracelet as a holiday gift this year.


There is a plethora of affordable fine jewelry to thrill the young women in your family. Everything from children’s rings to diamond earrings can be found with an affordable price tag and the simple beauty to adorn a young lady with class and elegance. Pandora bracelets are a very popular gift choice for women in general but for a young woman in her teens, the gift of a Pandora beaded bracelet can lead to a traditional and highly anticipated gift of additional and meaningful beads given for every gift giving occasion.


Another fine jewelry gift idea for young people in your family that is certain to please is birthstone jewelry. Many fine jewelers carry a large variety of right hand rings inclusive of a range of birthstone styles in addition to bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pins featuring the stones representative of birth months. Be SURE to have the right month for the right person! There is nothing more embarrassing than giving birthstone jewelry to a loved one only to find out you’ve picked the wrong stone. Your jeweler can help you find the right stone, but it’s up to you to know the correct birth date!


Fine jewelry is a wonderful way to add sparkle to the holidays and surprisingly affordable. If you’re diligent in your shopping, you can make the whole family think you must have won the lottery, while only you know the truth.


A Pearl Primer

Pearls are incomparable. They bring an element of glamour and classic style to any outfit they accessorize. However, few people understand the complexity of pearl harvesting, grading and sales. The industry has some marked differences from other fine jewelry categories. Whether you are shopping for a set of pearls for yourself or someone you love, or inheriting a family heirloom that includes pearls, a little background information on pearls certainly adds to the appreciation of the jewelry itself.

Pearl Sets Amidon Jewelers

Pearl Sets Amidon Jewelers

Pearls have been classics in the jewelry industry for centuries, and have been considered high class accessories for much longer than other favored jewelry pieces, including diamonds and other cut gemstones. Perhaps the most famous pearl in the world is La Peregrina. This pearl was found by an African slave in the mid-16th century, and, after many owners of royalty over the years, was later purchased by American actor Richard Burton as a gift for his then-wife Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor wore the pearl, which dangled elegantly from a choker for years – both onscreen and off – until she passed in 2014. After her passing, it was sold for over $10 million. The royal and celebrity history of this pearl would be more than enough to justify the extravagant cost, but the quality of the pearl itself was incomparable.

In fact, at the time it was discovered off the coast of Spain, La Peregrina was the largest pearl ever discovered. The record has since been surpassed by Pearl of Lau Tzu, which measures 9.45 inches in diameter to La Peregrina’s 1 inch in diameter. Size isn’t the only factor that determines the value of a pearl, though. La Peregrina excelled in many other categories as well. This includes shape, luster, and surface cleanliness. All are factored into the final grade of a pearl, which ranges from A, AA, and AAA, increasing in value respectively (although some sellers will grade on an ‘A to D’ grading system, most rely on this ‘Triple A’ scale to communicate overall worth).

Pearls hold a very special place in the world of fine jewelry. Of course, looking at the beauty of a well-developed pearl puts it all into perspective. Pearls lend an air of classic beauty to your look, and are a fashion statement that goes an incredibly long way. Pearls convey a strong independence and grace that just cannot be recreated by diamonds or other gemstones. Maybe that is why they have been celebrated throughout history and across cultures as symbols of wealth and status. Find the perfect pearl for your collection today.



Transcending Boundaries

(the perfect gift of wedding jewelry between friends)

When my best friend told me she was engaged to be married, I did not for an instance worry about finding the best maid of honor dress I could find. You see, my best friend Christine and I, Mark, have been friends since third grade. I even introduced her and her soon-to-be husband two years ago at a friend’s Halloween party. There were plenty of double dates – I’ve been married for almost two years – and Todd and I became very good friends. Still, I knew that when the time came for the marriage, I was in an odd position: Todd had his best friends to include, and I looked horrible in a dress.

Unique Jewelry Gifts  at Amidon Jewelers

Unique Jewelry Gifts at Amidon Jewelers

I wanted to find a gift for the two of them that would be something special, so I started by going to where they had chosen their diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding bands. Based on the designs they had, I came up with two pieces of custom design jewelry. Each piece looked the same, but each was also special to them.

Like most people, I wasn’t there when they opened their wedding presents. However, they called me out of the blue to see what I was doing for breakfast one day not long after their honeymoon. They had opened my gift and realized it might be the nicest gift of wedding jewelry they ever received. A thank you card wouldn’t be enough.

I knew what I gave them, but it was still a little breathtaking to see him wearing the tie tack and her with the brooch, each of them a special custom design jewelry piece I created. The best might actually have been about five minutes into breakfast, after they thanked me for the bridal jewelry but before I could actually order, that Todd pushed me out of the booth and the two of us had a great day really getting to know each other. All because I was smart enough to give a piece (okay, two pieces) of custom design jewelry as a wedding gift.

Legacy and Pearls

When I was a kid, I broke everything I came into contact with. I haven’t grown much more graceful as I have gotten older, but I like to think there’s been some serious, measurable improvement. My mother still brings up the pair of diamond earrings she bought me when I got my ears pierced for the first time in the midst of a sweltering summer mall… and I’m twenty-two now. Talk about having a reputation follow you around. As a result of my youthful clumsiness, my family quickly learned not to trust me with anything that cost more than, say, twelve dollars. This held true for earrings, necklaces, and all other kinds of beauty accessories – hair ties and barrettes included. I started to become more responsible as I entered my teen years, but I had years and years behind me that carried a brutal reputation. It got to the point where I was excused from helping bring the dishware in and out of the dining room during Thanksgiving dinners, but I wouldn’t complain.


Heirloom Quality Pearl Jewelry

Heirloom Quality Pearl Jewelry

Needless to say, prom was the first occasion I can remember where jewelry became very important to me. I wasn’t expecting it to, to be quite honest. I’d floated through my teens only vaguely aware of my fashion sense. But I learned that night that jewelry can be so much more than just an accessory statement. My grandmother eagerly gave me her mother’s string of pearls to wear just moments before I left home to join my friends. The gravity of the gesture still touches me to this day. There was a huge amount of trust extended in that moment, and an acknowledgement of the transition I was making from careless child to aware adult.


Of course, by itself, the piece was beautiful; it was a family heirloom outside of the gesture, surviving years of care and wear. I haven’t worn real pearls since, but I have always appreciated them as a result because they were part of the lesson my grandmother taught me that night. Gemstones, chains, pearls, diamonds… they can mean so much. The right piece can reach beyond traditional expectations and assumptions. I’m looking forward to the day that the string of pearls passed down the line, to my mother and then to myself, and beyond to my children and their children. A string of pearls can be a legacy of love and trust throughout the generations, telling a story each time it’s packed away or gingerly taken out for special occasion to wear.

My Daughter’s First Diamonds

My wife and I clash from time to time on how to raise our daughter. Most of the time I defer to her – having been a little girl herself, I figure she has more experience than I do – but when it comes to clothing, makeup and jewelry, I have a hard time not voicing my opinion. Naturally, I think she will always be too young for such things while my wife has to constantly remind me that she is growing up. We had one such discussion leading up to my daughter’s thirteenth birthday regarding jewelry.


Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

Like most girls, my daughter had her ears pierced when she was young, and has worn a collection of small, safe earrings ever since. She has received a few gifts of jewelry over the years as well. My mother, in particular, seems to be on my wife’s side and has made presents of rings and a gold necklace. Now that she was becoming a teenager, my mother wanted to get her a diamond tennis bracelet. My wife thought it was a great idea but I was not so sure.


Yes, part of me thought that meant she was growing up too fast, but another part of me was practical. My daughter is pretty active both in sports and activities, and I didn’t want her to risk losing the bracelet or having it damaged. I know she would take care of it, but accidents happen and teenagers can be forgetful. I knew that it could be insured, and that if it were damaged, our jeweler could repair it, but I wanted to avoid that necessity.


That was when I convinced two of the four most important women in my life (I have another daughter who is 8) that instead of a bracelet, what if she were to get a pair of diamond earrings as a gift? She is used to wearing earrings, she wouldn’t have to take them off when she played sports, and the chance of her leaving them somewhere were pretty remote. They agreed and the three of us went to the store to find the perfect pair. It’s tough to watch my little girl growing up, but I know she is going to love her first diamonds.

Shopping For An Anniversary Jewelry Gift

My wife and I each buy three anniversary gifts for one another. The first two are done for humor. We have found two separate lists of what each year’s gift is supposed to be made out of, or what theme it represents, and we try to find something small and silly that fits into each category. The third present is the one that really counts, however. That is the one that comes from the heart. I knew that this year I wanted to buy her jewelry, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted it to be.


Pearl Set

Pearl Set

My wife loves diamond and silver, so that was what I had been looking at – silver bracelets, diamond earrings, things that I knew would fit into her collection. I just wasn’t finding anything that jumped out at me. The sales associate at the local jewelry store saw me looking through the display cases and asked if there was something in particular I was looking for. I just laughed and said, “Yes, but I don’t know what it is.” I told him the predicament I was in and he said he had just the right solution for me.


When I told him that I had never seen my wife wearing pearls, he said it was because I had never given her any. He said there was a belief, somewhere between a superstition and an old wives tale, where women are not supposed to buy pearls for themselves. The best he could figure out was that it had to do with men who were sailors bringing the pearls back as gifts after having been gone for months at a time. Obviously, that was rarely the case these days, but the practice seemed to stick.


The other aspect that made pearls special, he pointed out, was that they were not the type of jewelry a person would or could wear every day. They are saved for special occasions, and that helps to keep the memory of the gift alive throughout the years. She may confuse one silver necklace with another, or forget exactly when she got a certain pair of diamond earrings, but she will always remember when she got the pearl necklace and who it was that gave it to her.

The Timeless Look Of Pearls

The biggest challenge to choosing any gift, no matter who it is for or what the occasion may be, is choosing something that promises to stand out and be memorable. The closer you are to the person, the more important that becomes. I routinely buy gifts for the office grab bag at the deli on the corner of my business on my way to the party, but buying something for my wife on our anniversary requires a little more thought. This year, I decided I would surprise her with pearls.

7 Strand Pearl Necklace

7 Strand Pearl Necklace


I wish I could take credit for coming up with the idea, but it was actually her mother who planted the seed. When we were visiting over the holidays, she shared with us old family photos that a friend had helped her convert to digital files. We saw pictures from when she and her girlfriends, all single ladies, would dress up for a special occasion, and it seemed like most of them were wearing either pearl earrings or a pearl necklace. My wife mentioned something about it, and I could tell that something in the way they looked struck her.


Pearls certainly aren’t your everyday type of fine jewelry, and that was part of what appealed to me. There is plenty of jewelry out there that goes with everything, it seems, and can be worn all the time. That’s certainly a benefit because you know that you’re getting your money’s worth, but my way of thinking is that our anniversary isn’t just an everyday type of occasion. I wanted to find something for her that really spoke to how special a day it was between us.


As beautiful as something may be, if you wear it all the time, it becomes easy to forget just how special it is. Part of the joy of fine jewelry is being reminded of its rarity. I don’t think my wife needs to be reminded how much I love her and how special I think she is, but at the same time, I’m excited about giving her something that she can save and wear sparingly. That way, I’ll know it’s going to be a special type of night when she decides it’s time to wear the pearls.



Shopping For Last Minute Valentine’s Day Fine Jewelry

After all the time I spent shopping for Christmas gifts, I wanted to make sure I took as much time as I could before I started looking for something to get my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. I knew I could procrastinate because I already had a pretty good idea of what I was going to buy her. Of course, the calendar started flipping too fast and the next thing I knew, I only had a few days left to find that special piece of fine jewelry. Turns out, I didn’t have to panic after all.

Sterling Silver and Diamond Heart Bracelet

Sterling Silver and Diamond Heart Bracelet


I told the sales associate the same thing that I’m sure he heard from every other guy who came rushing into the store at the last minute: I wanted to get her something special that wasn’t the typical Valentine’s Day gift. He asked me what kind of jewelry I thought she needed. The problem was, when I pictured her all dressed up for when we went out, I already saw her wearing diamond earrings, gold necklaces and fashion rings. I didn’t want to get her something she already had, but I couldn’t think of anything she didn’t have.


He showed me a selection of diamond tennis bracelets and I realized if it wasn’t for him, I never would have thought of that. I remember when I was younger, they seemed to be much more popular, but I guess times change and so do fads. The bracelets he showed me were all stunning, and they ranged from simple silver chains with a single mounted diamond to thick bands with diamonds studded all around.


What made me most excited about the diamond bracelet I selected for her was that I know it is something she can wear all the time. If she was dressing up for a night out or just wearing casual clothes around the house, it would go with everything. She could even play sports with it. I mean, they don’t call it a tennis bracelet for nothing! I just hope I’m as lucky when it comes to finding the flowers and chocolate as I was picking out the jewelry for her.